Loads of New Blueberry Stuff

Blueberry released sooo much awesome new stuff !
All the clothes I wear on the picture are from their new releases!! *-* and thats not even all of the new things xD
I tried out my new photostudio for this post and I have to say I LOVE IT!! lol soo muhc easier and prettier...<3  

TP to Blueberry

What Gwinny is wearing (left to right)

Jumpsuit: Blueberry *NEW*
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Izzie's Irene *NEW*

Tank Top: Blueberry *NEW*
Pants: Blueberry *NEW*
Hair: Tram

Dress: Blueberry *NEW* (thats the short version theres a long version too)
Hair: Truth

Shirt: Blueberry *NEW*
Skirt: Blueberry *NEW*
Hair: Tram


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