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Today I want to show you some nice things I came across...and that reminded what I loved in SL so much...I loved slapping magical outfits together..I play RP in RL yeahyeah the nerd thing with dragons, dungeons and dice :p

And I loved being able to be everything I wanted in SL

Theres a event going on atm that is called "We <3 Roleplay!" 

So many nice things there!

One of my faves...maybe even my overall fave was this skin from Alchemy!
Not heard of that before?
Well I admit me neither!!
BUT its the fantasy brand thing from the lovely Nina Helix from Birdy Skins! <3 

The skin is sosososo cute and perfect...I love the added glossy parts...and the best thing?
It come with the EARS, SLink and tango appliers!
 This skin is so cheap for this event its really a awesome deal!!

And you can get a cute "galaxy" HUD for the earplugs :3 I admit I sealclapped as I IMed Nina to ask her if the ears are part of the pack and she said yes!

Cause those are the for me, cutest elfin ears ever!!

Soooo above you can have a closer look at this purdy Eladie skin BUT its more about this hair!!
Its from Clawtooth for the August round of Collabor88
I was so excited when they announced that there are TWO palettes this month and well its the birtday round!!

I admit I often have problems with Clawtooth hair not fitting my AV T_T ..not in a sizethingie way but in the type of hair...its so beautiful always but often not made for Gwinnys weird face!
 This color is just ME!! and it has tiny SPARKLES on iiiit! SO HAPPY!! xD

What you see above is Pink Fuels Harley in a special tone called Opaline for the We <3 RP - Event!
Come with all the appliers (even puffy and lush) and loads of makeups ....even special ones made my Chelle..that I am not very fond of tbh! I love the whole face ones that come with this skin! Really awesome magical ones...but the eyeshadows with eyeliner from Chelle are just too much and not well done for my taste...especially compared to the ones Mochi made for this skin!! :D No I am not bitching but ...adding 3 colors underliner, AND lashes in one tatt is too much...the lashes are too long and get drawn into weird shapes when you don't have the same eyeshape as the creator had :/ without lashes would have been much cuter :D

But nevertheless THIS pack is just awesome and I know some ppl wanted a really pale version of Mochis skin! So go and get it here!

~What Gwinny is wearing:

~1st Picture:

Skin and Ears: Alchemy @We <3 RP
Hair: Ison
Eyes: The sugar garden
Necklace and Headdress: Olive
Flower: Part of Hair from Tableau Vivant
Butterflies: Part of Hair from Ohmai
Eyeliner: Okkbye
Tattoo: Fablab!

~2nd Picture:

Hair: Clawtooth (soon @ C88)
Necklace: Noodles!
Top: Tee*fy

~3rd Picture:

Skin: Pink Fuel @We <3 RP
Hair: Magika
Necklace: Noodles (thank you <3)
Pants: Hollipocket

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