Some more Free*Style love!

Soooo you know what? The Free*Style will has several gachas :3
The best? The most expensive I saw was 25L still too much? Then do the ones for 15L, 10L ooor 5L \o/

I was lucky with the Hopscotch gacha..I got all dem poses...well...except the RARE one *cries in her cupcake*

BUT I got all the Skirts from SySy's :3 for real..make nice colors and I want it!! lolol and there are DOTS on *takes a deep breath* DOOOOTS! lol :3

The Necklace is purdy heh? Sugarskulls ftw ^___^
and especially when they are made by one of the sweetest ppl in SL!

And since I can't offer you the LM to the Free*Style store yet I will give you the LMs to the shops of 3 wonderful Ladies!

Lasaki : the shop of Miss Lola79 Hienrichs who made this wonderful necklaces!
Hopscotch : the cute little pose shop of Miss Chandni Khondji who made these wonderful poses and cupcakes!
And last but not least SySy's: The shop of Miss SySy Chapman :3 

Sooo since you are waiting for the Free*Style Store to open just hop over there and check their cute shops...but beware of Lolas shop...there are looots of gachas...my dead LOL <3


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