*Tea Time*

I love Tea Time..I already blogged them on my flickr before having a real blog xD I think those awesomely cute deer sweaters really deserve some attention ^^ Its autumn and I only get all the cuddly things lol 
I looove the patches on the arms! And Bambi on a sweater ALWAYS works for me lol
Those pants are awesome too!! The belt is seperated and mod so you can make it fit your hips easily! 
I love Tea Time so much and I like Tea Xofan so its easy to be all nice about her stuff cause it really IS ...good lovely textures and lovely colors!!! Only thing I would wish for in the future is Demos for the mesh items! But thats just me maybe. All her mesh stuff is standard sizes!! And I never had a problem with fitting. I have problems oooften with other shops although those ppl say their stuff is standard size :( 
And those SHOES? they are 80L only lol I HAD to get them...and the blue version too xD

What I am wearing:

Sweater: *Tea Time* Deer Sweater
Pants: *Tea Time*
Tights: Slow Kitchen
Shoes: *Tea Time*
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Earsies: Panda Express <3 (one of my all time faves in SL)


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