Skin Fair: Izzie's Asia Skin

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Light, Ginger Edition, Peach, Medium, Tanned, Dark Tan

I like Izzie's skins! I loved Ginevra's Lips...I loved wearing it but somethings was always missing for I never could tell what it was for a long while! And when I put on Asia I instantly was the eyes...they are cute but NOT as perfect for me as on Asia!! I instantly fell in love with my face :3
She changed the skintones this time so don't forget to grab a demo! ^^
And as all Izzie's skins you get like 182371823 options with it! Cleavage/ no cleavage, different brows,  different lipsticks and eyeshadows on tattoolayers, eyeliner, cloves for hiding your nails when you wear prim nails, freckles etc etc...SOSO much! x3
She even made a GINGER edition this time!! \o/ 
My personal fave one is the first skintone up there! Light!! lovelovelove!!

It will be available at Skin Fair which opens in 3 days! :3 

Hair I am wearing from left to right:

Wasabi Pills

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