No ...thats not a very snarky blog title xD 
I finally made it to blog about Blah! 's 100 Block items!! 
The dress and clutch you see here are available at this event only atm 
So TP here and grab dem!

This dress comes in so many cute colors it wa hard to decide for only 2 to show you!
It says "RAWR" and "I'm so cute!" at the same time :3
The pose I used comes with the clutch <3

It comes in 12 different colors and tango appliers are available!!
Yay for mesh clothes with appliers!!

Those are so cute and well textured!!!
They come in 30!!! different designs ...yes it will take a while to decide...so maybe bring some snacks and drinks xD
You can change the metal also...silver & gold :D
And every clutch comes with 3 different static poses \o/
There is a rainbow version as group gift in the VIP group atm so..thats 31 designs xD
Hop over to the Mainstore and join the group if you like <3


The Arcade is coooooming...

The event I fear the most....lmao cause really I lose trillions of lindens everytime!!! :3
Today I am showing you what .Olive. is bring us for this round of the Arcade \o/
Fez lamps!! *breathes in a bag* 
Huggable pencils (my inner RP nerd is jizzing her pants)
And very usefull things like poop hats with tiny crowns...so really you can't say "No!" to them...dem are are royal!!!

These down there are just a few from the things she made!!
So many huggable, hatable and rez able things for your SL needs!!
I don't need pink poop you say?
For real...hide it in your lingerie drawer to prevent your BF from wearing your stuff again!!
Rez Billy the Goldfish at your home and he will bark at all dem intruders...well most probably not...cause really you couldn't hear him bark underwater...but..I like the thought! :3
And huge cups?
No one to hold your hair while you got crashed and started puking? No worries just puke in your beer and be happy!! Drinking alone was never that much fun before!
And flying pencils?! Really...I won't even explain that!!

Grandma's Treasures are available on the 1st June at the Arcade!!

Teal poop...teal is one of these years fashion colors..can't do wrong!!
Toaster hat for hot ideas? xD
Billy!!! I really love Billy already ...maybe someday he will have 3 eyes :3

FEZ really....FEZ LAMP!!
Flying pencils...I already terrorized my neighbours on it...sorry <3 LOL
Toasting my buns!! :3 I am full of puns today!! :D

But for real...this is what SL is about for me...huge toasters...poop on your head...being a hamster strutting your nuts allover the place...FUN and oh so different to RL...all those crazy little dreams we had as kids can somehow come true in SL thats why I love when ppl do create things like that!! <3

Theres a uberawesome HUD for all these at the .Olive. Mainstore its free and you can TP there and grab iiiit!!




Choose your flavor!

You know what I love most in SL and RL? Wearing cozy things and being barefeet x3
And this new release from Blueberry is just perfect....its casual but HOT :D
And as always it comes in awesome colors and 5 sizes :3

All poses used are by -TsH- 
Hair is from Magika <3

I still believe in your eyes...

For the Boobies Show that started like 3 days ago Eilfie released these cute summer dresses!
I love the pastelly colors so much! But there are alsoe Hot Pink, Black and Red that I am not showing here sorry xD
I love the little line of lace and that these dresses are coming with Lush and Tango appliers!!! <3
I think we need more mesh clothes with tata appliers xD

Aaaaaand there are finally new eyes at The Sugar Garden!!
I waited so long cause TsG eyes are my all-time fave ^-^
THey have awesomely kawaii huge pupils with STARS in them and the rainbow version is the group gift of this month!!! <3

What Gwinny is wearing:

First Picture:

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Dress: The Sugar Garden @ The Boobies Show
Leggins: Schadenfreude @C88
Shoes: Katatonik
Ears: AUX (old Arcade gacha)
Monkey Friend: mish.mish (he walks, flies and talks with you :3)
Skin, Eyes and SLink Hand appliers: The Sugar Garden

Second Picture:

Hair: Laviere @C88
Eyes: The Sugar Garden *new*
Top: Blueberry *new*


Collabor 88 Mix & Match

Today I tried to only wear things that you can get at C88 :3

So the first Outfit is very me! I was erm still am a tomboy lol
And I admit I had such a hat when I was around 12 ahahah
I love the pants from U.f.o. and the shirts that you can combine with them...the shirts come with a HUD so you can change color/phrase/picture ...depends on which pack you buy :3
I don't do much jewelry in SL but I LOVE the not so usual stuff like this set by Intrigue, the hat is by them too and really its a steal!! 
The boots are from Deco and we ALL know how awesome and detailed their stuff always is!!
You think the look huge on me? I'm a very small never forget that!
Even the poses I used are from C88...marukin always releases cute basic poses every photog/blogger could use! <3
What else is to mention?
TsG finally released applier for the SLink hands and feetsies!!!!! \o/
And this cute hairstyle!!! Go and get it at TDR Fusion its from LoQ its not 40L til 70L but still so cute I had to get it cause its not that easy to find cute messy updos that show your ears xD

3 random combinations of stuff you can find at C88 too of course!!
The first one...yes...yes thats me tryingto be all classy x3
But really the clothes that Tee*fy releases make every girl look like a princess <3
I combined their outfit with shoes from ISON, they come with a skin change hud and toenail color changer thingie LOL well what a sentence!

As I put the 2nd outfit together I felt like a rockstar ahahaha \o/
I put on the cute sunglasses by Yummy, added the skirt from BOOM and the cute but yet all classy top by Ingenue!
The awesome special dipped C88 version of le Clawtooth hair suited it so nicely...and the socks?
For real every rockstar needs socks!!! 
The sockas are new from Izzie's and come with SLink applier!
This whole Outfit was more like a accident but I loved it so much :D

The last one was so easy to combine! This cutecute anchor ruffly top from AUX....even comes in a cropped version...every girl needs it I think lol
Tyr always does so happy colors and girly styles I want to punch her ...cause clearly you can never decide for only one color!!! 
I just wish she would make a more pastelly pink T_T
PANTS!! So hard to find nice basics ..well maybe Im just a picky tit but well...those by ISON get added to my every day basics!!
And those earring by Lagyo...they look edible :3 And there are puffles as I lovingly call them ahaha 

This cloud....really who hasn't dreamt of having a pet cloud?! I love SL for exactly those little dreams it makes possible to dream!
The dress and umbrella....or sunbrella? are by Schadenfreude....really I admit I am always surprised with what they are coming up with!! And this dress is just HOOZAH so fine details...the lacey parts..so effin pretty!!! I didnt wanted to ruin the fluffyness of this prettyful thing with shoes lol :3
I just added the cute little heart ring from AUX and the fluffy hairstyle by D!va!

You know...adding so many styles to one post wasn't the most clever thing to do...cause it will be a loooong list in the 

What Gwinny is wearing section lol:

1st Picture:

Hair: Loq @TDR Fusion
Hat: Intrigue @C88
Skin and hand appliers: The Sugar Garden <3
Pants and Shirt: U.f.O @C88
Boots: DECO @C88
Necklace and Earrings: Intrigue @C88
Heart Ring: AUX @C88
Poses: Marukin @C88
Elvin Earcuffs: SLink

2nd Picture left to right:

Hair: Laviere @C88
Blouse and shorts: Tee*fy @C88
Heels: ISON @C88

Hair: Clawtooth @C88
Shades: YUMMY @C88
Top: Ingenue @C88
Skirt: BOOM @C88
Socks: Izzie's *new*
Poses and Brush: Bang! Poses

Hair: Loq @TDR Fusion
Top: AUX @C88
Pants: ISON @C88
Earrings: Lagyo @C88
Flip Flops: SLink

3rd Picture:

Hair: D!va @C88
Dress and Sunbrella: Schadenfreude
Cloudsie: Flowey @C88
Ring: AUX @C88

Here are the SLURLS yes yes I know Im a tit to put them at the end...but really I wrote all that and YOU will read it buahaha just kidding <3 And always...any questions about stuff or LMs jsut yell at me inworld :3


Loads of New Blueberry Stuff

Blueberry released sooo much awesome new stuff !
All the clothes I wear on the picture are from their new releases!! *-* and thats not even all of the new things xD
I tried out my new photostudio for this post and I have to say I LOVE IT!! lol soo muhc easier and prettier...<3  

TP to Blueberry

What Gwinny is wearing (left to right)

Jumpsuit: Blueberry *NEW*
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Izzie's Irene *NEW*

Tank Top: Blueberry *NEW*
Pants: Blueberry *NEW*
Hair: Tram

Dress: Blueberry *NEW* (thats the short version theres a long version too)
Hair: Truth

Shirt: Blueberry *NEW*
Skirt: Blueberry *NEW*
Hair: Tram


You make my ♥ happy

I have been a bad blogger lately D: I think it has been 14 days without any new post!
But !Blah. releasing new things in pastels got my blogging mojo back going <3
I lovelovelove pastelly stuffs and I dont know HOW often I already mentioned that!
Sooo this Outfit up there...this skirt...is like the pastelfestofdoom...polkadots and the perfect colors x3 and the best thing is its only 70L at TDR Fusion  :D
The skin I am wearing is one of my fave skins ever...and its the revamped version for the Chapter Four event!! So I really had to go and get it!! The eyes are new from Ikon and hte color I am wearing is the free group gift (group is free to join) And the top? Its the new dress from !Blah. xD I love to mix and match outfits with it!! <3 Of course there are Lush and Tango appliers available for it!!

Those colors you see here are only available at the "Whore Couture Fair" monthly event!!
The colors down there are out at the !Blah. Mainstore!! I really love all the colors! And was surprised how well all of dem went with my hair color and skin :D And I really say we all can use a nice basic dress that you can also misuse as top with jeans or put a jacket on and still look all fab :3 Erm and please dont forget to put on panties...otherwise you would show your meatcurtains to the whole grid lolol <3

Soooo what Gwinny is wearing:

1st Pic:

Hair: Ploom 
Top/Dress: Blah
Skirt: Boom @TDR Fusion
Tights: Izzie's
Heels: Katatonik
Skin: Mariko (with tatt layers)
Eyeliner: Okbye
Lips: UtopiaH
Eyes: Ikon Groupgiftie
Elvin Earcuffs: SLink (thanks to Mr. Marvin  )

Other pics:

Hair: Magika
Skin: Mariko
Dress: !Blah.
Hands: SLink
Elvin Earcuffs: SLink
Nail polish: Adore&Abhor @ For Aeva Heartsick Event