FLF, TDR and Black Friday Madness!

Above you see a mix of TDR Blue, FLF and Black Friday lol
Lets start somewhere!
Many shops are offering a SALE this Friday.
Auxiliary is offering a 50% Sale on everything except Gacha!! *flails*
I got the jeans there!! 
The uberawesometastic corset is from Auxuliary too BUT for the dressing blue, yes right..means its only effin 70L AND IT COMES IN 2 COLORS!! *screamspits at screen*
The 2nd color I wear in le picture below, with the blueish hair! ^^
SO 2nd fave thing on that pic DA SHOES!!
Princess shoes...I will pretend to be Cinderella til a prince brings me some old too tight shoe!
They are shparkley!! And we all know...sparkles make everything better!!
I think I got a bit carried away on them lol
The hair yeah...the hair is the new one from Wasabi Pills...feels like made for me :3 
My precious!

Sooo if you really made it til here...you are very brave young padawan...or very very bored!
So here you see both colors of the corset...JUST SAYIN AGAIN <3
THe hair for real I squealed when I saw it!!
Its the Wasabi Pills special thing at the Euphoria Sim Black Friday sale!
AND I totally jizzed my pants as I saw that its only 50L ...FIFTY LINDEN for 3 colors!?
Le Top is the Erratic FLF item for today they are  offering 3 different color packs with ...I don't know like 7 different colors in! ^___^ A good basic thingie!


Say "Hi!" to Chloe! 
Chloe is NOT new ...she's a TsG skin and she's on SALE for Black Friday at the mainstore!
AND there are Lolas TANGOS skin appliers available for too now! ^^

Ok you made it thru!
You now get a tiny golden errr pink star!  <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

1st Picture

Hair: Wasabi Pills *NEW*
Bow: Teefy (only 10L a full color pack! for Black friday)
Shirt: Erratic *FLF*
Corset: Auxiliary *TDR Blue*
Jeans: Auxiliary

Poses: !Bang

2nd Pic:

Hair: Wasabi Pills *EUPHORIA Sim Black Friday*
Skin: TsG Chloe 

Blueberry salad!

Blueberry had several awesome releases lately! *-* 
This knitted cardigan is just perfect for the upcoming cold days!! :3 
I knooow its silly but I love to dress my AV cuddly when its all cold in RL lolol 
Those cute shorts are a new release toooo soso cute and when you wear wooly tights with them,
they make a cuddly nice thing to wear even in autumn ^^ 

For real...some weeks back I was whining about not finding a simple Hoodie for girl out there lol
And BOOM there it is :3 yay and soooo cute colors!! <3
The Tshirt on the left is just perfect I love how it is simple...but then..its not sooo simple and casual!! ^__^
I love how Blueberry in general is having all the cute basics but in awesometastic colors!! BUT in base tones too! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

First picture:

Hair: Elikatira
Ribbon: Lo*Momo
Bra: TsG
Skin: TsG
Shorts: Blueberry *NEW*
Cardigan: Blueberry *NEW*
Boots: Blueberry

Poses: Tram and Marukin

Second Picture left:

Shirt: Blueberry *NEW*
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer
Hands and Nails: TsG
Eyes: TsG

Pose: Marukin


Hoodie: Blueberry *NEW*

Pose: !Bang

Let me sleep in your bed...

.....I promise to bring my own pillow! 


Just felt cuddly on this sunday morning! 

What I am wearing:

Hair: Taketomi
Skin: TsG
Eyes: TsG
Bra: TsG
Hands and Nails: TsG
Smoochies: TsG (you get it...I like that store eh? xD)
Pants: HolliPocket
Shoes: 2Real
Necklace: Blah!
Tattoo: Blah!
Plushie: Silentsparrow
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer @Limited Bazaar!! (color change yay)
Rubber: Eln Alter
Bangles: Noodles

Pink and polkadots!

Blueberry released this awesometastic leather jacket in several brilliant colors!
Same for these boots! They come in several colors too, like typical for Blueberry there are a lot of happy colors but earthy and dark ones too! 
Luckily theres always a pink option lol ^^
I love the shinyness...if that even is a word lolol
I just feel all cozy in that outfit <3 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Mariko *NEW*
Jacket: Blueberry *NEW*
Shorts: Mon Tissu
Boots: Blueberry *NEW*

Poses: Marukin

PXL Sophia

PXL is doing a pre-release of their new Skin line Sophia at the "Around the World" Event, that starts at the 15th of November<3

Sophia will come in 2 skintones for this event! Sunkissed and Olive!
There are 4 different lipstick options (left to right) Pink, Pale, Cherry and Bare!
They are part of the skin this time...so no layer. BUT there are eye make-up options that come in layers: Deep, Smokey and Cat..MEOW <3
 The skin will be fully released about at the end of the event BUT thats not for sure by now! 

Here I just wanted to show the body of precious Sophia <3

What am I wearing:

Hair: Truth
Dress 1st Pic: Blah! *NEW*
Lingerie: Blah! (for the dirty pillows hunt) <3

Kiss me!!

I haven't blogged in a while due to busy RL! <3
TsG had some new releases...these are just a few of them :D

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skin: TsG
Bra: Tsg Basic Bra Pink *New*
Panties: Tsg
Titty doodles: TsG *New* (there are many different ones <3)
Eyes: TsG
Choker: The secret hideout *New* (You can change it maaany options!)
Rock Candy: The secret Hideout
Hair: Monso
Horns and nose tattoo: Chus!

Poses: The Secret Hideout

Good girl gone bad?

TsG released this cute lingerie set in several pastelly colors!! <3

What good Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: Ploom @The Attic
Lingerie: TsG
Shoes: G*field

This Outfit is TsGs Hunt prize for the Dirty Pillows Hunt!!
If you want to the hunt for prim boobies check their Blog 

What bad Gwin is wearing:

Hair: Ploom@The Attic
Outfit: TsG@ the Dirty Pillows Hunt
Boots: Blueberry