Sway's Buttony Gacha

Yes you might think now...oh Gacha again..this girl seems to have a serious problem...and I can tell you...YES I HAVE!! lol
But look at those ...how could anyone NOT like them? I love all those small things in SL so much! And Sway really has alot of those small things...I love her stuff since I found out about her some years back! Cause as I mentioned already I love well made textures..and Miss Sway Dench is my number 1 under my top 3 texture makers! I love all the little details she puts into things...even after all those years she manages to keep herself inspired! I mean almost everyone knows her Cookie Bears and awesome furniture...but I don't think that many ppl know that she even does clothes!

Gacha is only 15L per play and she has many more gachas there xD TP to her store 
And even if you don't find anything to buy today...her store is always worth a visit cause the sim is such a beautiful place! <3

What else am I wearing:

Shirt: Boom
Shorts: Boom
Skin, eyes and hands: TsG
Hair: Elikatira

Pose: Del May <3


  1. Hello I was curious if you'd be interested in exchanging links to add to blogrolls :) Mine is linked with comment I think >.<