PXL Gaia Skin Gacha

 Right about in time for halloween PXL is having a skin gacha! <3 I instantly fell in love with the Sea version of the gaia skin!! I think its my fave if I had to chose just one lol 

 I couldn't resist to edit 2 of the pics a bit more than I usually do cause well they are awesome picture artsy fartsy material!! I should run around as a nekkid demon girl much more ofte >:D This is Gaia - Red

From left to right: Chinadoll, Milk and Dark

Those are really lovely too. I love Milk cause its a everyday casual one, its one of the 2 rares! And Chinadoll...well I have a weakspot for really pale skins! I'm not wearing dark skins usually but this one has so nice details, also a everyday skin! 

From left to right: Noir, Vintage and Droid
            Noir I loooove noir I put it on and felt like I was caught in very old b/w movie! <3 
Vintage is the other rare skin, and who wouldn't love those lips!! Like candy apples :D 
 Droid...of course I love droid...my phone is droid too lmao no now for real I really love the shade of the skin tone and lipstick here! And I can imagine how awesome she would look like if I would cyber her up...well ok that sounded way more dirty than intended but you get the idea lol <3

And now if you love them as I do hop over to PXL its 99L per play!! And I say no matter which one you get, you always won ^__^ 
Spaceship to the Shop


FLF 2012/09/28

 There were quite a few things this time ^^ I love those picture frame thingies, they come in a set of 3! 2 With   cute artwork :D and one where you can put your own pic in! <3

This dress is pure love!! It comes in 2 versions...one with shoulder straps and one without!

And as often here some music for no special reason <3

What I am wearing:

1st picture:

Scarf: Decoy *FLF
Shirt: House of Fox *FLF
Jeans: Cashmere *TDR
Hair: Lamb

2nd picture:

Dress: Teefy *FLF
Face Lace (I'm so poetic, right?): Belleza *FLF (comes in 5 different version and in black and white)
Hair: Elikatira


Dressing Screen and clothing rack: Mudhoney *FLF
Picture frame thingies: Floorplan *FLF

Poses on both pics: Label Motion


Some rainbowfarts and glitterburps...

For my 1st month anniversary! ^___^ just cause can lol

What I am wearing:

Blush: - DAMNED - 

Tattoo: - DAMNED - 

Dress:Candy Mountain
Necklace: Blah. 
Ring: Canimal 
Pierce: Cobrahive
Ears: Panda Express
Mousey ears: [Auxiliary]
Hair: [Love Soul] 
Face stars: [ni.Ju] 

Tram love

Today, my blog is 1 month old! YAY! *flails* Thanks to all the people that are responsible for the 753 views in that time! <3 I know I still need to improve alot lol but I'm trying ^-^

Today I wear a veeery cuddly outfit...cause thats how I feel in RL...autumn is sneaking up my bum...all this rain and rough weather makes me feel all cozy and in need of cozy sweaters ^^ I LOVE AUTUMN!
I love this sweater so much lol...wanna know the reason why? When I spread my arms I look like a tiny pink bat lmao soooo cute! You can try a demo before, of course :D The sweater and pants are coming in several colors from cute, to all autumnly colors! <3 The cute scarf is new from Blueberry! Its mesh too! :D

What Gwinny is wearing:

Undies: Kyoot - Soft Words Lingerie 
Starsie Tatt: -Belleza- Star Tattoo
Bracelet: ASO!AlphabetBrace(G)Gold
Scarf: Blueberry Keira *Mesh* Scarf  *new*
Sneakers: DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks
Sweater: tram -dolman sleeve sweater *new*
Pants: tram -tweed tuck pants *new*
Hair: [e] Falling

Poses: Are from Frooti, Tram, Marukin and Flowey


A little dressy...

SySy Chapman released a new dress...and I know how much sweat she puts in her stuff! (you should wring out anything from her shop before wearing it!!lol)
She is not using any templates, its her original mesh...and I LOVE the plurks where shes raging about rigging and mesh lmao I love chu <3 
I couldn't wait for this dress to be ready!! 
And the best part of it all?! She named the dress after me, as my bday present!! *flails* ... actually I jizzed my pants when I saw the plurk where she announced it! 
It comes in 5 bright colors and 5 basecolors, I apologize for the pink...again...lol I hope its not burning too much in your eyesies *-*
BUT I lovelovelove pink ^^

So hop online and give it a try!!
She may not have many mesh items in her store by now but its all her original work...and that takes some time! <3

Taxi <3



Fair. So this is the events name. Nope...not a fair...its just designers getting a fair price for their stuff :D
I love the idea...and the stuff there lol

So I hope you all have a wonderful sunday...cause I do! 
Some music for someone special that makes me smile <3 just cause I can!

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skin: Rozena @Fair.
Sweater: (and socks you dont't see lol.... REALLY adorable socks!!): Zenith @Fair.
Hair: Wasabi Pills @Fair.


FLF 12/09/21

This FLF I just got the cuuute skirt and top from Miel and this adorable cabinet from LISP!
BOTH Miel and Lisp, when participating in FLF, are among the things I buy cause both always make awesome stuff! I love the Miel clothes with the color changing HUD! So you aren't buying one color, you get several! <3
And LISP? All their stuff is so highly detailed and cute...almost all my furniture in my house are LISP lol and the prices are just pure awesome, especially when you compare to many of the other furniture stores out there! 


Candy Mountain

Candy Mountain is already back for a while again...Mynx found a new place fast :D 


She made cuuuute forehead tattoos, I was looking for some like that for a while now! Its 40!! different types in one pack! The sailormoon inside of screamed when she saw the moon tatt..JUST SAYING!
I love all the stuff she creates but I have one major problem...she never names her stuff with candy mountain or at least CM so be clever and rename the folder to find all the stuff in your inv again lmao! xD

Also, she has a *beeeep*load of groupgifts out!! So many I could'nt wear them all xD

What I am wearing:

Shorts, Top, and nahmnham: Candy Mountain groupgifts (only few of them) 
Bows and earrings and tiny forehead star: Candy Mountain


Beeps and Meeps

Just a quick LOTD :D
This shirt is cuuute and its said its for kids only...since I am an xxs in mesh I gave it a try and tadaaaa Mrs.Pacman is like she was made for me!!  *happy dance*

I want to apologize at this point for all the Men, Women and Hamsters that I trampled, pushed or shamelesly ran over on the Arcade gacha event! xD SORRY!! Especially to this one girl I pushed thru half of the sim cause she wasn't rezzed for me yet lmao!! <3

So heres the SLURL to the Arcade gacha event TAXI

There is not only the gacha event to mention theres a place, like a flea market where you can sell or buy the gacha things that other or you had doubled!! :D FLEA MARKET

What Gwinny-mouse is wearing:

Watch: #14 *katat0nik* (black bunny) Nada Watch (gacha)
Ring: :CP: Macaron Ring - Lemon (gacha)
Bracelet: ASO!AlphabetBrace(G)Gold (gacha)
Necklace: Blah. (My Emotional Poop Necklace)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Ariane :: L :: Latte (gacha)
Shirt: NB_Arcade Tee_MsPacman (gacha)
Leggins: NB_ArcadeLeggings_PacMan (gacha)
Earsies: [Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Bow) - White1 (gacha)
Ring (snake): [HANDverk]Serpent Ring.pink (gacha)



I fell in love with that dress the moment I saw it!! 

I feel a little bit like Wednesday Adams...the grown-up version lolol

TDR items:

Pic 1:

Skin and Dress by Monso
Tights by A&A Fashion

Pic 2:

Skin by Ys&Ys
Dress by MichaMi
Tights by A&A Fashion


I am a plum!

Its just a quick FLF Outfit :D and some dude called me Alien today and that he would love me lolol I had to think of this really really weird song and loving as I am I thought why not sharing that pain with you! Click on own risk! 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Socksies: Kyoot  @C88
Dress: +mocha+ @FLF
Tattooed Luck: (Milk Motion) @FLF
Hair: Clawtooth @FLF
Sneakers: DECO (Last FLF)
Earsies: Panda Express (I LOVELOVELOVE those)
Le 'stache ring: [North West] @FLF (and they are having a 50L closing sale til the 30th)
Eyes: .ID. 

Poses: Zzang, Frooti and Marukin <3


Autumn is coming!

My fave seasons are near!! I can't wait! Yes I like the summer BUT nothing like the silence and mood that autumn and winter are bringing with them! It's like the earth is holding her breath for some time...to awake all happy and healthy again in spring! <3 In summer everyone is sooo busybusy and loud...in winter...people seem to calm down.

So what to do on a rainy day? YES going outside jumping thru the puddles!! In Sl I do this with my new Blueberry Coat!! isnt it cute?! Comes in sooo many really kawaii colors! <3 

 What else to do? Staying inside and enjoying things you haven't done in a while like playing boardgames with friends or learn to play an instrument! Or build tiny ships out of matches lol

Or just  wear your HUGEST comfy sweater and socks, grab yourself a tea and enjoy watching the rain running down your window while listening to your fave music! Heres some of mine CCR forever <3

What is Gwin wearing:

1st pic:

Hair: Elikatira
Beret: Tram
Coat: Blueberry *new*
Pants: Boom at Collabor88 LOVE <3
Shoes: Deco last FLF

2nd and 3rd pic:

Hair: Truth
Skin: Mariko <3
Guitar and Mug: Sway's 
Sweater: NiNIght Creations


Sysy's Glam Halter Dress

Lovelovelove these!! And not only 'cause I love Sysy Chapman!! 
I know Sysy is working hard on mesh...and cursing alot while doing so lol <3 
I love the shapes of all the dresses she made so far. 
This one gives you an awesome bum....AND RUFFLES!! 
And it comes in many vibrant and not vibrant colors :D

TAXI to her shop! 

What else am I  wearing:

1st pic:

Beret: Tram
Hair: Wasabi Pills (@FaMeshed)
Sweater: Mariko
Tights: Strawberry Fizz
Bag: Tee*fy
Shoes: GField
Pose: Marukin

2nd pic:

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Headband and bangles: Izzie's (freebie at vintage fair)
Necklace: Izzie's
Earrings: Candy Mountain
Shoes: HOC
Pose: Frooti

Blah and Goose's

Just a quick one before heading to bed Zzz :D

That poop necklace...like really...for a girl like me who's having a 
"Raise-a-poop-happy-and-healthy" app on her phone this is pure happiness! <3
The necklace is a gacha item and you can get it HERE

What I am wearing...not much this time xP :

Hair: Magika *new*
Skin: Mother Goose Natalie *new*
Necklace and undies: Blah Mainstore
Shoes (yes I am wearing heels): GField


Colorful Thursday

I combined some of my fave things/stores in that pic! <3 
And I found a new (for me) lovely shop!


 I really love this hoodie! I love everything that Dirty Lynx is doing...lovely textures, well made and rigged mesh and AWESOME prices!! <3 I think they are making the cutest mesh AVs on the whole grid btw.


The snail...say hello to Iggie!! I own him in every color...hes my tiny little companion for some years now...he's made by the lovely Anya Yalin! I adore her,she hasn't created that much over the years BUT everything she made is perfection...I love the details and quirky little things she made <3


Mariko...ma favourite skins of all time ...the skins that are fitting my shape the best...no matter which of her skins I put on I like them all lol


Wasabi Pills hair...really like...I go and look for hair in several places...BUT I often end up getting a wasabi pills blondes pack...I love the rye color so much xD

So now to the new-for-me store:

I was looking for cute mesh stores and stumbled into Blueberry!
I really am a sucker for cute well made textures...your item can be good but if I don't like the texture I don't want it!! So this shop has MANY cute and well textured stuff...I love colors...as you maybe found out by now...there are cute pastelly ones and even darker ones!! She has one awesome pair of jeans for example..this skirt is AWESOME! I love the fit and the colors :D 
But I have to admit this skirt is not perfect unfortunately it comes in two parts...the skirt part and the ribbon!

And both are mesh...the ribbon (no matter what I tried, even changing shapes etc:) is sticking in the skirt/pelvis as seen above...I told the creator but haven't heard from her so far! BUT I think thats really easy to fix, so I hope she will fix it soon and then its really perfect! <3

FIXED: Ok I heard from the designer...she is very lovely :D and it was me being stupid lol I blame the fever! The bow comes in different sizes too and I have to wear it one size bigger than the skirt! 

If you really read til here...I can tell you yay and you finally made it through lol

What I am wearing:

Panties:  Kyoot - Soft Words Lingerie (Pale Pink)
Skirt:     Blueberry Britta *Mesh* Skirt  Pink Orange
Socks:   RUT Athletic Socks
Blush:    - DAMNED - AnimeBlush 1
Tattoo:  - DAMNED - Ureshii Tattoo  / Faded 2
Plaster:  - DAMNED - K.Plasters Pink Nose
Hair:       /Wasabi Pills/ Noriko Mesh Hair - Rye  (at FaMeshed)
Hoodie: *DL* Flufee Hoodie - Brown/Pink - (Hood Up XXS-S)
Ring:     .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mouth Ring - MESH - Up L
Septum:  Cobrahive - N-Swirl (smaller)
Snail:      [AMH] Iggy the Snail (pink) 
GumGum:[PF] Yum Bubblegum! (Static- Translucent - Color Change)
Skin:       <MARIKO> YUMI

Poses: Marukin