PXL Halloween Skin Gacha Kate

So PXL is having another gacha! It will start at Wednesday, 3rd october!
I love october for exact those things...all is spooky and scary and everyone is laughing..some of us are just in to this for the candy but I can't blame you lmao <3

THIS is my fave of them all..the sugar skull is awesomely cute *-*

                     I looove what the 1st skin does to my face!! And I love the 3rd ones lipstick! 
        All of the skins have some tattoos/body modifications! Some are coming with eyes so you are really well set up for the scary season ^__^ And its only 99L per play too.

This one really reminded me of the halloween where I wanted to be a butterfly with such a facepaint...I did it myself...and at best you could call me a very ugly caterpillar ...with glitter lmao so I really love this one just for the fact that it reminded me of that day <3

Taxi to PXL


Here Be Dragons