Red stripes

Soooo where to start...actually I have no clue \o/ lol
Let's start with that skin :3
Say hello to Ava from Belleza!
This make-up is from the new monthly Event at Belleza, called Best Buy!
They offered several special make-ups for only 400L
and even male skins! :D
More infos about Best Buy you can find HERE

Second thing? ELIKATIRA SALE!! lolol
Lasts like still 3 weeks or so but hey if you don't own their whole shop already now is your chance,
cause really 84L for the Essentials Pack of nice mesh hair? Me don't says no <.<
I even tried shorter hair this time :3

The glossy lips are NOT part of the skin...its the glossy highlight things from Izzie's I love them and wear them with every skin now lol <3

Sooo now le clothes!
Alllll clothes you see (except shoes) are new Blueberry releases <3
I know this time there is no pink in my post...but white,red and fave combination for RL clothes tho xD

The Jeans on the first pic are called skinny jeans...ok tbh? not so much skinny LOL 
But I love them!! They come with a belt too, the belt comes in 3 colors included in the pack :)
My fave of them all?! RED LEATHERPANTS  *spanks herself* lmao
for real I love those pants *-*

And the hoodie...I love hoodies!! A simple, comfy,  always to wear thing every girl needs!

And like shoes...for real...I'm not the heels kinda girl...not at all xD BUT those?! 
Those are GOS Shoes and feet and they come with a hud where like 200 skin tones for several brands are in already!! *dies* they look perfect :3 nothing more to say...just go and Demo them!
And don't forget to join their group cause this gives you an instant 10% discount on every sale!

All the hair you see is Elikatira ..of course xD

Here's my song for today! <3

What Gwinny is wearing( not very exciting when you really read the post lol):

Hair on all 3 pics: Elikatira 
Clothes: Blueberry -> Taxi
Shoes and feet: GoS
Skin: Belleza 
Eyes: Ikon
Hands: SLink

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  1. I like the red pants best. If you can get that hoody in red it would be just perfect.