Lick me I'm a bonbon!

Izzie released this cute lingerie set! In several springy and not so springy colors :D I bet every girl...and man will find a color to like!! Appliers for Tangos are available too! ^^ Sooo shake your tatas and get over to Izzie's to grab some of those knickers!! \o/

What else is Gwinny wearing (obv. not that much lol):

Hair on all pics: Magika - Forget
Tailsies and Earsies: O.M.E.N.
Collar: Two cats one cup xD (like 12318927382 options) TAXI
Pink Gwin Head: Noodles @ A+A 5 year Anniversary 
Yellow Gwin Head: Tee*fy
Tiffany Gwin Head: !Blah.

Lambs and Eggs~Fifty Linden Friday

What Gwinny is wearing:

Dress: Ingenue @Fifty Linden Friday
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ @Fifty Linden Friday
Lambsie: +>A&A<+ @Fifty Linden Friday
Hairband: [ glow ] studio @Fifty Linden Friday
Eggsies: Schadenfreude @Fifty Linden Friday

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...

Just some simple LOTD's cause I felt like it! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:


Socks: *H+K*gacha-12(babypink-pink)candy socks
Shirt: :FY: Ice Cream Tshirt 1 @Perfect Wardrobe
Panties: Blah. My Petit Amour Lingerie 
Blush: {D.A} Anime Blush1
Eyeliner: [okkbye] Eyeliners - Catliner 
Shorts:  :FY: Kawaii Gym Shorts @Perfect Wardrobe
Ears: **Cute Bytes** BabyElven Ears
Hair: *Alice Project* Heather *NEW*
Chocolate: *H+K*gacha04_chocolat cream eat!
Wandsie: *katat0nik*  Party Bear Pop @ A+A 5 year Anniversary
Hairclip: +Half-Deer+ 
Hands: TsG
Bracelet: Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet @Arcade
Bootsies: SweeTartz [<3] Oh Mai Uggs @Perfect Wardrobe
Hoodie: [PL] CuppyCake Hoodie @Perfect Wardrobe
Skin: .tsg. Hope :: D tone @Skin Fair
Bag: *Tentacio* @ Perfect Wardrobe


Hair: .ploom. Rene (small) - Pastels  @ A+A 5 year Anniversary
Skirt: Blah. (My Cute Frills / Mesh Skirt) Pink-Choco 
Headband: Noodles - Cupcake Bow Headband Peach  @ A+A 5 year Anniversary
Shirt: [ SAKIDE ]  @Perfect Wardrobe
Septum: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Septum Ring - Surg. Steel


Lipsticks: UtopiaH @Perfect Wardrobe


Skin Fair TsG's Hope and Logo's Sadie

 Yes I know I am totally late with this post and it was planned like for last week BEFORE skin fair started...I took pictures, edited and all....and than RL happened! 
We all know that TsG is my fave skin store! And I expect all the new skins to suit me and that I will love them...but this time I hate it...lmao omg just kidding!! 
THIS time its the perfect combination of cute and a little mature!!Aaaaaaaand this time there are new things! New skin tones and you can decide between 2 different bellies!!! I always loved the softness of Eilfies skins but sometimes I wished for a more toned belly :3 THERE IT IS!!! *cries happy tears*
AND usually Im not a big fan of teethy skins....cause really mostly it looks weird lol but his time I lovelovelove it with teeth!! Hope will totally be my main skin for a while now!! Shes so pretty!! hrm kinda a lot of "!!!" in this post lol ah well <.< So hop over to skin fair and grab hope there!! I saw many ppl even with not so kawaii shapes wearing hope and looking awesome in her!!
Oh and I tell you one secret...there is a ganguro version of Hope now available as Group Gift in the TsG inworld group!! <3

Toned and Soft belly option! *-*

Skintones!! My fave atm is the new D Tone!
And le eybrow options...theres a no-brow version too <3

 Soooo now we come to Logo's Sadie Mesh Head!
She is pretty...makes me feel so totally posh and mature lol

For skin fair there are new glitter make ups released so so pretty!
I love the fact that Logo offer so effing many options!
Even a hairbase! I wish all heads would have one!
But you have gazillions of different blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, mascaras and eyes and whatevernots...even in the default package without buying add-ons!
And there are soft everyday makeups and wild party makeups, gothly ones and hippie ones all of it xD
You can even wear your own eyes with it! :)

What I love most about Sadie is all the expressions she can pull lol And you can mix and match can choose the eye and mouth expression seperately! What makes it really fun lol

just 3 mesh heads in comparison!
Snow Rabbit, TsG and Logo!
They all have things, that makes them special and beautiful in their own way!
So I guess its hard to just chose one least for me!

Skin Fair 2013

*takes a deep breath* soooo where to start?! I actually have no clue so just start with what most ppl wanted to see! The Snow Rabbit Hybrid Avatar Nea!
Actually I don't like the "hybrid avatar" part of all those mesh heads...for real...ppl selling us mesh hands, tatas and feet aren't calling it hybrid avatar either! x3
ooook back to the topic!
For me this mesh is, when you are looking for a realistic one, the most prettiest, best done thing ever!
My fave mesh head is still the one from TsG!
BUT this one is so effin cute too!
It has sooo many options down here you can see the skintones, my fave of course is the palest one :3
You can change the eyeshadow and lipsticks seperately, you can change the blush, the eyelashes, beauty marks etc.
You even have realistic tears!!
I really fell in love with it the moment I saw it!
It blinks and opens the mouth! So scaringly realistic lolol

Some bad points?

1st thing: As you can see the head comes not only like most mesh heads with only the head, it has the neck part attached too!
The shadow is part of that neck and the collarbones too which makes its hard to match it with your fave skin.
But it comes with a skin so no panic! :3

2nd thing: You can't change the face expressions, yes you can stop the blinking or mouth moving and you can close the eyes, but there are no other expressions, like most of the other heads have!

3rd thing: No changing of eyebrow color or hairbase option!

BUT the head comes with a update ticket so I guess all those things are things that will come sooner or later!
And THIS thing even made me a 6 year SL resident a bit speechless when I first saw it!
I think its one of the most incredible things ever!

Still some questions? *Click Here*


There are more Eyeshadows but I was too lazy..I was crosseyed from taking pics LOL <3

 Sooooo from the head to le skins!

Essences...I admit I learned about Essences at the Dressing Room and Dressing Room Blue!
I tried the skin back then and was like "How comes I never heard of you before?!"
Now at skin fair preview THIS is my surprise skin! I fell in love with "Clover" the moment I saw it!
I admit I loved it on the AD and thought "this will NEVER work on your shape!! T_T! sooo I went to other boothes....and came back again to grab the Demo cause I couldn't fnd another skin on the whole fair that got me like this one! And well I tried the demo and BOOM makes me feel incredibly pretty!!! I didn't had to adjust the tiniest thing on my shape to like it!! I never knew its possible to make MY shape look all NICELY mature!! I lovelovelove it!! I want to make love to my own face all night...*lights a candle* lmao

You get one of those makeups :3 my skintone is sunkissed 
yeah I know I usually wear it paler..but this tone is so uberly pretty *-*
As you can see theres le cleavage option too!! \o/

You can seperately buy a Eyelashes Pack, a Eyeshadow pack and Tango Appliers!!

The brows...I LOVE that those are BROWS and not thin lines LOL
If you don't like them?
Buy the eyebrow wax aka the non eyebrow add-on :3

The skins above are from TokyoGirl! Her name is Amelia!I admit I never heard of them before skin fair preview but I loved the smoothness (is this even a word?! lolol) of those skins :3
There are not many options that are coming with these skin but its so nicely natural that you can add gazillions of tatt layers lol

You don't only get the skin in the certain tone, you get eyes, shapes in various heights, and you can get tango Appliers!

Any questions?! Feel free to pester me inworld or on Plurk! <3

Things I wear:

On the Nea Head Pics:

Hair on the skintones:

Truth, Magika, Elikatira, Truth, Truth

On the other pics its D!va

Top is from Tee*fy at C88

Clover Pictures:

Hair on all Pics is LeLutka
And the Dress is from TsG at Whore Couture Fair!!

On the TokyoGirl Pictures:

Hair and Flower Elikatira and the top is from TsG

Skin Fair: Izzie's Asia Skin

Click to enlarge ^^


Light, Ginger Edition, Peach, Medium, Tanned, Dark Tan

I like Izzie's skins! I loved Ginevra's Lips...I loved wearing it but somethings was always missing for I never could tell what it was for a long while! And when I put on Asia I instantly was the eyes...they are cute but NOT as perfect for me as on Asia!! I instantly fell in love with my face :3
She changed the skintones this time so don't forget to grab a demo! ^^
And as all Izzie's skins you get like 182371823 options with it! Cleavage/ no cleavage, different brows,  different lipsticks and eyeshadows on tattoolayers, eyeliner, cloves for hiding your nails when you wear prim nails, freckles etc etc...SOSO much! x3
She even made a GINGER edition this time!! \o/ 
My personal fave one is the first skintone up there! Light!! lovelovelove!!

It will be available at Skin Fair which opens in 3 days! :3 

Hair I am wearing from left to right:

Wasabi Pills

A spring has sprung...

Finally its getting spring here!! 
And Collabor 88, that just opened today for a new round, is filled with springy colors and items!

One of my fave things this round is the feather headpiece from AUX,
cause really Tyr Rozenblum mixed like all the colors, in my fave combinations!!
I hope I will find alot of ways to wear it!! <3

The last rounds of C88 ....I admit weren't that much mine than I wanted them to be...but this time its killer!!
*flails arms and jizzes pants*

I got sososososososososo much more...need to blog all the things!! x3

So what springy Gwinny is wearing you ask?! :D

Hair: FD @C88
Headpiece and feathers: AUX @ C88
Top: The Seahole @C88 (only 88L per color I got almost all x3)
Skirt: Tee*fy @C88
Leggins: ISON@C88
Shoes: Schadenfreude @C88

Poses: Marukin @C88

Meeps and Meows

Where to start?
First? No its NOT me thats free :3 too bad I know lolol :P
The lingerie you see up there is FREE at the Whore Couture Fair (whore and couture...2 words you only see in SL together lol)!
Its from !Blah. and its not only a goodie its also helpful to reduce le ho lag!
Cause for real if we all hit there with our meshy tatas, whining vags, and singing peens we crash the sim pretty fast!
So hop over there and and celebrate your inner whore, but don't be a bitch! \o/

Sooo as you can see up there I tried to mix and match things from le arcade with things from the WCF!
I admit I was like uber lucky on the FD Doll Head Gacha...I played 2 times and those are the heads I got :3
My friend is still trying to get at least the mouse one ...I feel kinda bad LOL <3

What else I got from the arcade?
Well I admit I got far more than those innocent pics are showing X_X

The skates ...still looking for the pinky ones :/ and the Lunchbox  wanna nibble my riceballs? :3

The blue suit is hot :3 its from !Blah. for WCF and the outfit Kitty girl is wearing is a whole set from Blueberry at the WCF!!


The free lingerie you can  find near both landing points ooor here on MP ---->