Rainbows, Stars and Polkadots!

I think we all have fave shops in SL ...these rare shops that release things that we always like...maybe once or twice theres something we don't like...but thats rare!
And two of my overall faves are The Sugar Garden and !Blah.
No matter what they release it makes me happy lol
But this time...with this dress Hoshi the owner of !Blah. kinda read my mind LOL
This cute dress...some weeks before I was looking for something like that and couldn't find one
and there it is...all kawaii with polkadots!! *-*
Look at the lacey tiny skirtsie!! *dies*
Tango appliers are available too of course!!
The cute starsie I wear on the lower pic are new from !Blah. too and come in several colors...but of course I wore the pinky ones :D
 The dresses and purses you can get at kawaii fair atm!!

Kawaii Fair (for the Dresses)
Cosmetic Fair  (for the Lip Tinte)

These are just a few colors I picked out of all to show you <3 and the poses I used are coming with the 
purses :3

The red version reminded me of Minnie Mouse 

Those lip tintes are new from The Sugar Garden, there are more colors sososos cute ones...and although you can buy them for her skin tones...I tried them with other skins and it works well too!! They are so well made and asome are so awesomely soft :3 makes me want to peck my own face x3 and theres a group gift of rainbow lip tinte in her inworld group atm!! \o/ we LURVE rainbows!!


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