Izzie's Holly


Izzie's new Skin Holly I don't think I need to say much cause I really love it on me :3
I wear it as main skin atm :D
I love that Izzie is always so fast when it comes to adapting to newness!
Sooo she is one of .... ok she is the only of my fave skin designers that already released the appliers for the new SLink hands and feet :3 LOVE!! 
And she made Tango appliers so yeah you can have all the mesh bits!! \o/

SLURL for Izzie's

Skintones! I missed one but I realized too late *cries* lol but you see there are plenty!!

Freckles and Moles...and there are body freckles too!
Its all on tattlayers so you can mix and match as you like I love that so much when skins come with a wide range of layers to play with <3

Make ups! THOSE are only very few!! Lipsticks and Eyeshadows are seperate layers too so you have like thousands of possibilities! AND all her skins come with several make ups so her skins are really a steal!!

Izzie also released nail polish huds for the new slink hands they are so effin cheap and come in sooo many colors!
I like the pastels hud the most I admit :3 And the french nail hud has like sooo many in ..for every skin tone out there! <3

 A few more nails!

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