With a little help from my friends...

After a long time I feel really relaxed again and feeling like happy blogging again! 
I think we all know how it is when stress and all that forms tiny little clouds of bahbah above our heads!
Many things happened the past weeks in RL as in SL for me.
Happy and not so happy things :3 
But what doensn't kill us....

Today I decided to finally blog the 2nd hair fair post!
I took those pics like 20 times cause I never was happy with them...I totally lost my mojo D:

This time its hair from Alice Project and .Olive.
...ok short break here...we all know Alice and Rose doing awesome hair!
But beside having talent ...those two are awesome friends...thank you for hugging me through meh times...although its virtual hugs..they meant the world to me! <3

Mushy stuff aside and back to the hair :3
First I want to say Alice has really outdone herself with the 5 styles she released for Hair Fair this year!
And 2nd...to fully see what her DEMOs can do TP to a place with scripts enabled!!
It was hard for me to chose my 2 fave styles!!
I admit my overall fave of her HF releases is Mika (the curly pigtails) it was love at the first sight!!(probably my most fave hair from whole HF)
And really ...ppl who say there isnt any color they like in her store are liars...shes having like 1897389126378 color options...streak options...AND WHAT NOT cause of the awesome HUD system!
I always get lost playing with them when I wear one of her styles <.<
So expect to need like 30 mins to put her hair on ahaha 

Soooo the Olive hair!! the first time I saw that hair on Rose herself she was wearing it in green instead of pink and I was like WHOA do want without even knowing she made it...yeahyeah I know...
I admit sometimes I want to choke her just to squeeze some of the talent out of her and rub it like lotion on my skin :3 
Cause no matter what she is touching....hair...jewelry...decoration stuffs...furniture..shapes...giant solo cups...every effin thing needs to be pretty...Y DO SOME PPL HOARD ALL THE TALENT *tiny crying cat emote*
Ok just so the ppl don't hink I only say nice things cause I love you both...Alice!...you should have sold the HF freebie you made and not give it away for freeee lolol
And Rose...I want more color options for the tiny ribbon on the Anya hair!! <3

 (shirt is from U.F.O at Collabor88 this month)

 So many things happened as I said while I was feeling meh and unhappy...many fairs (I need to keep up with those) and many skin releases!

The first skin is my all time fave skin place The Sugar Garden!! Eilfie is just the sweetest and most helpful thing...and she loves mushy K-Movies like me!! <3

The 2nd skin is from Birdy their release from The Chapter Four event only 99L per make up!!! And the best thing is ...join their inworld group for 50L fee and get ALL Slink feet and hand appliers for only 1L at the Mainstore!! I almost fainted as the groupnotice came in lol ^_______^

The last skin is from Essences...sorry look at this face...no need to say more!! Cho is such a pretty face!!! Shes available at Collabor 88 atm and shes beside Harley from Pink Fuel my fave face atm!

The hair I am wearing on those skinny pics is one of the HF releases of DECOY

Thank you to everyone who was baring with my grumpy ass the last weeks!!
This is especially dedicated to some of my Plurk friends! I think you all know who you are!


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