FLF Almost Halloween

As you can tell I'm all in Halloweeny mood!! \o/ I so can't wait!! <33 FLF this friday was awesomely good!! Many cute stuffz! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Tattoo: erratic@FLF
Leggins: Tee*fy @FLF
Ribbon: *GF* (part of group gift)
Dress: H.O.F. @FLF
Shoes: Ingenue :: @C88
Hair: [Decoy] @FLF
Billy aka the Raven: Silentsparrow @FLF


G*Field Halloween Sale

Just a quick post, G*Field is having a Halloween Sale! All Black and Orange items (and a few purple) are 50% off! The dress on the pic is a subscribo Gift from G*Field and the boots are only 86L 
The hair that I'm wearing is the groupgift from Magika(in 2 colors)



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YAY! I waited so long for the 2nd Boobie Show event!!  *flails* So I ran over there yesterday when it opened and was fighting my way thru the lag to grab the first things lol! MORE TO COME xD
So many cute things!! *-*

So from left to right what I am wearing:

1st Pic

Bodysuit from -SU!- @ the Boobies Show

2nd Pic:

Tattoo, Piercings and Dildo (I never thought I would ever use that word in my blog! x3) from -UtopiaH- @ the Boobies Show

3rd Pic:

Lingerie by Deetalez! @ the Boobies Show <3

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BGTT FINALLY released a boobies applier for Pink Fuel's Kumi!! <3 
also at the Boobies Show 

The cute dress is from Cynful @ the Boobies Show



Without any make-up
So this is Faith, be nice and say "Hi!" to her :D Faith is PXL's newest release! And YES, if you are a member of ther V.I.P. Group than you just need to TP to the VIP room and wear your group tag, to get a 25%!! discount on the Faith skin and all her make-ups! 
The Sale starts today and lasts 7 days! 
All the pics down there are totally unedited, I only cropped and framed them, that way you see what you will get <3
So hurry and TP to PXL --->TAXI <3

I am wearing Faith in the skintone: PALE 

1st: Cherry Lips&Betty Eyes
2nd: Duo Red Lips&Boudoir Eyes
3rd: Rose Lips&Smokey Eyes
4th: Pale Lips&Frozen Eyes

1st: Frozen Lips&Extreme Eyes
2nd: Duo Dark Lips& Day+Night Eyes
3rd: Passion LIps&Arrow Eyes
4th: Pink Lips&Winged Eyes

I admit, I have a belly fetish in SL! And I really like this one....so soft <3

I had so much fun, mixing and matching the lips and eye make-ups!! And I haven't even showed you everything! Endless hours of fun ahead lol! <3

What else am I wearing, well not much xD :

Lingerie: Insolence
Hair: Exile
Hand&Feet: SLINK


Pink hearts, yellow socks!

I love those ears D: and not only cause you can tint the jewelry pink lol So highly detailed...and are NOT gauged monkey swing sized earlobes! Its just a  simple and quick look so I can show off all dem prettyness xD <3 For you ♥!

What Gwinny is wearing:

Socksies: TSG
Sneaker: DECO 
Hair: MADesigns
Septum: Cobrahive 
Ears:  [MANDALA]
Hands: TSG

Poses: Label Motion, TsH


Cinema Post Two: SySy Belle Dress

 SySy just released this totally cute gown!  You can get it at Cinema only at the moment!
I was looking for cute mesh gown for a while now, I love how this dress seems all simple and clean...but also is all princess-like with those ruffles! I fell comfortable when wearing it ^-^ In the white version I feel like raping and marrying a prince lmao...but no princes in sight T_T

Here are all the colors, the dress comes in! 
I lovelovelove the colors SySy is doing...always so soft and cozy lol
All her clothes she makes are giving me that feeling of being all fluffy ^_^

What I am wearing:

Dress: SYSY's  Belle gown
Necklace: [ Glow ] - Gold Heart Key - 
Crown: [BURLEY]
Hair: [e] Studio
Hands and feet: SLINK


Key to my heart

SLINK released mesh hands...finally :D And the Secret Store released this awesomely cute new dress! 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Shoes: Ingenue @C88 
Dress: The Secret Store *new*
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie 
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual L & Mesh Hand Relax R *new*
Skin: <MARIKO> YUU *new*
Necklace: [ Glow ]


Cinema Post One

Like EVERYONE is talking about it...and I can tell its worth the wait!! Tomorrow Cinema will finally open for everyone!
I can tell you its one of the most awesometestests buildings I've seen in SL ^^
So many cute details! 

 Really I love to grab the free foods at such events!! ^.^ Like in RL lmao and there are plenty cute & free snacks at the magically realistic food bar thingie! Anya Ohmai is a goddess when it comes to those 3D shitz! 

THE BUNNEEEEEH HOODIES...for real I was in love with them from the first post on Plurk from Tyr! And then the all cute version you can grab at C88! And now THIS its BUNNEHS and its SUGARSKULLS! I almost jizzed my pants tbh...wow I have so much class! X_X lmao
I think I don't need to tell you how awesomely detaild and well textured things are that the AUX team is doing!

AUX again...Like really I LOVE those sleeves so hard! I'm all properly dressed but feel all hooha! :D

Last but not least for this post, is Wasabi Pills! Wasabi Pills is ALWAYS a good buy for me! My personal alltime fave is the Rye color! xD And I really didn't expected to like them on me but I especially love the left one on me so much! *-*

And really even if you don't plan to buy ANYTHING over there, go there just to see the awesome build!  Theres Film Noir and horror, theres Sci-Fi and adventure, theres a XXX section...really its so worth it <3

And please, Just think of keeping it fun for everyone, even ppl with a not sooo good connection so please keep your scripts low it really sucks for us all when we are walking like a dick thru jello!!

My special thanks goes to SySy Chapman at this point!! <3 She knows why! ^^


Make a wish!

Make a wish

Jeannie Home Alone

This Skybox by Trompe Loeil is sold at C88! It comes in 4 different color.
There is a PG version (188L) and a Adult version (388L) 
It comes with this tranquilizing skydome you see on the first picture and is only 60 prims!
It seats 12 Avatars and has 16 couple anims, 35 single anims, 3 masturbation anims and 15 couple hoohaa anims (both only in the adult version)
I love the details and textures! 

Now I just need to wait for my master, who will rub me and make a wish! ^^ lol

Collabor 88 October

Collabor88 just opened for october! Sooooo many cute things this time!! I just made a quick outfit with a few of the things, before heading off being all busy for the day <3

What I am wearing:

Hair and Crown: LaViere @C88
Bunny Sweater: AUX @C88
Skirt:  R2 @C88
Skin: TsG
Socks: RUT
Ears: Panda Express
Forehead Starsie: Candy Mountain


Today I'm a princess! ^.^

Pink. I won't even try to deny that I like pink...
Is it pink..good...is it pale pink? GWIN NEEDS -_- I should talk with my therapist about that lol
This is just one of my random looks.
Today I wanted to be all fancy...*points at crown* ALL ROYAL FANCYNESS .... and stuffz!
I hope you have a awesome weekend <3 
For you  ♫♪♬ ♥

What I am wearing:

Hair: Magika
Ears: Panda Express
Dress: TsG
Collar: Linc
Shoes: G*field
Crown: Burley


Polkadots and stripeys!

Yes! I combined stripes and dots...I blame the fever! 
I'm sick so I am bored lol I just put together a random outfit ^^ well...like always huh? xD
I urgently need entertainment X_X

What I am wearing:

Hair: Elikatira
Top: Blah (its a dress tho lol)
Necklace: Blah
Skirt: Blueberry
Rock Candy: The Secret Hideout
Tights: DeeTaleZ
Shoes: G*field

All poses: The Secret Hideout


Sway's Buttony Gacha

Yes you might think now...oh Gacha again..this girl seems to have a serious problem...and I can tell you...YES I HAVE!! lol
But look at those ...how could anyone NOT like them? I love all those small things in SL so much! And Sway really has alot of those small things...I love her stuff since I found out about her some years back! Cause as I mentioned already I love well made textures..and Miss Sway Dench is my number 1 under my top 3 texture makers! I love all the little details she puts into things...even after all those years she manages to keep herself inspired! I mean almost everyone knows her Cookie Bears and awesome furniture...but I don't think that many ppl know that she even does clothes!

Gacha is only 15L per play and she has many more gachas there xD TP to her store 
And even if you don't find anything to buy today...her store is always worth a visit cause the sim is such a beautiful place! <3

What else am I wearing:

Shirt: Boom
Shorts: Boom
Skin, eyes and hands: TsG
Hair: Elikatira

Pose: Del May <3


PXL Halloween Skin Gacha Kate

So PXL is having another gacha! It will start at Wednesday, 3rd october!
I love october for exact those things...all is spooky and scary and everyone is laughing..some of us are just in to this for the candy but I can't blame you lmao <3

THIS is my fave of them all..the sugar skull is awesomely cute *-*

                     I looove what the 1st skin does to my face!! And I love the 3rd ones lipstick! 
        All of the skins have some tattoos/body modifications! Some are coming with eyes so you are really well set up for the scary season ^__^ And its only 99L per play too.

This one really reminded me of the halloween where I wanted to be a butterfly with such a facepaint...I did it myself...and at best you could call me a very ugly caterpillar ...with glitter lmao so I really love this one just for the fact that it reminded me of that day <3

Taxi to PXL

*Tea Time*

I love Tea Time..I already blogged them on my flickr before having a real blog xD I think those awesomely cute deer sweaters really deserve some attention ^^ Its autumn and I only get all the cuddly things lol 
I looove the patches on the arms! And Bambi on a sweater ALWAYS works for me lol
Those pants are awesome too!! The belt is seperated and mod so you can make it fit your hips easily! 
I love Tea Time so much and I like Tea Xofan so its easy to be all nice about her stuff cause it really IS ...good lovely textures and lovely colors!!! Only thing I would wish for in the future is Demos for the mesh items! But thats just me maybe. All her mesh stuff is standard sizes!! And I never had a problem with fitting. I have problems oooften with other shops although those ppl say their stuff is standard size :( 
And those SHOES? they are 80L only lol I HAD to get them...and the blue version too xD

What I am wearing:

Sweater: *Tea Time* Deer Sweater
Pants: *Tea Time*
Tights: Slow Kitchen
Shoes: *Tea Time*
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Earsies: Panda Express <3 (one of my all time faves in SL)