Meeps and Meows

Where to start?
First? No its NOT me thats free :3 too bad I know lolol :P
The lingerie you see up there is FREE at the Whore Couture Fair (whore and couture...2 words you only see in SL together lol)!
Its from !Blah. and its not only a goodie its also helpful to reduce le ho lag!
Cause for real if we all hit there with our meshy tatas, whining vags, and singing peens we crash the sim pretty fast!
So hop over there and and celebrate your inner whore, but don't be a bitch! \o/

Sooo as you can see up there I tried to mix and match things from le arcade with things from the WCF!
I admit I was like uber lucky on the FD Doll Head Gacha...I played 2 times and those are the heads I got :3
My friend is still trying to get at least the mouse one ...I feel kinda bad LOL <3

What else I got from the arcade?
Well I admit I got far more than those innocent pics are showing X_X

The skates ...still looking for the pinky ones :/ and the Lunchbox  wanna nibble my riceballs? :3

The blue suit is hot :3 its from !Blah. for WCF and the outfit Kitty girl is wearing is a whole set from Blueberry at the WCF!!


The free lingerie you can  find near both landing points ooor here on MP ---->


Here Be Dragons