Dirty Little Freak

From the first days on in SL I dressed all mixed colorful like that weird girl that controls my AV, she calls it RL ...weird shit! x3

Nah for real wear, mix and match all the stuffz you love and just be you and never let anyone tell you otherwise! For such people your middle finger nower days is bento :3
Be proud, be loud and don't  ever allow any walking bag of clown dicks make you feel small or less than you are!

With that I will start in this new year, its the year of the pig...my zodiac >:D so well fasten your seatbelt 2019 here I come!

I can say I am pretty effin happy right now and I hope you all started the year the same <3

What Gwinny is wearing:(sometimes I hate myself for attaching too much shit xD)

Hair: Runaway @Fameshed
Jacket & Topsie: Vale Koer - Kellu
Shortsies: Villena
Socks: Fri.day (FLF item TODAY) *flails*
Shoes: Vale Koer (ya I know I wear them often haha)
Head: Catwa
Body: Maitreya
Skin: Pink Fuel Minji
Lipstick: Pink Fuel - Dazzle me (yes its orange >:D)
Glasses: The Sugar Garden
Fannypack: Intrigue Co. (old as dirt)
Earsies: Swallow - Punky Earsies
Rings: Yummy 
Nails: Pink Lion
Necklace: AvaWay
Liner: Izzie's
Tatts: Vegas Tattoo

Full Speedに鼓動合わせ

Today I just felt like bloggin my simple LOTD cause I haven't blogged in a while and I liked it! ^^
And its probs the last time this year me has time for bloggin x3 
Can not wait for the new year to come and for all the happy memories I will make :D
To be so busy and cozy wiff the family in RL is nice but sometimes you need to sneak aways and hide in the bathroom for some mins haha xD
Don't get me wrong I'm very very grateful for them and I love dem dearly and actually the last days were magical and things happened I never was expecting, I am just happy and free and can be myself again and still sometimes you need to hide wwww
Sooo when my man took the rest of the family to grocery shop (lets hope hes not misreading things again ahaha) and I had to stay home to watch the sick cat I slapped on loud music and my onesie x3
The cat wasn't toooo happy about mama singing all loud along to some german punk rock but well this likkle sucker is stuck wiff me! >:D
And I took the chance to quickly take those blog pics ^^ so here you are still reading my babblings...or not so me just gets to the point where I write dem outfit details down!
And then I will crawl back on my mans lap and waste some more time wiff him playing weird games on steam or watch weird shit on netflix xD

I sure hope this new year will be a good one for you! <3
And that you survived the holidays some of you might still be in food coma tho x3

I tried taking a cutie all merry festive RL selfie wiff my braid and christmas tree earrings but failed cause my man kept photobombing me so here you are anyways:


What Gwinny is wearing:

Windbreaker (Jacket): Amitomo **gacha**
Biker Shorts (hell yeah 90s love!): Villena **gacha**
Hair: Truth - Jamie (I looove braids!)
Earsies: Swallow ^^
Face Piercings: Yummy (the 20 in 1 septum set is just pure awesome)
Socks and Shoes: Vale Koer (socks are group gift come wiff massive hud and group is free)
Glasses: The Sugar Garden
Yakulty Bagsy and mouthie: Zenith (Group gift ~ Group is free to join!)
Eyes: Mudskin
Lashes: Michan
Hairbase: Studio Exposure
Headsie: Catwa Lona
Body: Maitreya Lara
Shape: Mine

Now the skin (its tricky cause tatt layers xD)

Skin: Pink Fuel - Minji
Lips: Mudskin - Youth lips (group gift)
Liner: Deetalez (part of skin hud I bought)
Eyebags: Izzie's
Face Stars: Pout (like 1L on MP and several options!)

Last song of the year is simply one of my favest <3

私の ために 微笑んで!

Today I brought you Polly and dem 80s/90s neon vibes xD 
Pollybean made it snow today at our home so shes all in the merry mood as you might be able to tell from her sweater!
Her sweater was a gift at Sweet Things advent calendar! 

The cute hair we found at the Okinawa winter market *-* they are both from Ayashi and come in versions with stars/har and without! ^^

Our poses we found at the ARATA tiny store hunt! Cute gifts and the hunt contains of 8 little snowmansies and well with the hints it will only take you like 7 mins to find them all x3
So TP over and give it a try! ^^ 

That necklace I wear is pure <3 xD I loooved tamagotchis well I secretly still but psst!
And I took  Pollybuns to play dat gacha for me cause shes like Lady Luck herself! xD no matter what gacha she ends up wiff rares and the things I wanted <.< so yay *kissies her lucky fingers*

What are Polly & Gwinny wearing?


★Hair: Ayashi @Okinawa Winter Market <- SLURL up there! <3
★Skin: ARATE
★Head: Catwa ~ Catya
★Body: Maitreya
★Sneaks: Vale Koer
★Rings: Swallow
★Sweater & Hair Ribbon: Sweet Thing
★Eyes: S0ng
★Pants: Legal Insanity
★Lashes: Besom


❀Hair: Ayashi @Okinawa Winter Market
❀Skin: ARATE
❀Head: Catwa ~ Hanako
❀Body: Maitreya
❀Rings: Yummy
❀Nails: Pink Lion / Pink Hustler
❀Tops: Villena
❀Skirt: Amitomo
❀Eyes: S0ng
❀Upper Tatts: T'ink
❀Lower Tatt: Datum
❀Bracelet: The Sugar Garden
❀Shoes & Socks: Vale Koer
❀Face Stickers: Half Deer
❀Necklaces: Sweet Thing
❀Lashes: Besom


Today its back to my bloggin roots more KAWAII :3 *flails*
Todays outfit has nothing really new to offer so no need to run to any events to get it, I just matched older things that I love ^.^
And I totally feel me in it again! <3

Ok dem nails are new they are from E.Marie and atm they are part of the Saturday Sale sooo since they are really nice basic ombre nails in many colors you might want to run anyways and grab dem while they are only 75L!

So what is Gwinny wearing:

Hair: Barber YUMYUM <3
Skin: Pink Fuel ~ Minji
Eyes: S0ng ~ Misato
Nails: E.Marie
Rings: Yummy
Neck Phoney: Zenith
Shoes and Socks: Reign
Earsies: Swallow <3
Lashes: Besom
Lips: MUDSKIN ~ Mei Lips
Glasses: The Sugar Garden
Hair Clip: Tamagosenbei (old GG)
Outfit: Amitomo

Patch me, baby!

Where to start today? Well as you can tell I enjoyed using Mister Big as photovicti...prop!
So here he is again and I actually just realized he is smiling like a dork in every pose xD 
WELL seems like someone was happy to get used..errr help! 
Actually his outfit inspired me to do mine this time xD 
It's a shame when your man wears stuff that just makes you want to rip it off him...
cause well then he is not wearing it anymore...
wheres the sense in that?! *shakes tiny fist at self*

But well what should I mention today? 
OH ya that top I am wearing is a pretty nifty thing, it comes in sizes for Belleza Isis and Freya ONLY (YES take that every "Maitreya only" sign at events) AND it changes with your boobs so when you switch between natural, perky and push-up the top changes with it without you having to wear another version of it! LOVE!
Really more designers should use the boobie options Belleza offers goddamnit I want more stuff for perky or push-up boobs! xD
You can find the SLurl to that store down there so just go and demo it, its fun to play with! ^^

On Big:

❤~Head: Catwa - Daniel
❤~Body: Belleza Jake (bestest male bum out there js *-*)
❤~Eyes: IKON
❤ ~Skin: Stray Dog
❤ ~Shoulder Jacket: Gabriel
❤ ~Top&Pants: Legal Insanity
❤ ~Shoes: Vale Koer ~ Usagi Trainers
❤ ~Earsies: Swallow
❤~Hair&Hairbase: Stealthic
❤~Tatts: Reckless

On Lil':

❤~Head: Catwa: Lona
❤~Body: Belleza Isis
❤~Eyes: S0ng
❤~Skin: Pumec
❤~Rings: CULT - Dirty Talk Rings! (instant love!! xD) @ Kinky Event
❤~Top: Mirage.NA
❤~Sneakers: Vale Koer ~ Adored Trainers
❤~Hair: Vanity Hair
❤~Make Up: Pink Fuel
❤~Lashes: Besom
❤~Puddin Choker: Swallow
❤~Jacket: Villena ~ Rare from Gacha
❤~Pants: Legal Insanity
❤~Nails: E.Marie
❤~Noserings: Yummy
❤~Belly Piercing: Bubble
❤~Shape: Glitterburps

I’ll let you do whatever...

I'll let you walk all over me 
But I want it pretty please, please!
I just wanna be your baby
You can fuck me, you can play me
Choke me 'cause I said so
Stroke me and feed my ego
Come get it now or never
I’ll let you do whatever
Buckle up and baby hold on tight
I'll be your bad girl, here we go!

Just  a quick 1am look cause I effin love it :3 

★Head: Catwa ~ Lona
★Body: Belleza ~ Isis
★Hair: Sintiklia ~ Mbali
★Skin: Pumec ~ Nicole
★Ears: Swallow ~ Princess Ears
★Eyes: Song 
★Lashes: Besom
★Nails: E.Marie
★Rings: CULT ~ Dirty Talk Rings @Kinky Event
★Choker: Swallow
★Jacket&Top&Panties: Villena
★Boots: Reign
★Lipstick: Pink Fuel
★Noserings: Yummy
★Belly Piercing: Bubble

Good things come for boys who wait!


Today I brought this really handsome photoprop..errr Mister Big with me for my blogpost!
After the black friday sale madness he was too cute to not show him off x3
Imma show you the gf in one of my next posts so you better be prepared  >:D

Since me and my bestie had really a lot of nice sale options I have to say that dem misters out there are really poor fellas...NOT THAT MANY OPTIONS! xD
Maybe good for the missus cause she gets more moneys for shoes but HEY its kinda really unfair!

I don't think I will need to visit any of my fave stores for the next 12 months *coughs*

Vale Koer, Villena, Legal Insanity, Sintiklia, Swallow, Pumec...almost all the stores in this pic have good sales going atm X_X its deadly xD

The rings we both are wearing are from CULT they don't have a sale BUT I want to mention them cause first they are a real steal for the cuteness, AND I had like the sweetest customer service from the owner! Thank you again for that ❤

And I have to say Mister Big is like the bestest shopping helper...or the worst? He KNEW about the Villena sale before I did...and he stood in any shop with us girls for HOURS ...and he finds things I haven't seen before thats why he's the worst xD <3

Ok ok before its gettin' cheesy in here imma tell you what the Lil' and Big Crumb are wearing!

On Big:

❤~Head: Catwa - Daniel
❤~Body: Belleza Jake (bestest male bum out there js *-*)
❤~Eyes: IKON
❤ ~Skin: Stray Dog
❤ ~Rings: CULT - Player Rings
❤ ~Top&Pants: Legal Insanity, pimpy neckbling is part of the shirt! (50% SALE atm)
❤ ~Shoes: Vale Koer (50% SALE better RUN xD)
❤ ~Beardsie: Magnificent
❤~Hair: Stealthic
❤~Tatts: Reckless

On Lil':

❤~Head: Catwa: Lona
❤~Body: Belleza Isis
❤~Eyes: S0ng
❤~Skin: Pumec (SALE atm)
❤~Rings: CULT - Dirty Talk Rings! (instant love!! xD) @ Kinky Event
❤~Skirt&Top: Legal Insanity (50% SALE atm)
❤~Heels: Vale Koer - Sugardoll Heels (50% SALE atm..I guess me and the gf own whole store now)
❤~Hair: Sintiklia - Quinn (SALE atm)
❤~Make Up: Pink Fuel
❤~Lashes: Besom
❤~Puddin Choker: Swallow (SALE atm)
❤~Puffer Jacket: Villena @Kustom9 (50% SALE at mainstore!!)
❤~Blunt: Nikotin
❤~Nails: Nylon Outfitters
❤~Noserings: Yummy
❤~Shape: Glitterburps