A little dressy...

SySy Chapman released a new dress...and I know how much sweat she puts in her stuff! (you should wring out anything from her shop before wearing it!!lol)
She is not using any templates, its her original mesh...and I LOVE the plurks where shes raging about rigging and mesh lmao I love chu <3 
I couldn't wait for this dress to be ready!! 
And the best part of it all?! She named the dress after me, as my bday present!! *flails* ... actually I jizzed my pants when I saw the plurk where she announced it! 
It comes in 5 bright colors and 5 basecolors, I apologize for the pink...again...lol I hope its not burning too much in your eyesies *-*
BUT I lovelovelove pink ^^

So hop online and give it a try!!
She may not have many mesh items in her store by now but its all her original work...and that takes some time! <3

Taxi <3


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