Skin Fair TsG's Hope and Logo's Sadie

 Yes I know I am totally late with this post and it was planned like for last week BEFORE skin fair started...I took pictures, edited and all....and than RL happened! 
We all know that TsG is my fave skin store! And I expect all the new skins to suit me and that I will love them...but this time I hate it...lmao omg just kidding!! 
THIS time its the perfect combination of cute and a little mature!!Aaaaaaaand this time there are new things! New skin tones and you can decide between 2 different bellies!!! I always loved the softness of Eilfies skins but sometimes I wished for a more toned belly :3 THERE IT IS!!! *cries happy tears*
AND usually Im not a big fan of teethy skins....cause really mostly it looks weird lol but his time I lovelovelove it with teeth!! Hope will totally be my main skin for a while now!! Shes so pretty!! hrm kinda a lot of "!!!" in this post lol ah well <.< So hop over to skin fair and grab hope there!! I saw many ppl even with not so kawaii shapes wearing hope and looking awesome in her!!
Oh and I tell you one secret...there is a ganguro version of Hope now available as Group Gift in the TsG inworld group!! <3

Toned and Soft belly option! *-*

Skintones!! My fave atm is the new D Tone!
And le eybrow options...theres a no-brow version too <3

 Soooo now we come to Logo's Sadie Mesh Head!
She is pretty...makes me feel so totally posh and mature lol

For skin fair there are new glitter make ups released so so pretty!
I love the fact that Logo offer so effing many options!
Even a hairbase! I wish all heads would have one!
But you have gazillions of different blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, mascaras and eyes and whatevernots...even in the default package without buying add-ons!
And there are soft everyday makeups and wild party makeups, gothly ones and hippie ones all of it xD
You can even wear your own eyes with it! :)

What I love most about Sadie is all the expressions she can pull lol And you can mix and match can choose the eye and mouth expression seperately! What makes it really fun lol

just 3 mesh heads in comparison!
Snow Rabbit, TsG and Logo!
They all have things, that makes them special and beautiful in their own way!
So I guess its hard to just chose one least for me!

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