Cinema Post One

Like EVERYONE is talking about it...and I can tell its worth the wait!! Tomorrow Cinema will finally open for everyone!
I can tell you its one of the most awesometestests buildings I've seen in SL ^^
So many cute details! 

 Really I love to grab the free foods at such events!! ^.^ Like in RL lmao and there are plenty cute & free snacks at the magically realistic food bar thingie! Anya Ohmai is a goddess when it comes to those 3D shitz! 

THE BUNNEEEEEH HOODIES...for real I was in love with them from the first post on Plurk from Tyr! And then the all cute version you can grab at C88! And now THIS its BUNNEHS and its SUGARSKULLS! I almost jizzed my pants tbh...wow I have so much class! X_X lmao
I think I don't need to tell you how awesomely detaild and well textured things are that the AUX team is doing!

AUX again...Like really I LOVE those sleeves so hard! I'm all properly dressed but feel all hooha! :D

Last but not least for this post, is Wasabi Pills! Wasabi Pills is ALWAYS a good buy for me! My personal alltime fave is the Rye color! xD And I really didn't expected to like them on me but I especially love the left one on me so much! *-*

And really even if you don't plan to buy ANYTHING over there, go there just to see the awesome build!  Theres Film Noir and horror, theres Sci-Fi and adventure, theres a XXX section...really its so worth it <3

And please, Just think of keeping it fun for everyone, even ppl with a not sooo good connection so please keep your scripts low it really sucks for us all when we are walking like a dick thru jello!!

My special thanks goes to SySy Chapman at this point!! <3 She knows why! ^^


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