Fifty Linden Friday again...

Today I am showing you a quick LOTD!
Mostly with Fifty Linden Friday items today :D
This cute little bee from MishMish is the most adorable thing ever!
It flutters around your head ^^
And this cute Newt in rainbow colors is from Silentsparrow and comes in like 1 million versions in the pack both things are out for FLF! <3

Today's list:


The hair I am wearing is from Truth, and you can find it at The Seasons Story!
My top is from Tee*fy for FLF and my shorts are from BOOM for FLF this round there is also a mint one available :D
Those cute wedges are from Blah and I really love them! They are made for the SLink high feet and so sexy but yet so simple :>
You can find them at the 100Block Event atm <3

What is Gwinny wearing?

Top ~  Tee*fy @ Fifty Linden Friday
Hair ~ Truth The Seasons Story
Shoes  ~ Blah @100Block
Skin ~ Izzie's ~ Nomi *NEW*
Feet and Hands ~  SLink
Eyes ~ Buzzeri The Seasons Story

Bumble Bee ~  MishMish @ Fifty Linden Friday
Newt ~  Schadenfreude @ Fifty Linden Friday

Pose  ~ Glitterburps ~ Baby got back

Release me

I am finally feeling free and happy again...and having my blog mojo back...sometimes we need to cut the negative things and people out of our lives...even if its hard!
So I took this pic in trying to capture this happy :D
My recovering is also going well so is good! ^^

As I saw this cute dress from Tres Blah at Collabor88, I sealclapped lol 
I'ts so cute, girly and fluffy *-*
I combined it with those cute flats from Schadenfreude, also at Collabor88

The pose I used is one of mine and its part of a set, that I currently offer as a freebie at my new store to celebrate the new place <3

 TP over and grab it, its free for one week and after that will be part of a bigger pose set <3

I really thought this cute skin from Glam Affair, deserved a close-up!
You can grab it at C88 this month, it comes in two tones to chose from and several make-ups!
Every make-up is only 188L so really a steal <3
This cute hair from Tableau Vivant just matched my dress, and feeling perfectly :D

Those flats from Schadenfreude, are sooo cute ...with this round of C88 many designers outdone themselves!
Ok I admit I am biased cause I love PASTELLY things, as we know lol
These flats are for SLink and normal SL feet :B
AND they are coming with a HUD to change all the things!
I am showing you the 3 patters availabe, but the HUD has plain colors too :>

What is Gwinny wearing?

Dress ~  Tres Blah @ Collabor88
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant Collabor88
Shoes  ~ Schadenfreude Collabor88
Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Aria Makeup 7 Collabor88
Feet and Hands ~  SLink

Pose  ~ Glitterburps 

I will dance...

...when I walk away!

It's spring...everywhere...warm days with rain...bees getting back to busy...and so do I!
Well...and pollen...oh how I hate pollen T_T
It's also the time to "clean" yourself from things that are not good for you...AND most important its the bestest time to officially wear pastels :B
I love love love pastels!
Thats  the reason I'm in heaven with this months Collabor88 round!
"Watercolors in Bloom"
Let's focus on some things...first..THIS BAG *screams*
Ok I admit its NOT available at C88 can get at the Cutie Moon Fair!
It's from Atomic ...and OMG really everything Ivy does has such a detail...its jsut overall perfect..I am the biggest fan of her texturing skills T_T
Also those starry tights...tights you say are easy to make? Me and my inventory full of crappy tights disagree LOL
Those are just perfect and come in 3 pastelly colors, and are also from Atomic at Cutie Moon :D
Next thing? 
The earrings! I dunno know if you know this store called "Gummies" but I ADORE IT ...Koura makes those cute leeeetle rubber earrings I collected when I was younger LOL

This lacey top and skirt ...really I put it on was just stunned, Im usually NOT a skirt kinda girl...but I LOVE THIS ONE!
It has the perfect length to me the perfect girly shape and those colors T_T
The top comes in 3 version in the box...long, cropped and as I am wearing it tucked :B
And really if you get it..ZOOM THE LACE on the collar its just perfection!
Both are available from the Secret Store at Collabor this month!
Maylee has really outdone herself on them!
The skirt even comes with a HUD to change the lacey parts!

What is Gwinny wearing?

Skirt and Top ~  The Secret Store @ Collabor88
Hair ~ Clawtooth Collabor88
Bag  ~ Atomic @ Cutie Moon Fair
Skin ~ -Atomic - Innocence Milk tone
Tights ~ Atomic @ Cutie Moon Fair
Heels ~ @ Cutie Moon Fair
Necklaces and Glasses ~ -Yummy Collabor88
Glasses ~ (Yummy) Quinn Frames @ Collabor88
Earrings ~ Gummies 
Feet and Hands ~  SLink

Pose  ~ Glitterburps (soon to be released) the moon and back!

I am finally back out of the hospital, and finally on the way to feel better again! <3
I am slowly coming back to making new poses and blogging :D
Today I put together a cute LOTD cause I felt like being cozy <3

Pose I used is part of my newest pose set that I released today...and its named after one of my favest designers in SL <3 Its for all the ecchi girls out there and suits lolas and mesh bums <3

What is Gwinny wearing?

Shirt  Emery TShirt Joy @ Fameshed
Hair ~ .ploom. Bambi 
Sleeping Mask ~ Tee*fy Sleepy Bunny Sleeping Mask
Skin ~ -Glam Affair - Romy
Tights ~ Atomic @ Cutie Moon Fair
Backpack ~ Cooties @ Cutie Moon Fair
Cuddle Pet ~ -*MishMish* A Baby Plant - Gwinny
Glasses ~ (Yummy) Quinn Frames @ Collabor88
Ring ~.Olive. the Glitter Rings - Mrs. Glitter
Kitties ~ Birdy/Alchemy - Lunar Kitten  @ Cutie Moon Fair
Pillow ~ Noodles
Moon ~ *MishMish*
Ducklings ~ -*MishMish* @The Home Show

Pose  ~ Glitterburps

Adore&Abhor Anniversary Event

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Yes it's this time again..and yes its already 6 years!
Airedine Poe's and Sileny Noel's are holding a little ...well quite bug event for their store anniversary again!
With well known stores like Pink Fuel, Alice Project, Cheeky Pea and so on.
And there is a special blueish and pinkish version of the things!
Some are reduced for this event :D

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Up here I am showing you some cute nailpolishes...why? Cause I think people are showing off the cute polishes that are available on the grid much to less!
All you can see here are available at the Bday event too <3

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And the bestest thing that happened to me the last week was first I opened my store inworld 
HERE is the SLurl :B (pls wear sunglasses..PINK!)
and second Airedine asked me to be part of her bday event and made me cry T_T
So I made some fun party-like happy posies! 
(Yes this was shameless selfpromotion <3 )

What is Gwinny wearing?

Dress  ~ +>A&A<+ Princess Dress  - Blue/Pink+>A&A<+ Bday Event
Hair ~ Alice Project (ONLY 50L) +>A&A<+ Bday Event
Headband ~ Noodles +>A&A<+ Bday Event
Skin ~ Pink Fuel +>A&A<+ Bday Event
Shoes ~ Tea.s +>A&A<+ Bday Event

Pose  ~ Glitterburps

Sales, Sales, Sales

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Just a quickie :B
Ploom and E! are having a sale!
Ploom only THIS weekend...and E! sadly is holding its closing sale so hop over there and grab things as long as you still can ...everything is 75L <3

All hair worn is from Ploom, of course!
And all tops are from Eclectic Apparel <3 <--click me

Poses I used are STAKEY

Tights are from Izzie's

Glasses are yummy and can be found at Collabor88!

Skin Fair 2014 pt. 1

Yes I know I am not wearing ne fancy hair for every pic nor do I fancy pose..I just have chosen a hair that shows the face perfectly and a simple pose to do the same..showing you the face the bestest!! <3
I have NOT edited those pics in any other form than cropping hte pic together!
I have used my same shape for every skin WITHOUT ANY tweaking!

I wandered over skin fair and saw ALOT of good work this year so so so many creators done a great job on their skins T_T There are awesome cute ones, more mature ones and some are just plain hot :B
 I made this post to show you many different kind of skins...even from not so know designers...cause lets be honest skins from LEague and Co. will be all over the feeds and blogs anyways :D <3

Its just a quick overview and the first part of my skin fair posts!

Skin Fair opens tomorrow
here are the SLurls for you <3

Clef de Peau's ~ Jemma
She comes in 6 skin tones and several make up options!
ALL appliers available <3

Deesses ~ Lauran &Kim
7 skin tones each
Slink and Tango appliers available <3

Dream Ink Desgins ~ Eona
5 darker skin tones 
All appliers available <3

Elysium's~Shui and Taylor (one of my faves)
8 skin tones each
Comes with all appliers <3

FAKE's ~ Be Skin
6 tones
Phat azz and lolas applier 

Iren's  ~ Molly, Barbara and Tessa
7 skintones each
Comes with ALL appliers AND own mesh hands and feet!

Left Moda's ~ Kira
8 tones  
all appliers even for The Shops

Morphine's ~ Ghail
All appliers even for LUSH

Precious' ~ Yoko and Blossom
2 tones each
No appliers

Ryuukou's ~ Blue,Ria and Anna
6 tones each
All appliers available 

Last but not least for today...
Tokyo Girl's ~ Inari, Hestia and Tene
Tango and Phat Azz appliers

Other things:

Hair ~ Truth @Collabor88
Earrings ~ Gummies 
Blouse ~ Boom @Collabor88