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So like where to start?! I waited for this head, when Eilfie first used it for her ADs on Flickr in December!
And I can say...the long waiting time was fully worth it!!
I know many ppl are all over those Logo Mesh heads...I never got into them...cause
they looked weird in a way...well to me! 
I can imagine some will say the same about the TsG head...BUT for me its feels totally like me!! :3
I admit that I seal-clapped when I first put the head on! lol
My personal fave skin tone is Xiaxue...like with her skins! ^^
Sooo what do you get in the package and how does it work you ask?
In the package you get: the head of course, 2 skins (bust and no bust),
a shape, and a HUD and of course a alpha layer hiding your headsie!
Yes there are NO eyes included cause you can wear your own eyes with them!! :D
I have a eye addiction so thats something I really love about it! The shape...
its useful for some I think, and yes its of course a mod shape.
But I think making your own shape fit the head, don't takes much time!
For me it was like 10 seconds!
 I just needed to enlarge my eyes the rest already was perfect \o/
You can also wear your own lashes with it! :3
And its totally easy to put on glasses, piercings...etc...I just didn't so you see the head more! xD
I wore several mesh hair styles with it and never had problems with the fitting!
The only thing I would wish for?
The option of changing your eyebrows dark and light!

Those are the skintones and you can see I wear different eyes with the heads!! :3

The make-ups are all kawaii, so I think when you look for a more mature look..well then this head is nothing for you...but when you always wanted to try the kawaii look go for it!!

The expressions are sooo cute!! And I dont have to rearrange my lashes for certain expressions I love that!!

So like what is there else to say?
I know I am a bad judge when it comes to TsG cause there was only like one release over the last year that I didnt was totally happy with lolol
I will wear this quite often now I think, so you all better get used to it lolol
Cause I love it and its not such a big difference to my usual shape than the Logo heads are!
And I loooove her wee little nose :3 no crooked noses ever again lol
And I just was shopping for things to wear the other night and got asked about it 4 times! So you see... other ppl think its cute too! xD

I just could make love to my own face LOL <3

And if you aren't sure this thing is made for you? TP over to TsG and try the free demo!!

What else is Gwinny wearing:

1st Picture:

Hair: Ploom
Shirt/Dress: Blah!
Jacket: Monso

2nd and 3rd Picture:

Headband: Blah!
Top: Blah! @the Boobies Show :3
Hair: LeLutka
Hands: TsG

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