The new House...

Today I'm not blogging clothes :3 I'm writing about this beautiful house!
I'm so picky when it comes to houses or skyboxes in SL but I couldn't find anything to mope about on that one LOL
This house...is from KUDZU its called Savannah Country Home! 
And its HUGE...3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, livingroom and a sunroom so plenty of room!

Click the pics to enlarge them <3

Moving in...I guess its just me and the teddybear..!

Rezzing this house is very easy! It comes with a rezzer and you just click "Rez" and then you move the tiny box around until your house is where you want it to be and click "save" <3
I fell in love with that house when I saw it all those little details and lovely textures...

Welcome Home!

The first thing I noticed? The doorknobs are NOT amazon height! I finally am not having them right in my face lol
And the little details on the doors made me squeal of joy :3

Livingroom and Terrace! :D
So nice and it feels so awesome to be in a properly scaled SL home!

On the first floor you can find the livingroom, kitchen and the sunroom!
All the doors are making a realistic sound when you open dem :3 Such little details make me so happy LOL
The house comes WITHOUT furniture, I just put some in to show you how it could look like :D

All the doors are leading to the main bedroom, 2 smaller ones and the bathroom!

Bedrooms! A bit too much for one girl and a teddy I admit , so I will make one room my photo/workspace!
And the other will be for relaxing \o/

Those are pics I took of some details! I love how awesomely realistic the doors are call me weird but those little details are whats making this house so perfectly real!
Also the stairs :3 LOVE!
And I don't think I need to say much about the window textures...pure awesome!

So more details about this house:

its 20x22 and needs 216 prims! 
It has Mesh doors and windows so you will need a mesh viewer <3

If you like this house but its too big for you alone?

Check out the Kudzu mainstore, they have smaller ones too!! And all are so lovely and you can see someone put alot of love into them! ^^



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