PXL Sophia

PXL is doing a pre-release of their new Skin line Sophia at the "Around the World" Event, that starts at the 15th of November<3

Sophia will come in 2 skintones for this event! Sunkissed and Olive!
There are 4 different lipstick options (left to right) Pink, Pale, Cherry and Bare!
They are part of the skin this time...so no layer. BUT there are eye make-up options that come in layers: Deep, Smokey and Cat..MEOW <3
 The skin will be fully released about at the end of the event BUT thats not for sure by now! 

Here I just wanted to show the body of precious Sophia <3

What am I wearing:

Hair: Truth
Dress 1st Pic: Blah! *NEW*
Lingerie: Blah! (for the dirty pillows hunt) <3

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