Love is all around us?...!!

Yes its Valentine's Day...again...and I know many people who are moaning about it and are pretty unhappy!
Some even call it "Single Awareness Day"...many frustrated singles even say this day is just for couples that aren't able to show their affection to eachother on every other day of the year, so they would need such a commercial day to be all "Hey see I love you!" 


Well I don't think that Valentine's Day is about partners and gifting eachother overpriced chocolaty things!
Its this one day of the year were we celebrate giving love! Not love to the one you hump, no,  love to everyone you feel that deserves some more!
Giving your Mailman a lovely Card cause he brings yours all over the year?!
Gifting some chocolate to the garbage man, cause damn he had to work hard for your pleasure!
I think this day is awesome to just stop and think about how many people around you are caring for you and doing things for you that you usually take as given or don't even see them!

So yeah some will always be grumpy and frustrated on that day, but maybe next year try not to be all meh,
go out and be all happy!
I make chocolate and Pralines by hand every year to gift them to my colleagues, neighbours and loved ones!

Cause clearly the gift of a smile is the bestest you can ever get!

xx Gwinny 

What Gwinny is wearing :

1st Picture:

Dress: SySy's VDay Gift! <3
Shoes: GoS VDay Gift! 
Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Izzie's
Sheep: {Sugar Heart}
Eyes and Hearty Lipstick: Insufferable Dastard VDay gift

2nd Picture:

Dress: TsG Seduction Dress *NEW* (I really love this, sooo hot with zipper on the back *-*)
Teddy: My VDay present from Mr. Marvin <3

Skin: Izzie's Ginevra
Hair: LeLutka
Lingerie: TsG Valentines Lingerie sososo cute and appliers for Lush and Lolas are available :3
Socks: FateWear Vday gift :D
Eyeliner: Adore & Abhor

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  1. Just say hello to the mailman in one of those outfits ... make his day ^_^