I'm a daydream believer...

This round of Collabor88 is truly magical!
This months theme is "Midsummer" and I say almost all designers took this theme and created something fragile and beautiful...

Lets start this blog post with some furniture and decoration things! :D
The tiny plush elephant is part of a pose set from Kirin poses!
The tiny dollhouse in the background , the chest of drawers, flowers, book, the kitty picture and dream light  are part of Apple Fall's release!! sosososo cute and girly :3
 The awesome and well made chandelier is from Pilot and comes in several varieties and you can change the color of the jewels!! ^^
The bed I am sleeping on is the cute hanging bed from Floorplan ...is colorchange! :D
The firefly nightlight is from Intrigue and like everything that this girl is making its just perfection!!! And last but not least the fairies!!! Those Fairies are from Mish.Mish and are attachements!! They come in 3 different  colors which all have their own meaning...and really everything this bunny creates is just wonderful...they look painted and edibale but still 3D I can't even put in words how happy it makes me to look at her stuffs x3 All those things you can find at C88!!

Above you can see the new Cho skin from Essences that is now available at C88 too!
The D!va hair is just magical!! It comes with the flowers and some longer attachements to mix and match! 
Necklace and earrings are from Yummy sosososo well done and in several awesome midsummer colors :3

THIS outfit I feel PRETTY! really really prettyful! :3 this whole C88 is really awesome to let your inner fairy princess out ahaha

What Gwinny is wearing:

Dress: Milk Motion @C88
Earrings: Yummy @C88
Clutch: Milk Motion @C88
Skin: Birdy @The Chapter Four
Headpiece: LaGyo @ TDR Fusion
Bangle: LaGyo @C88
Shoes: Boom (for SLink medium barefeet) @C88
Hair: Liquence (NEW hair store)

And there were several awesome skin releases lately I will do longer posts for them later but here are some pics!

Left to right:
Essences Cho
Birdy Delilah
The Sugar Garden Kotoko
Izzie's Jill

The top I am wearing is from The Secret Store also available at C88
The hair is from Magika (theres a SALE going on atm)

Taxi to Collabor88
Taxi to Liquence

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  1. That top scene, where you were reading the book of dreams, is just so sweet. I coould look at it for hours and not tire of it.