Blueberry salad!

Blueberry had several awesome releases lately! *-* 
This knitted cardigan is just perfect for the upcoming cold days!! :3 
I knooow its silly but I love to dress my AV cuddly when its all cold in RL lolol 
Those cute shorts are a new release toooo soso cute and when you wear wooly tights with them,
they make a cuddly nice thing to wear even in autumn ^^ 

For real...some weeks back I was whining about not finding a simple Hoodie for girl out there lol
And BOOM there it is :3 yay and soooo cute colors!! <3
The Tshirt on the left is just perfect I love how it is simple...but then..its not sooo simple and casual!! ^__^
I love how Blueberry in general is having all the cute basics but in awesometastic colors!! BUT in base tones too! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

First picture:

Hair: Elikatira
Ribbon: Lo*Momo
Bra: TsG
Skin: TsG
Shorts: Blueberry *NEW*
Cardigan: Blueberry *NEW*
Boots: Blueberry

Poses: Tram and Marukin

Second Picture left:

Shirt: Blueberry *NEW*
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer
Hands and Nails: TsG
Eyes: TsG

Pose: Marukin


Hoodie: Blueberry *NEW*

Pose: !Bang

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