End of Summer

It's almost end of summer and this means all the little ones go back to school ...or have their very first day of school!

I just had a look at old pics on my first schoolday cause these cute backpacks from Olive reminded me of my very first school day...me all proud with 2 braided pigtails and my very bright baby blue Donald Duck school bag! I was so proud of it, and the fact I finally was able to go to school. I was the first in class on this day and stepiing in the classroom felt like entering a magical place...and then the teacher asked for my name and  welcomed me ...and the best? cause I was the first I was allowed to chose my place :D
And really...all the school years that followed...I loved every minute of this time! Yes I was a nerdy girl that LOVED to go to school :3 for me my last schoolday was one of the saddest in my life ...cause I knew I will have to go out there and all the ppl will expect all the adult things from me lol
Nah for real...school years are the bestest years...we made friends so easy...we traded stickers...we laughed we hated the boys...and the boys us lol We shared lunch and laughs! No friendships after that were ever that careless and easy again! No second thoughts...the only thing that could really ruin my day was Chiko telling me "Today you are not my best friend!!!" xD If I could go back to any point in my life I would go back to my first school years...although I really sucked at maths! Every other subject was so easy for me ahaha I always had As without even needing to learn or practice I admit...but maths...no matter how hard I tried I never was able to accept the way my teacher did it cause "thats the way it is Midori!!" lol with hard hard learning I managed to not fail in maths  xD

Well yeah why I told you all this? And the better question is why are you still reading?
I told you this cause it made me smile to remember those days...and when I saw the backpacks Rose made I felt like this small overly proud little girl I was back then, again!
And at the end..blogging is sharing of thoughts and opinions ^^


What little Gwinny is wearing:

Shirt, leggins and scarf: Tee*fy
Shoes: Fri.day
Plushie: Kirin Poses
Hair: Wasabi Pills

Backpack: .Olive. ( for the upcoming ARCADE) <3

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