Free*Style Store opening today!!

Soooo the Free*Style store is opening today on the 27th at 9am EST!!
I am sick and bored so
I thought this is a awesome chance to show you some more cute goodies that you can grab there!! :3

What Gwinny is wearing(I will only list the items you can get at Free*Style today):

First pic:

Tube Top from Sassy (1!!!L) 
Rainbow Earrings by Squeek! (gacha)

Second pic:

Sweater and Sneaks by DECO

Middle pic top:

Pose and Cuppycakes by Hopscotch <3 (gacha)
Jacket by 1Hundred
Lingerie by Cupcakes!

Middle pic bottom:

Top by 1Hundred (gacha)

Last pic:

Mesh top by 1Hundred

ALL Poses used are to find at the free*style store!!

A knot to remember...

I wish it was spring finally lol :3
So I put together a bowsie LOTD just fine for a walk on a lovely springy afternoon :3

You know I don't say bad things often about stuff I wear...but 
this dress! I love it...its cute and I love the patters...but its badly rigged! :/
The shoulder straps would poke thru you in the wrong pose and the skirt seems oddly rigged too!
But I have a ao that makes it still look ok :3
But I felt like this is something ppl should know! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: Chemistry
Skin, Head and hands: TsG
Earrings and Necklace: Undefined Lillies
Dress: *Cupcakes
Ring: Maxi Gossamer
Tights: Sugarheart
Hairbow: Tee*fy
Neck Bow: Boom *NEW*
Shoes: G*Field Valentines Group Gift (group is free to join and its still there I think)
Bag: Tee*fy

Some more Free*Style love!

Soooo you know what? The Free*Style will has several gachas :3
The best? The most expensive I saw was 25L still too much? Then do the ones for 15L, 10L ooor 5L \o/

I was lucky with the Hopscotch gacha..I got all dem poses...well...except the RARE one *cries in her cupcake*

BUT I got all the Skirts from SySy's :3 for real..make nice colors and I want it!! lolol and there are DOTS on *takes a deep breath* DOOOOTS! lol :3

The Necklace is purdy heh? Sugarskulls ftw ^___^
and especially when they are made by one of the sweetest ppl in SL!

And since I can't offer you the LM to the Free*Style store yet I will give you the LMs to the shops of 3 wonderful Ladies!

Lasaki : the shop of Miss Lola79 Hienrichs who made this wonderful necklaces!
Hopscotch : the cute little pose shop of Miss Chandni Khondji who made these wonderful poses and cupcakes!
And last but not least SySy's: The shop of Miss SySy Chapman :3 

Sooo since you are waiting for the Free*Style Store to open just hop over there and check their cute shops...but beware of Lolas shop...there are looots of dead LOL <3

Free*Style Shop Opening

Sooo what is there to say..yes there will a Free*Style Shop open on the 27th this month!!
I actually TOTALLY love the idea..and I feel like giving something back when I blog for it...cause
the Free*Style BLOG was long time my one and only blog I read in SL and it pointed me 
soooo effin often to nice freebies and group gifts!!

So and there will be a shop...with designers/ shops like Pink Fuel, Hop Scotch, SySy's, Chelle and sooo soo many other well known and not so well known shops :D

There are shapes, skins, jewelry, Dresses, Shoes, Make-Up...poses (u can never have enough poses!!)
really all you will need to make your AV happy and purdy :3

This really is just my first post to show what you can get there...and dont forget to tell all your new-to-SL friends or the ones living their pixel life on a tight budget...or well JUST TELL EVERYONE!! :D

I will post the SLURL here when it opens!! 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Dress and Heels: Blossom (both in a set for 50L)@Free*Style
Skin: Pink Fuel @ Free*Style Shop (50!!!L)
Necklace: *RezIpsa Loc* (25L for 3 different types in one pack)@Free*Style
Poses: Hopscotch (1L pose pack) and IoS @ Free*style

Popstar Barbie

Just some happy looks I created using other "My Attic" releases! :3 I just felt like popstar Barbie lolol 

And TAXI to My Attic!

First Look:

Hair: Exile @My Attic
Dress: DCNY @My Attic
Necklace, Headband and Bangles: Izzies (old vintage fair gift)
Earrings: Earthstones
Shoes: GoS (Group Gift)
Hand Mic: DCNY (part of the Outfit)
Tights: Strawberry Fizz

Second Look:

Hair: Mina Hair @My Attic
Dress: Emery My Attic
Headband: !Blah.
Shoes: GoS
Leggins: -tb-

LP and Poses: W.Winx & Flair @My Attic

SySy's at My Attic

This cute dress is SySy's release for this round of "My Attic" 21st Feb.-28th Feb.
it comes in 6 classic colors as red, black and gold and 6 bright colors :D

Hop over to My Attic and grab your fave color :3

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Dress: SySy's @My Attic
Shoes: GoS
Headband: !Blah. *New*
Hair: Wasabi Pills @FLF
Skin,HEad and Hands: TSG
Bag: TuTy's (free @ Market Place)

Poses: !Blah. and TsH

The 25L Outfit!

Can I look cute...Even without spending much? That's the question I got today from a cute girl reading my blog!
And the answer is YES!!!
I took her question and made a challenge for me! I only used the marketplace! And it took me like 20 mins to find cute stuff!! LOADS of cute and free or almost free stuff!! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: *BC322 Rainbow cotton Blue (1L @marketplace)
Shirt: :Moon Amore: Shutup Snow White S (FREE) 
Skirt: MDL-Valentine skirt (1L)
Leggins: :: One Store :: [Heart Leggings] (1L)
Flats: MDL- Bailarina (1L)
Necklace: *MM* Circle Charm Necklace (10L BUT its color change and mesh :3)
Bangle: *MM* Skinny Gold/Resin Bangle (10L and colorchange too and several versions)
Mouthie thingie: MDL - Popsicle (1L)
Mr. Panda: [Freya]  MouthPanda (FREE)

There are soo many creative ppl in SL giving aways cute little things to us! I love that so much <3 

This whole outfit is 25L <3

TsG Dakota Hybrid Mesh Avatar

So like where to start?! I waited for this head, when Eilfie first used it for her ADs on Flickr in December!
And I can say...the long waiting time was fully worth it!!
I know many ppl are all over those Logo Mesh heads...I never got into them...cause
they looked weird in a way...well to me! 
I can imagine some will say the same about the TsG head...BUT for me its feels totally like me!! :3
I admit that I seal-clapped when I first put the head on! lol
My personal fave skin tone is with her skins! ^^
Sooo what do you get in the package and how does it work you ask?
In the package you get: the head of course, 2 skins (bust and no bust),
a shape, and a HUD and of course a alpha layer hiding your headsie!
Yes there are NO eyes included cause you can wear your own eyes with them!! :D
I have a eye addiction so thats something I really love about it! The shape...
its useful for some I think, and yes its of course a mod shape.
But I think making your own shape fit the head, don't takes much time!
For me it was like 10 seconds!
 I just needed to enlarge my eyes the rest already was perfect \o/
You can also wear your own lashes with it! :3
And its totally easy to put on glasses, piercings...etc...I just didn't so you see the head more! xD
I wore several mesh hair styles with it and never had problems with the fitting!
The only thing I would wish for?
The option of changing your eyebrows dark and light!

Those are the skintones and you can see I wear different eyes with the heads!! :3

The make-ups are all kawaii, so I think when you look for a more mature look..well then this head is nothing for you...but when you always wanted to try the kawaii look go for it!!

The expressions are sooo cute!! And I dont have to rearrange my lashes for certain expressions I love that!!

So like what is there else to say?
I know I am a bad judge when it comes to TsG cause there was only like one release over the last year that I didnt was totally happy with lolol
I will wear this quite often now I think, so you all better get used to it lolol
Cause I love it and its not such a big difference to my usual shape than the Logo heads are!
And I loooove her wee little nose :3 no crooked noses ever again lol
And I just was shopping for things to wear the other night and got asked about it 4 times! So you see... other ppl think its cute too! xD

I just could make love to my own face LOL <3

And if you aren't sure this thing is made for you? TP over to TsG and try the free demo!!

What else is Gwinny wearing:

1st Picture:

Hair: Ploom
Shirt/Dress: Blah!
Jacket: Monso

2nd and 3rd Picture:

Headband: Blah!
Top: Blah! @the Boobies Show :3
Hair: LeLutka
Hands: TsG

Gimme Sugar!

Another round of the Boobies Show has started :D 
And those cute Corsets from TsG you can only get there :D
There is a black and red version too, that I don't show here!
I love that those are so simple I can wear them sexy but I can wear them to jeans either :3
And of course its mesh \o/ and of course since its released for the boobies show only,
it comes with Lolas and Lush appliers :D

The best thing? This pink verion with the lacey pattern I wear up there? Is a group gift!
The group has a fee of 350L BUT I say its well spent when you love Kawaii things :3
There are monthly gifts and even skins you can't buy in store were a gift once :D
So do it like Gwinny-Bunny and hop over to the Boobies Show to grab yours and wrap yourself in sexy
cotton candy <3

Click to enlarge, please! <3

What else Gwinny is wearing:

Skin: The Sugar Garden
Hands: The Sugar Garden
Hair and bow: LeLutka
Pinkie Glitter Suit: Blah! (part of a dress)
Earsies and Tail: OMEN
Donutsie: Pink Fuel
Messy Mouth and Blush: Sugar Heart
Tiny Heart: Mine
Eyes: The Skinnery
Eyeliner: Adore & Abhor (the frost liner is so glittery its my absolute fave liner)

Pose 1st Pic: The Secret Hideout

Love is all around us?...!!

Yes its Valentine's Day...again...and I know many people who are moaning about it and are pretty unhappy!
Some even call it "Single Awareness Day"...many frustrated singles even say this day is just for couples that aren't able to show their affection to eachother on every other day of the year, so they would need such a commercial day to be all "Hey see I love you!" 


Well I don't think that Valentine's Day is about partners and gifting eachother overpriced chocolaty things!
Its this one day of the year were we celebrate giving love! Not love to the one you hump, no,  love to everyone you feel that deserves some more!
Giving your Mailman a lovely Card cause he brings yours all over the year?!
Gifting some chocolate to the garbage man, cause damn he had to work hard for your pleasure!
I think this day is awesome to just stop and think about how many people around you are caring for you and doing things for you that you usually take as given or don't even see them!

So yeah some will always be grumpy and frustrated on that day, but maybe next year try not to be all meh,
go out and be all happy!
I make chocolate and Pralines by hand every year to gift them to my colleagues, neighbours and loved ones!

Cause clearly the gift of a smile is the bestest you can ever get!

xx Gwinny 

What Gwinny is wearing :

1st Picture:

Dress: SySy's VDay Gift! <3
Shoes: GoS VDay Gift! 
Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Izzie's
Sheep: {Sugar Heart}
Eyes and Hearty Lipstick: Insufferable Dastard VDay gift

2nd Picture:

Dress: TsG Seduction Dress *NEW* (I really love this, sooo hot with zipper on the back *-*)
Teddy: My VDay present from Mr. Marvin <3

Skin: Izzie's Ginevra
Hair: LeLutka
Lingerie: TsG Valentines Lingerie sososo cute and appliers for Lush and Lolas are available :3
Socks: FateWear Vday gift :D
Eyeliner: Adore & Abhor

Red stripes

Soooo where to start...actually I have no clue \o/ lol
Let's start with that skin :3
Say hello to Ava from Belleza!
This make-up is from the new monthly Event at Belleza, called Best Buy!
They offered several special make-ups for only 400L
and even male skins! :D
More infos about Best Buy you can find HERE

Second thing? ELIKATIRA SALE!! lolol
Lasts like still 3 weeks or so but hey if you don't own their whole shop already now is your chance,
cause really 84L for the Essentials Pack of nice mesh hair? Me don't says no <.<
I even tried shorter hair this time :3

The glossy lips are NOT part of the skin...its the glossy highlight things from Izzie's I love them and wear them with every skin now lol <3

Sooo now le clothes!
Alllll clothes you see (except shoes) are new Blueberry releases <3
I know this time there is no pink in my post...but white,red and fave combination for RL clothes tho xD

The Jeans on the first pic are called skinny jeans...ok tbh? not so much skinny LOL 
But I love them!! They come with a belt too, the belt comes in 3 colors included in the pack :)
My fave of them all?! RED LEATHERPANTS  *spanks herself* lmao
for real I love those pants *-*

And the hoodie...I love hoodies!! A simple, comfy,  always to wear thing every girl needs!

And like shoes...for real...I'm not the heels kinda girl...not at all xD BUT those?! 
Those are GOS Shoes and feet and they come with a hud where like 200 skin tones for several brands are in already!! *dies* they look perfect :3 nothing more to say...just go and Demo them!
And don't forget to join their group cause this gives you an instant 10% discount on every sale!

All the hair you see is Elikatira ..of course xD

Here's my song for today! <3

What Gwinny is wearing( not very exciting when you really read the post lol):

Hair on all 3 pics: Elikatira 
Clothes: Blueberry -> Taxi
Shoes and feet: GoS
Skin: Belleza 
Eyes: Ikon
Hands: SLink

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow...

Today fameshed opened again! :3 
I found cute pastelly things...and we all know thats my kryptonite lol 
Teefy released this cute sweater and those cute cozy leggins for fameshed!
The sweater comes in a pack of three patterns per color: Stripes, Polka Dots and Plain ^^ 
so you get like 3 for the price \o/
I loooove those leggins..I was looking for simple cotton MESH leggins for ages now so yay!
And this cute scarf thingie is by Teefy too 

The bag and the boots ar from gachas...oh whoever invented those gacha things will burn in hell I think lolol
Much to addictive T_T 
Buuuut back to le boots and bag!
I told myself ...ONLY ONE TIME! 
Played one time for the bag at the "C'est la vie!" Gacha @ the GALA1 Gacha Event the one I wanted with the first try...went to the boots boots Gacha machine of NuDoLu..AND FAILED T_T I think I played like...lets not think about it lolol 
But look...HONEYBEES!! <3

So of course I'm not only wearing new stuffz...I am wearing some of my most fave items :3
This beret by Tram and those Kitty earrings and necklace by Undefined Lillies for example! ^.^
Any questions? Just yell at me inworld! <3

And as often a song I was listening to while writing le post: <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: LaViere Teefy
Glasses: Umeboshi @ TGGS
Beret: Tram
Scarf, Sweater and Leggins: LaViere Teefy @FaMeshed
Skin: Mariko (was Limited)
Earrings and Necklace: Undefined Lillies
Hands: Slink
Boots: NuDoLu @Gala#1 Gacha Event 
Bag: C'est la vie! @Gala#1 Gacha Event
Tiny Heart Tattoo: Mine :3