Since I only blog what I really wear 
and outfits I really adore you will 
have to deal with a rather boring one 
this time :P

But I am running around in that suit 
for days now so..ok I got it in white 
too cause well hot af and I changed 
inbetween but I do keep coming back to 
that one!

That suit  from Cynful is one of my 
most favest things in SL atm...easy to 
slap on and its a whole effin outfit!
Just perfect for lazy people like meee! 
I had a very weird problem with that 
suit after I got it but the customer 
service from Cynful is just so cute, 
patient and helpful ...theres only few 
stores that offer such a nice and fast 
customer service!

What really made me happy was seeing 
that nose ring yes I know looks like 2 
but actually is ONE its a 20in1 
nosering from Yummy that you can get at Collabor88 this round! It comes with a 
cute HUD and well 20 different septums 
and studs!
I looove the metal options!

Suit: Cynful
Tattoo & Liner: Izzie's
Rings & Nails:Yummy & Nylon Outfitters
Bracelets & Necklaces: AvaWay
Nose Rings:Yummy @ Collabor88
Shoes: Reign
Body & Head:Maitreya & Catwa
Skin: Fiore
Eyes: S0NG
Lipstick: Pink Fuel


Cute, but psycho!


You know this one outfit you could run around for ages in?
That is one of my favest outfits ever! 
I LOVE the windbreaker...
I adore this hair...hell yeah there 
effin BLING on my sneakers...
I love those rings...
I am addicted to this nose bandaid 
(completely wearing it with everything 
I looove the facemask, yes its a simple mask...
but I love that Truth made it mod so I 
can tint and stretch it to make it fit 
my outfits and face just perfectly fine and its FREE T_T

Windbreaker and Top: Vale Koer
Hair and Hat: Foxy
Leg Sleeves and Shorts: Vale Koer (part of gacha)
Rings : Yummy
Nose Bandaid: ::Fluffy Stuff::
Nose Crayon: ::Fluffy Stuff::
Shoes: Vale Koer
Earsies: Mandala
Collar: Mine! made for me by Polly ♡ 
Knee Bandaidsies: Dirty Secrets
Skin and Lipstick: Pink Fuel Minji and Dazzle Lipstick!
Eyes: S0NG 
Blush: Ocha.
Socks: Vale Koer (free group gift they come with a hud just YAY)
Bleach: Vaak
Face Mask: Truth (comes with the free gift og Kyoko hair in his store! <3?
Gun Garter: BonBon
Eyebags: Izzie's
Earbuds: Soy. (gacha)
Space Invaders: ::Fluffy Stuff::
Nails: Nylon Outfitters

Poses: selfmade


           Today there is "just" a quick LOTD 
    cause it is my favest outfit to roam 
                                               around in atm ^^

Top and Skirtsie: Bossie
Hair: Lamb - Stacy (comes with the cutie Scrunchie but its a very old style tho!)
Leg Tattoo: Personal made for me by my baby
Rings and Nails: Yummy
Bracelet: The Sugar Garden
Nose Bandaid: Personal made for me by my baby
Backpack: Sweet Thing
Shoes: GoS
Earsies: Mandala
Collar: Mine! made for me by Polly ♡ so not avail but visit her store she makes Fluffy Stuff!
Knee Bandaidsies: Dirty Secrets
Skin: Pink Fuel Minji
Eyes: S0NG 

Facestickies: Ocha.
Socks: Vale Koer (free group gift they come with a hud just YAY)

Poses: Glitterburps


Clicky ♥


I haven't been in SL for quite a long while, almost 4 years.
This year I came back, sadly I lost the login to my old Flickr :/ but well a fresh new start maybe isn't 
the worst! 
And I doubt theres anyone still reading here anyways xD
Here you find my new Flickr <--clicky

I think I will from time to time blog outfits that I wear and love so much that I wanna share them :D

I never liked blogs that blog just the things they got from sponsors, so I will just keep on doing what I always did..BLOGGING THINGS I TOTALLY ADORE! 
  •                                                                (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

And since I came back I had a LOT to catch up .. mesh bodies everywhere...HOVERING BRAINS EVERYWHERE I WENT! xD
I am very lucky to have a very awesome ooold friend that helped me a lot when I came back, without Polly I would still be ugly and lost *mwah*

I found a few storees I really like since I am back on of them is CABOODLE!(∿°○°)∿ ︵ ǝʌol
I love those holo things so much xD and not only that they fit nicely, they are original, and I freakin love dem textures and not only dem holo ones!
I was running around in the Bikini they released for the Notice Me Senpai event for days now, and just saw those shiny shorts at the Epiphany and wanted dem instantly! xD
And thanks to my awesome gf Polly that got me the pink shortsies with her lucky fingers I will now run around in those for days xD

And since I never liked blogs that only babbled about one thing in an outfit I will of course credit it all down there, like always!
In case I don't mention something BUT YOU WANT IT SO BADLY..yell at me inworld! ;)

Maybe I will revamp my blog a little over the next weeks!

What Gwinny is wearing (I missed writing that xD):

Shorts: Caboodle @ Epiphany

Top: Caboodle @ Epiphany
Necklace: Caboodle (from their Decora gacha at the Arcade)
Bat: Grixdale/Blueberry
Hair: Magika its called Surprise
Mask: Truth! port of a FREE gift in store GO AND GET IT!!
Bracelet: The Sugar Garden
Boots/Ribbons: Sweet Thing
Earsies: Mandala
Collar: Mine! made for me by Polly ♡ so not avail but visit her store she makes Fluffy Stuff!
Rings and Nails: Pink Lion / Pink Hustler
Skin: Insol
Eyes: IKON
Blush: Ocha.

These Boots are made for Walking...

Here its already getting more and more autumnly (yes, I like to verbify nouns :P)
Its rainy ...its sunny...its stormy...its cold and hot, and it smells like autumn already! ♥
I know its my birthday soon when autumn is coming :D 
I just love this season so much...
and I am a sweater girl, I love boots, scarfs and sweaters, all the fluffy cozy things! 
Today I was actually FREEZING lol 
I had to put on knitted socks and turn on the heat, and I found the first leetle hedgehog under some leaves in my garden this morning! 
That little guy kinda inspired me for dressing up like this in SL :D

What Gwinny is wearing:

Jeans and Warmers: :{u.f.o}
Skin and makeup: 

Skin ~ (*ANGELICA) YONI in cream tone *NEW* @Mainstore
Make Up ~ (*ANGELICA) DOLLY PINK MAKE UP #baby @TDR Fusion
Lipstick ~ (*ANGELICA) YONI LIPSTICK #pink 

Earrings: Ohmai ~ Antique Bee Posts (not available anymore)
Scarf: (Yummy) Chunky Infinity Scarf - Cranberry
Jacket: ::{u.f.o}::
Sweater: ::{u.f.o}::
Boots: :ENNA:MESH  
Bag: =Zenith=Sheep Head Bag
Puggling: Birdy/Alchemy - Pug (Boy ) Static Hold @The Arcade
Hair: Lamb. Margaux @Collabor88
Scrunchie: Lamb. Scrunchie - Pumpkin @Collabor88
Eyes: ! MU. genki eyes

We didn't start the fire...

Its september the 8th...this means? RIGHT ...Collabor88 time :3 the colors and theme this month are AMAZING! I honestly felt like a kid at a candy store seeing all those colors and prints...I didn't knew what to wear first lol
As a 80s kid this all just felt like WOOOO childhood for me lol 
One of my favest things was this cute dress with the Toy belt cause I had a veeeery similar dress in my teens...driving my grandpa crazy LOL poor him...had to deal with me piercing all the body parts and coloring my hair in another rainbow color every month ...he had the patience of a hippo on weed!
And another thing that instantly triggered memories was this little plushie friend from Mish.Mish...
I just was like omg POPPLES when I saw iiiit sosososo happy ...
I think all of my friends had one....and don't forget the Popples cartoon can't belive I was able to watch that for longer than 2 mins back then lolol
Another thing that I loved back then...scrunchies \(^o^  )/ 
finally there are some in SL I was looking for some for a while now ...
I think I wore so many on one arm that my grandparents were afraid my arm will turn purple soon  LOL
So really before I write more nonsense better hurry over to Collabor88 and check out yourself what designers made out of the "Miami Electric" theme and don't forget to wear some shades...
well and bright leggins :3


Torn Tights: Schadenfreude @Collabor88
Heels: Ingenue @Collabor88
Tattoos: *katat0nik* @Collabor88
Dress: *katat0nik* @Collabor88
Popple Friend: *MishMish* @Collabor88
Star Bracelet: . Sweet Thing. 
Skin and Face: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu 
Eyelashes: //LovelyAlien//
Paper Clip Earrings: Intrigue Co. @Collabor88
Hearts Bangle: Intrigue Co. @Collabor88
Scrunchies on Arm: Intrigue Co. @Collabor88
Bubblegum: LaGyo @Collabor88
Necklace: LaGyo @Collabor88
Hair: Lamb. @Collabor88
Hands and Feet: Victory&Flat and High Feet 
Eyes: The Sugar Garden


Skates: The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates
Junk Food Necklace: (Yummy)
Skirt: -Pixicat- @Collabor88
Varsity Jacket: -tres blah - @Collabor88
Skin and Face: The Sugar Garden ~ Tsu 
Caged Top: Baiastice @Collabor88
Piggies: Birdy - Wilbur @The Chapter Four <--Clicky ♥
Hair: Clawtooth @Collabor88
Fanny Pack: Intrigue Co. 
Walkman: The Secret Store - My first Cassette Player 
Eyes: The Sugar Garden ~ Dark Skies

Props in le background:

Clothes hanger thingie is from Lark and the Motel sign is from Floorplan both  @Collabor88

Dreams are born from clouds...

Click me ♥

...and stars ...thats where our loved ones go to when they die, so they can watch over us...
well that's what I strongly believed as a kid...and when I am honest I still like that thought! 
I think its things like that...that our parents tell us, those are no lies, those are tiny happy places soap bubbles..that protect our little souls from the rough and cruel world! 
Some people say, its bad to tell your kids things like this cause it would be nothing but lies, and some day they will see its not true! 
Well and I say...give your kids dreams, colors and happiness...teach them to use those tiny little wings of imagination...I never felt betrayed from my grandparents, who raised me, no...I am very thankful they teached me how to see the world in happy to see those little details that others might call childish. I thank them for letting me create a little happy spot in my heart, filled with faeries, unicorns and sock monsters(cause really NO way I just LOST all those) that still is picking me up on a bad day! 
I miss my granpa alot these days, and my dad whom I lost at the age of 4...
I am going to be 31 soon, I don't hate this number like some of my female friends xD 
I once got told I won't get any older than 16...well here I am ..still fighting...but still kicking  :3 
I dunno why but my birthday month always makes me a little moody and miss my loved ones...
and when I am sad I sit in the garden...and tell all my worries to the stars, and I feel happy again!

Now you know what inspired me for this picture ♥
And now gone with the blah and yay for the details!

Its Arcade time again...I am sure you already heard of it..cause you can't miss it LOL
All the people popping lists around like it was free jelly beans!

Let's start somewhere...those little Zodiac friends from Mish.Mish...I have chosen 4 very important signs to me for this pic: Leo, Capricorn, Taurus and my own ...Virgo :D
Those are SO cute...they come with a little socket you can place them on, I just unlinked them for the pic ♥

Second...Intrigue Co. plushies, yeah I know every year I took a unique picture with showing each plushie from the current round...due to RL and health issues...well and inspiration I just chose some of my faves this time, I am playing Pen&Paper RP in RL and thats the reason I really loved this rounds theme of imaginary friends..well and CTHULHU...was one of my frst RPs ever lol  
So go and try it...Hydras, Unicorns and Kitsune are waiting for you! ♥

3rd space suit cause dreamers need all the good equipment on their journeys!! :B
Those cute space suits are from the Secret Store and just so perfectly made, I know I usually say the best version is the pink version...BUT Maylee made a Buzz Lightyear colored version of this suit lol made me sealclap when I saw it~♥

4th...RIBBONS cause really even in space we gonna need to look like a pretty princess :> gonna show you more of those in a next post tho :D These are in the gacha from Katat0nik, but there are also chokers and bangles ...end even some with skulls and shamrocks :3
The rare with the panda is texture change ^^♥

Last but not least is this cute Oceana hair from Olive, its inspired by Arielle the leeeettle mermaid!
"SING ARIELLE SIIING" *evil laugh* ...sorry sometimes I have my moments!
For me this was my first Disney and my first movie in a theatre so that one will alway be my favest disney princess...hopefully they won't sue me for using their name twice :B lolol
The other hair in the gacha from Olive is a Belle inspired hair :B

Ahem...and maybe some shameless selfpromotion ..
the starsie is made by me and the pose too and a full set of starsie poses is available in my mainstore *dies* ♥

Teleport to the Arcade ..well if you can make it in lol