PXL Gaia Skin Gacha

 Right about in time for halloween PXL is having a skin gacha! <3 I instantly fell in love with the Sea version of the gaia skin!! I think its my fave if I had to chose just one lol 

 I couldn't resist to edit 2 of the pics a bit more than I usually do cause well they are awesome picture artsy fartsy material!! I should run around as a nekkid demon girl much more ofte >:D This is Gaia - Red

From left to right: Chinadoll, Milk and Dark

Those are really lovely too. I love Milk cause its a everyday casual one, its one of the 2 rares! And Chinadoll...well I have a weakspot for really pale skins! I'm not wearing dark skins usually but this one has so nice details, also a everyday skin! 

From left to right: Noir, Vintage and Droid
            Noir I loooove noir I put it on and felt like I was caught in very old b/w movie! <3 
Vintage is the other rare skin, and who wouldn't love those lips!! Like candy apples :D 
 Droid...of course I love droid...my phone is droid too lmao no now for real I really love the shade of the skin tone and lipstick here! And I can imagine how awesome she would look like if I would cyber her up...well ok that sounded way more dirty than intended but you get the idea lol <3

And now if you love them as I do hop over to PXL its 99L per play!! And I say no matter which one you get, you always won ^__^ 
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