Candy Mountain

Candy Mountain is already back for a while again...Mynx found a new place fast :D 


She made cuuuute forehead tattoos, I was looking for some like that for a while now! Its 40!! different types in one pack! The sailormoon inside of screamed when she saw the moon tatt..JUST SAYING!
I love all the stuff she creates but I have one major problem...she never names her stuff with candy mountain or at least CM so be clever and rename the folder to find all the stuff in your inv again lmao! xD

Also, she has a *beeeep*load of groupgifts out!! So many I could'nt wear them all xD

What I am wearing:

Shorts, Top, and nahmnham: Candy Mountain groupgifts (only few of them) 
Bows and earrings and tiny forehead star: Candy Mountain

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