Frogs, Raindrops and kisses!

So I was in the middle of putting a rainy day outfit together as my fave frog logged in...soooo clever Gwin (yes...YES THAT'S ME...sometimes! lolol) had the idea of misusing his frog body for pics :D

And I loved them that much I had to put them somewhere ^-^

RL is rather busy those last 2 months...but I guess its getting I hope I will have more time to blog and for SL in general again! 

Oh and the frogs and kisses thing...why trading a frog in for a vain dude in tights?! 

Some music: ►♫♪♬

On Gwinny:

Hair: Truth
Bunny Sweater: Phosphenes
Boots,Hat , Umbrella, Socks, Scarf, Paperboats and Pants: Severed Garden
Skin: Mariko
Poses: TsH

On Yooden:

Kisses and a massively blown up ego!

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