The new House...

Today I'm not blogging clothes :3 I'm writing about this beautiful house!
I'm so picky when it comes to houses or skyboxes in SL but I couldn't find anything to mope about on that one LOL
This house...is from KUDZU its called Savannah Country Home! 
And its HUGE...3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, livingroom and a sunroom so plenty of room!

Click the pics to enlarge them <3

Moving in...I guess its just me and the teddybear..!

Rezzing this house is very easy! It comes with a rezzer and you just click "Rez" and then you move the tiny box around until your house is where you want it to be and click "save" <3
I fell in love with that house when I saw it all those little details and lovely textures...

Welcome Home!

The first thing I noticed? The doorknobs are NOT amazon height! I finally am not having them right in my face lol
And the little details on the doors made me squeal of joy :3

Livingroom and Terrace! :D
So nice and it feels so awesome to be in a properly scaled SL home!

On the first floor you can find the livingroom, kitchen and the sunroom!
All the doors are making a realistic sound when you open dem :3 Such little details make me so happy LOL
The house comes WITHOUT furniture, I just put some in to show you how it could look like :D

All the doors are leading to the main bedroom, 2 smaller ones and the bathroom!

Bedrooms! A bit too much for one girl and a teddy I admit , so I will make one room my photo/workspace!
And the other will be for relaxing \o/

Those are pics I took of some details! I love how awesomely realistic the doors are call me weird but those little details are whats making this house so perfectly real!
Also the stairs :3 LOVE!
And I don't think I need to say much about the window textures...pure awesome!

So more details about this house:

its 20x22 and needs 216 prims! 
It has Mesh doors and windows so you will need a mesh viewer <3

If you like this house but its too big for you alone?

Check out the Kudzu mainstore, they have smaller ones too!! And all are so lovely and you can see someone put alot of love into them! ^^



Just a simple LOTD

Blueberry has released this cute knit cardigan and leather skirt! 
And since I could need a distraction from missing someone and rearranging my place,
I started mixing and matching a comfy look :D

Aaaand this top and skirt ...like...I totally fell in love with it :3 
I feel sexy when wearing it ...so beware ppl of SL \o/

What Gwinny is wearing:

1st Picture:

Hair: Wasabi Pills@C88
Earrings: Lagyo@TDR Fusion
Cardigan and skirt: Blueberry <---SLurl <3
Boots: SLink@TDR Fusion
Shirt: Erratic
Necklace: MG@Arcade Gacha
Bag: Aux@TDR Fusion
Leggins: Bcc: 
Eyeliner: A&A@FLF today

2nd Picture:

Hair: Wasabi Pills@C88
Earrings: Lagyo@TDR Fusion
Top and Skirt: Cynful@TDR Fusion
Heels: Deco @FLF (today, so run)


Dresses, Sparkles and Tiaras!

Yeah I know I've been a bad blogger ...but for real...RL is so much more important and we all know how busy this season is! But today I could find some minutes to do some pics ^^

Today I thought I could blog all the awesome and sparkly dresses I have gotten! :3
I mean New Year's Eve isn't that far away so I felt all like sparkles!

The silver dress is the new release from Sysy's for My Attic what means its not only totally awesome...not its ridiculous cheap too! <3 Comes in several colors :D

The middle dress is from Ingenue for FLF today!

The last dress but definitely not the least pretty one is from Adore&Abor
for Zodiac! <3 Theres a naughty and a nice version of this dress! >:D 
The naughty version I keep for Mr. Marvin! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

First Pic:

Dress: Sysy's @ My Attic
Hair and Hair Pin: Exile @My Attic 
Earrings: Alice Project

Pose: Label Motion on all pics

Second Pic:

Dress: Ingenue @FLF
Necklace: Glow Studio @FLF
Shoes: Deco @FLF

Third Pic:

Dress: A&A @Zodiac
Skin: Dutch Touch
Eyeliner: A&A @FLF


Don't Falter

I still have the flu but I am a very happy little patient atm lol <3 
So todays post is a mixture of Collabor 88, things I just love and some new releases ^-^

On the pic:

New things: This Jacket from Blueberry! <3
Collabor 88: Glam Affair Amberly Skin!! You can chose from 3 frosty make-ups!
Things I just love: Glasses from Mon Tissu and those, my fave jeans from X*plosion!

On this Pic:

New things: Pants from Blueberry...RIBBONS!! *-*
Collabor 88: This cute Wasabi Pills Hair and this suuuper cute sweater from Aux! 
Things I just love: The tiny yellow Hamster! ♥♪♫♬

What Gwinny is wearing:

1st Picture

Hair and beanie: Chemistry
Skin: Glam Affair @Collabor88
Glasses: Mon Tissu
Jacket: Blueberry *NEW*
Jeans: X*Plosion
Bra: Bishes Inc.
Hand and Feet: SLink 

Poses: Label Motion

2nd Picture

Hair: Wasabi Pills @Collabor88
Sweater: Aux @Collabor88
Skin: Pink Fuel for the With Love Hunt!!
Pants: Blueberry *NEW*
Necklace: Undefined Lilies

Poses: Label Motion


Just a tiny LOTD :3

Remember the closed leather jacket that Blueberry released some time back? This one is like the open version of it!! ^^ It come with the white shirt..BUT there are several color options for the shirt ...so no need to wear it white and boring like le moi!! ^^

What Gwinny is wearing: 

Heels: DECO 
Jacket: Blueberry *NEW*
Hair: Magika *NEW*
Jeans: Auxiliary. 
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Love Teddy Bear - BLUE *ARCADE gacha*
Bag: The Secret Store - Tiny Satchel - Baby Blue *ARCADE gacha*
Skin: [PF] 

Poses: Label Motion


New TsG Happiness

TsG has released several new things!! *sealclaps*
Those peferctly casual shirts! A cleavage version of their skin applier for Lolas Tangos! 
what I perfectly love the most...a cardi that you can wear WITH your boobies...without it sticking in them lolol

Up there you see my fave combination xD I love that shirt lol

The shirts come in SEVERAL colors and options for real there are a LOT! With prints and without, pastel colors, blacks...really really much!! And you can wear them without Lolas too of course! :3

Same for the cardigans!! Soooo many colors lol I didnt knew which one to wear first *-*
Below you can see some combinations I put together! COLORS to fight your winter depression lol

And as you can see I have a nice cleavage, thanks to the new skin appliers!! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Shirts: TsG *new*
Cardis: TsG *new*
Shorts: Enix
Hair: LeLutka
Undies: Bishes Inc.
Glasses: Mon Tissu
Skin and Applier: TsG
Tattoos: Selfmade


FLF, TDR and Black Friday Madness!

Above you see a mix of TDR Blue, FLF and Black Friday lol
Lets start somewhere!
Many shops are offering a SALE this Friday.
Auxiliary is offering a 50% Sale on everything except Gacha!! *flails*
I got the jeans there!! 
The uberawesometastic corset is from Auxuliary too BUT for the dressing blue, yes right..means its only effin 70L AND IT COMES IN 2 COLORS!! *screamspits at screen*
The 2nd color I wear in le picture below, with the blueish hair! ^^
SO 2nd fave thing on that pic DA SHOES!!
Princess shoes...I will pretend to be Cinderella til a prince brings me some old too tight shoe!
They are shparkley!! And we all know...sparkles make everything better!!
I think I got a bit carried away on them lol
The hair yeah...the hair is the new one from Wasabi Pills...feels like made for me :3 
My precious!

Sooo if you really made it til here...you are very brave young padawan...or very very bored!
So here you see both colors of the corset...JUST SAYIN AGAIN <3
THe hair for real I squealed when I saw it!!
Its the Wasabi Pills special thing at the Euphoria Sim Black Friday sale!
AND I totally jizzed my pants as I saw that its only 50L ...FIFTY LINDEN for 3 colors!?
Le Top is the Erratic FLF item for today they are  offering 3 different color packs with ...I don't know like 7 different colors in! ^___^ A good basic thingie!


Say "Hi!" to Chloe! 
Chloe is NOT new ...she's a TsG skin and she's on SALE for Black Friday at the mainstore!
AND there are Lolas TANGOS skin appliers available for too now! ^^

Ok you made it thru!
You now get a tiny golden errr pink star!  <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

1st Picture

Hair: Wasabi Pills *NEW*
Bow: Teefy (only 10L a full color pack! for Black friday)
Shirt: Erratic *FLF*
Corset: Auxiliary *TDR Blue*
Jeans: Auxiliary

Poses: !Bang

2nd Pic:

Hair: Wasabi Pills *EUPHORIA Sim Black Friday*
Skin: TsG Chloe 


Blueberry salad!

Blueberry had several awesome releases lately! *-* 
This knitted cardigan is just perfect for the upcoming cold days!! :3 
I knooow its silly but I love to dress my AV cuddly when its all cold in RL lolol 
Those cute shorts are a new release toooo soso cute and when you wear wooly tights with them,
they make a cuddly nice thing to wear even in autumn ^^ 

For real...some weeks back I was whining about not finding a simple Hoodie for girl out there lol
And BOOM there it is :3 yay and soooo cute colors!! <3
The Tshirt on the left is just perfect I love how it is simple...but then..its not sooo simple and casual!! ^__^
I love how Blueberry in general is having all the cute basics but in awesometastic colors!! BUT in base tones too! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

First picture:

Hair: Elikatira
Ribbon: Lo*Momo
Bra: TsG
Skin: TsG
Shorts: Blueberry *NEW*
Cardigan: Blueberry *NEW*
Boots: Blueberry

Poses: Tram and Marukin

Second Picture left:

Shirt: Blueberry *NEW*
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer
Hands and Nails: TsG
Eyes: TsG

Pose: Marukin


Hoodie: Blueberry *NEW*

Pose: !Bang


Let me sleep in your bed...

.....I promise to bring my own pillow! 


Just felt cuddly on this sunday morning! 

What I am wearing:

Hair: Taketomi
Skin: TsG
Eyes: TsG
Bra: TsG
Hands and Nails: TsG
Smoochies: TsG (you get it...I like that store eh? xD)
Pants: HolliPocket
Shoes: 2Real
Necklace: Blah!
Tattoo: Blah!
Plushie: Silentsparrow
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer @Limited Bazaar!! (color change yay)
Rubber: Eln Alter
Bangles: Noodles


Pink and polkadots!

Blueberry released this awesometastic leather jacket in several brilliant colors!
Same for these boots! They come in several colors too, like typical for Blueberry there are a lot of happy colors but earthy and dark ones too! 
Luckily theres always a pink option lol ^^
I love the shinyness...if that even is a word lolol
I just feel all cozy in that outfit <3 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Mariko *NEW*
Jacket: Blueberry *NEW*
Shorts: Mon Tissu
Boots: Blueberry *NEW*

Poses: Marukin


PXL Sophia

PXL is doing a pre-release of their new Skin line Sophia at the "Around the World" Event, that starts at the 15th of November<3

Sophia will come in 2 skintones for this event! Sunkissed and Olive!
There are 4 different lipstick options (left to right) Pink, Pale, Cherry and Bare!
They are part of the skin this time...so no layer. BUT there are eye make-up options that come in layers: Deep, Smokey and Cat..MEOW <3
 The skin will be fully released about at the end of the event BUT thats not for sure by now! 

Here I just wanted to show the body of precious Sophia <3

What am I wearing:

Hair: Truth
Dress 1st Pic: Blah! *NEW*
Lingerie: Blah! (for the dirty pillows hunt) <3

Kiss me!!

I haven't blogged in a while due to busy RL! <3
TsG had some new releases...these are just a few of them :D

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skin: TsG
Bra: Tsg Basic Bra Pink *New*
Panties: Tsg
Titty doodles: TsG *New* (there are many different ones <3)
Eyes: TsG
Choker: The secret hideout *New* (You can change it maaany options!)
Rock Candy: The secret Hideout
Hair: Monso
Horns and nose tattoo: Chus!

Poses: The Secret Hideout


Good girl gone bad?

TsG released this cute lingerie set in several pastelly colors!! <3

What good Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: Ploom @The Attic
Lingerie: TsG
Shoes: G*field

This Outfit is TsGs Hunt prize for the Dirty Pillows Hunt!!
If you want to the hunt for prim boobies check their Blog 

What bad Gwin is wearing:

Hair: Ploom@The Attic
Outfit: TsG@ the Dirty Pillows Hunt
Boots: Blueberry


FLF Almost Halloween

As you can tell I'm all in Halloweeny mood!! \o/ I so can't wait!! <33 FLF this friday was awesomely good!! Many cute stuffz! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Tattoo: erratic@FLF
Leggins: Tee*fy @FLF
Ribbon: *GF* (part of group gift)
Dress: H.O.F. @FLF
Shoes: Ingenue :: @C88
Hair: [Decoy] @FLF
Billy aka the Raven: Silentsparrow @FLF


G*Field Halloween Sale

Just a quick post, G*Field is having a Halloween Sale! All Black and Orange items (and a few purple) are 50% off! The dress on the pic is a subscribo Gift from G*Field and the boots are only 86L 
The hair that I'm wearing is the groupgift from Magika(in 2 colors)



Click me ♥

YAY! I waited so long for the 2nd Boobie Show event!!  *flails* So I ran over there yesterday when it opened and was fighting my way thru the lag to grab the first things lol! MORE TO COME xD
So many cute things!! *-*

So from left to right what I am wearing:

1st Pic

Bodysuit from -SU!- @ the Boobies Show

2nd Pic:

Tattoo, Piercings and Dildo (I never thought I would ever use that word in my blog! x3) from -UtopiaH- @ the Boobies Show

3rd Pic:

Lingerie by Deetalez! @ the Boobies Show <3

Click me ♥

BGTT FINALLY released a boobies applier for Pink Fuel's Kumi!! <3 
also at the Boobies Show 

The cute dress is from Cynful @ the Boobies Show



Without any make-up
So this is Faith, be nice and say "Hi!" to her :D Faith is PXL's newest release! And YES, if you are a member of ther V.I.P. Group than you just need to TP to the VIP room and wear your group tag, to get a 25%!! discount on the Faith skin and all her make-ups! 
The Sale starts today and lasts 7 days! 
All the pics down there are totally unedited, I only cropped and framed them, that way you see what you will get <3
So hurry and TP to PXL --->TAXI <3

I am wearing Faith in the skintone: PALE 

1st: Cherry Lips&Betty Eyes
2nd: Duo Red Lips&Boudoir Eyes
3rd: Rose Lips&Smokey Eyes
4th: Pale Lips&Frozen Eyes

1st: Frozen Lips&Extreme Eyes
2nd: Duo Dark Lips& Day+Night Eyes
3rd: Passion LIps&Arrow Eyes
4th: Pink Lips&Winged Eyes

I admit, I have a belly fetish in SL! And I really like this one....so soft <3

I had so much fun, mixing and matching the lips and eye make-ups!! And I haven't even showed you everything! Endless hours of fun ahead lol! <3

What else am I wearing, well not much xD :

Lingerie: Insolence
Hair: Exile
Hand&Feet: SLINK