Colorful Thursday

I combined some of my fave things/stores in that pic! <3 
And I found a new (for me) lovely shop!


 I really love this hoodie! I love everything that Dirty Lynx is doing...lovely textures, well made and rigged mesh and AWESOME prices!! <3 I think they are making the cutest mesh AVs on the whole grid btw.


The snail...say hello to Iggie!! I own him in every color...hes my tiny little companion for some years now...he's made by the lovely Anya Yalin! I adore her,she hasn't created that much over the years BUT everything she made is perfection...I love the details and quirky little things she made <3

Third: favourite skins of all time ...the skins that are fitting my shape the matter which of her skins I put on I like them all lol


Wasabi Pills hair...really like...I go and look for hair in several places...BUT I often end up getting a wasabi pills blondes pack...I love the rye color so much xD

So now to the new-for-me store:

I was looking for cute mesh stores and stumbled into Blueberry!
I really am a sucker for cute well made textures...your item can be good but if I don't like the texture I don't want it!! So this shop has MANY cute and well textured stuff...I love you maybe found out by now...there are cute pastelly ones and even darker ones!! She has one awesome pair of jeans for example..this skirt is AWESOME! I love the fit and the colors :D 
But I have to admit this skirt is not perfect unfortunately it comes in two parts...the skirt part and the ribbon!

And both are mesh...the ribbon (no matter what I tried, even changing shapes etc:) is sticking in the skirt/pelvis as seen above...I told the creator but haven't heard from her so far! BUT I think thats really easy to fix, so I hope she will fix it soon and then its really perfect! <3

FIXED: Ok I heard from the designer...she is very lovely :D and it was me being stupid lol I blame the fever! The bow comes in different sizes too and I have to wear it one size bigger than the skirt! 

If you really read til here...I can tell you yay and you finally made it through lol

What I am wearing:

Panties:  Kyoot - Soft Words Lingerie (Pale Pink)
Skirt:     Blueberry Britta *Mesh* Skirt  Pink Orange
Socks:   RUT Athletic Socks
Blush:    - DAMNED - AnimeBlush 1
Tattoo:  - DAMNED - Ureshii Tattoo  / Faded 2
Plaster:  - DAMNED - K.Plasters Pink Nose
Hair:       /Wasabi Pills/ Noriko Mesh Hair - Rye  (at FaMeshed)
Hoodie: *DL* Flufee Hoodie - Brown/Pink - (Hood Up XXS-S)
Ring:     .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mouth Ring - MESH - Up L
Septum:  Cobrahive - N-Swirl (smaller)
Snail:      [AMH] Iggy the Snail (pink) 
GumGum:[PF] Yum Bubblegum! (Static- Translucent - Color Change)
Skin:       <MARIKO> YUMI

Poses: Marukin

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  1. Lovely hoody indeed.
    But then I am a hoody fan so you can't go wrong there ^_^

    :wave: hello Iggie