Only miss the sun when it starts to snow...

Today fameshed opened again! :3 
I found cute pastelly things...and we all know thats my kryptonite lol 
Teefy released this cute sweater and those cute cozy leggins for fameshed!
The sweater comes in a pack of three patterns per color: Stripes, Polka Dots and Plain ^^ 
so you get like 3 for the price \o/
I loooove those leggins..I was looking for simple cotton MESH leggins for ages now so yay!
And this cute scarf thingie is by Teefy too 

The bag and the boots ar from gachas...oh whoever invented those gacha things will burn in hell I think lolol
Much to addictive T_T 
Buuuut back to le boots and bag!
I told myself ...ONLY ONE TIME! 
Played one time for the bag at the "C'est la vie!" Gacha @ the GALA1 Gacha Event the one I wanted with the first try...went to the boots boots Gacha machine of NuDoLu..AND FAILED T_T I think I played like...lets not think about it lolol 
But look...HONEYBEES!! <3

So of course I'm not only wearing new stuffz...I am wearing some of my most fave items :3
This beret by Tram and those Kitty earrings and necklace by Undefined Lillies for example! ^.^
Any questions? Just yell at me inworld! <3

And as often a song I was listening to while writing le post: <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: LaViere Teefy
Glasses: Umeboshi @ TGGS
Beret: Tram
Scarf, Sweater and Leggins: LaViere Teefy @FaMeshed
Skin: Mariko (was Limited)
Earrings and Necklace: Undefined Lillies
Hands: Slink
Boots: NuDoLu @Gala#1 Gacha Event 
Bag: C'est la vie! @Gala#1 Gacha Event
Tiny Heart Tattoo: Mine :3

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