Dresses, Sparkles and Tiaras!

Yeah I know I've been a bad blogger ...but for real...RL is so much more important and we all know how busy this season is! But today I could find some minutes to do some pics ^^

Today I thought I could blog all the awesome and sparkly dresses I have gotten! :3
I mean New Year's Eve isn't that far away so I felt all like sparkles!

The silver dress is the new release from Sysy's for My Attic what means its not only totally awesome...not its ridiculous cheap too! <3 Comes in several colors :D

The middle dress is from Ingenue for FLF today!

The last dress but definitely not the least pretty one is from Adore&Abor
for Zodiac! <3 Theres a naughty and a nice version of this dress! >:D 
The naughty version I keep for Mr. Marvin! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

First Pic:

Dress: Sysy's @ My Attic
Hair and Hair Pin: Exile @My Attic 
Earrings: Alice Project

Pose: Label Motion on all pics

Second Pic:

Dress: Ingenue @FLF
Necklace: Glow Studio @FLF
Shoes: Deco @FLF

Third Pic:

Dress: A&A @Zodiac
Skin: Dutch Touch
Eyeliner: A&A @FLF

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