The Arcade is coooooming...

The event I fear the most....lmao cause really I lose trillions of lindens everytime!!! :3
Today I am showing you what .Olive. is bring us for this round of the Arcade \o/
Fez lamps!! *breathes in a bag* 
Huggable pencils (my inner RP nerd is jizzing her pants)
And very usefull things like poop hats with tiny crowns...so really you can't say "No!" to them...dem are are royal!!!

These down there are just a few from the things she made!!
So many huggable, hatable and rez able things for your SL needs!!
I don't need pink poop you say?
For real...hide it in your lingerie drawer to prevent your BF from wearing your stuff again!!
Rez Billy the Goldfish at your home and he will bark at all dem intruders...well most probably not...cause really you couldn't hear him bark underwater...but..I like the thought! :3
And huge cups?
No one to hold your hair while you got crashed and started puking? No worries just puke in your beer and be happy!! Drinking alone was never that much fun before!
And flying pencils?! Really...I won't even explain that!!

Grandma's Treasures are available on the 1st June at the Arcade!!

Teal poop...teal is one of these years fashion colors..can't do wrong!!
Toaster hat for hot ideas? xD
Billy!!! I really love Billy already ...maybe someday he will have 3 eyes :3

FEZ really....FEZ LAMP!!
Flying pencils...I already terrorized my neighbours on it...sorry <3 LOL
Toasting my buns!! :3 I am full of puns today!! :D

But for real...this is what SL is about for me...huge toasters...poop on your head...being a hamster strutting your nuts allover the place...FUN and oh so different to RL...all those crazy little dreams we had as kids can somehow come true in SL thats why I love when ppl do create things like that!! <3

Theres a uberawesome HUD for all these at the .Olive. Mainstore its free and you can TP there and grab iiiit!!




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