Autumn is coming!

My fave seasons are near!! I can't wait! Yes I like the summer BUT nothing like the silence and mood that autumn and winter are bringing with them! It's like the earth is holding her breath for some awake all happy and healthy again in spring! <3 In summer everyone is sooo busybusy and winter...people seem to calm down.

So what to do on a rainy day? YES going outside jumping thru the puddles!! In Sl I do this with my new Blueberry Coat!! isnt it cute?! Comes in sooo many really kawaii colors! <3 

 What else to do? Staying inside and enjoying things you haven't done in a while like playing boardgames with friends or learn to play an instrument! Or build tiny ships out of matches lol

Or just  wear your HUGEST comfy sweater and socks, grab yourself a tea and enjoy watching the rain running down your window while listening to your fave music! Heres some of mine CCR forever <3

What is Gwin wearing:

1st pic:

Hair: Elikatira
Beret: Tram
Coat: Blueberry *new*
Pants: Boom at Collabor88 LOVE <3
Shoes: Deco last FLF

2nd and 3rd pic:

Hair: Truth
Skin: Mariko <3
Guitar and Mug: Sway's 
Sweater: NiNIght Creations

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  1. I love autumn, mostly the wind and colours outside. The longer evenings ...