LOTD: My Attic

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skirt: SySy's @My Attic (come in shorter version too :3 and awesome colors!)
Top: Mon Tissu
Socks: TsG
Shoes: Monso
Owly: Silentsparrow
Skin: TsG
Hair: Truth

Poses: Marukin

 What Gwinny is wearing:

Top and Skirt: Lacuna @My Attic
Hair: Ploom @My Attic
Sheepsie Purse: A&A @ My Attic
Nail Polish for SLink Hands: A&A
Eyeshadow: Izzie's
Lipstick: A&A
Skin: Izzie's
Headband: Blah

Poses: Ploom and Hopscotch

Rainbows, Stars and Polkadots!

I think we all have fave shops in SL ...these rare shops that release things that we always like...maybe once or twice theres something we don't like...but thats rare!
And two of my overall faves are The Sugar Garden and !Blah.
No matter what they release it makes me happy lol
But this time...with this dress Hoshi the owner of !Blah. kinda read my mind LOL
This cute dress...some weeks before I was looking for something like that and couldn't find one
and there it is...all kawaii with polkadots!! *-*
Look at the lacey tiny skirtsie!! *dies*
Tango appliers are available too of course!!
The cute starsie I wear on the lower pic are new from !Blah. too and come in several colors...but of course I wore the pinky ones :D
 The dresses and purses you can get at kawaii fair atm!!

Kawaii Fair (for the Dresses)
Cosmetic Fair  (for the Lip Tinte)

These are just a few colors I picked out of all to show you <3 and the poses I used are coming with the 
purses :3

The red version reminded me of Minnie Mouse 

Those lip tintes are new from The Sugar Garden, there are more colors sososos cute ones...and although you can buy them for her skin tones...I tried them with other skins and it works well too!! They are so well made and asome are so awesomely soft :3 makes me want to peck my own face x3 and theres a group gift of rainbow lip tinte in her inworld group atm!! \o/ we LURVE rainbows!!


Izzie's Holly


Izzie's new Skin Holly I don't think I need to say much cause I really love it on me :3
I wear it as main skin atm :D
I love that Izzie is always so fast when it comes to adapting to newness!
Sooo she is one of .... ok she is the only of my fave skin designers that already released the appliers for the new SLink hands and feet :3 LOVE!! 
And she made Tango appliers so yeah you can have all the mesh bits!! \o/

SLURL for Izzie's

Skintones! I missed one but I realized too late *cries* lol but you see there are plenty!!

Freckles and Moles...and there are body freckles too!
Its all on tattlayers so you can mix and match as you like I love that so much when skins come with a wide range of layers to play with <3

Make ups! THOSE are only very few!! Lipsticks and Eyeshadows are seperate layers too so you have like thousands of possibilities! AND all her skins come with several make ups so her skins are really a steal!!

Izzie also released nail polish huds for the new slink hands they are so effin cheap and come in sooo many colors!
I like the pastels hud the most I admit :3 And the french nail hud has like sooo many in ..for every skin tone out there! <3

 A few more nails!


Buzz and call me Honey!

Hiya <3 There is so much today *-* 
So like first? many of the items I used are from the "Bees through the Season" Event, which 
starts on Friday! \o/ 
And others are from Collabor 88 that has a new round started this monday <3

What Gwinny is wearing above:


Hair: Laviere @C88
Shirt: NO @C88 (its a dress but I misused it lol)
Shorts: U.f.o. @C88
Skin: Izzie's @The Boutique
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer @C88
Necklace: Yummy@C88
Hands and feet: new SLink enhancements with Izzie's skin appliers and nails!
Sandals: SLink


Hair: Truth @FaMeshed
Hairband: Noodles @The Boutique
Top: U.f.o. @C88
Skirt: Tee*fy @C88
Bees, Tongue and Knee Bees, and middle pose: Sugar Heart @BTTS
Skin: Izzie's Asia


Hair: Laviere
Top: Blueberry
Skirt: U.f.o. @BTTS
Tights: Sugar Heart @BTTS
Boots: Tee*fy @C88
Wings and Antenna: Pink Acid @BTTS
Earrings: Olive @BTTS
Glasses: Boom @C88
Skin: Izzie's Asia


Hair: Eep
Headband: U.f.o.
Top: AUX @C88
Jeans: Villena
Shoes: GoS

Hair: Laviere@C88
Daisies: Okbye@BTTS 
Sweater: Tee*fy @C88
Hoop: Decoy @Pose fair
(thats the only that got me to attend pose fair I admit...it come in several colors and has a HUD for changing le tricks <3 beware its addictive)
Skirt: Tee*fy @C88

Bees Through the Seasons (posting the SLurl here soon) <3


Bows and Zippers

I know I am totally late on this X_X but the spring break was kinda buuuusy xD
I made those pics a week ago! And even then I felt late lolol
Wellll but here we go!!
There are so many awesome event and several releases of my fave shops lately that its hard to keep up xD
 Lets point out some certain things....where to start....hrmmm
My fave of all of those things above?!
I admit its the necklace, the bracelet aaand the bowsie tatts!!
Cause they are made by my wifey Lindsay!!
Shes having a lovely little shop called "Little House of Curious" no its not a brothel its a furniture shop :3
This is her first attempt of making jewelry and I say you all should IM her and tell he keep on making those things!!
The set with all of it you can ATM at the Kawaii Hunt for 1L I think! If you miss out now...no prob she will set it up for sale in her shop afterwards \o/

Gosh I'm talking way too much today :3
So what else....I admit I could go on telling you now about how I love !Blah. and TsG but I guess we all KNOW that already lolol <3 
The wrapped dress from !Blah. is so cute ...when she sold the wrapped top at the Boobies Show I was sooo hoping she would do a dress like that some day! And there it iiiis \o/
The wrapped top on the middle pic is from TsG and you find all those things at the BIG Bo.obies Show! Its a huge fair not that to mistaken for the Boobies Show <3

Lindsay's Tatts are sosososo cute :3

These cute purses are from !Blah. and they come in (felt) millions of variations and 3 static poses! I bet everyone will find a fave one :3

What Gwinny is wearing:


Hair: Chemistry
Head: Utilizator
Necklace and Bracelet: Little House of Curious
Top and Panties: !Blah. @ The Big Bo.obies Show

Middle Pic:

Top: TsG @ The Big Bo.obies Show
Panties: Paperdoll (comes with Bra and applier) @ The Big Bo.obies Show


Purse: !Blah.
Hair: Catwa 
Shoes: G*Field


And my heart said....

It's spring, kinda! And I admit I am happily in love! What makes the spring even more...erm...springy? lol <3
Mon Tissu has finally released new clothing again! And I love those shorts sososo cute :3 This cute hairstyle is new from Milana (TAXI)...you don't know this place? It's former Dernier Cri!! 
And I am wearing the cute espandrillos from GoS those are teh special Cherry Blossom ones that you only get at The Boutique! So many shops are releasing all the spring things atm ...sooo expect some more sunny posts in the near future!

xoxo Gwinny

aaand my song of the day: ♫♪♬

Lip Highlights: Izzie's - Glossy Lip Highlights 3C
Eyeliner: [okkbye] Eyeliners - Catliner
Hairbase: Truth Hairbase - golden
Earrings: (Caroline's Jewelry) Simple Pearl Drop Earrings 
Hair: (Milana) Jayna - Light Blondes *NEW*
Ring: Noodles - Bunny Ring Anodized Pink
Necklace: Noodles - Petite Bunny Necklace Purple
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 
Hairband: [ glow ] studio - Roses hairband FLF
Shoes: [Gos] Lolita Espadrilles - Cherry Blossom 
Shirt: {mon tissu} Collared Shirt ~ Floral *NEW*
Shorts: {mon tissu} Tulip Shorts  ~ CrissCross *NEW*
Piercing: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Nose Ring - White Steel
Skin: Essences - Opera Chic *light rose* 
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes - Ice 

On a sidenote ....I got quite a few IMs over the last weeks asking me where I got my shape! Sorry, but I made my shape on my own and no its not for sale :/ I hope you understand this