Love, Love, Love!

Lets start with those cute rings! They are from Blah for this weeks round of the SL fashion week! AND each ring color comes with a nail polish for SLink hands!
The cool thing is its for lazy ppl...cause Hoshi kinda put pre-adjusted version for some certain SLink hand styles in the pack! So yay no more fiddling with the rings to make them fit your handsies!
AND theres a "No SLink" version too! :3

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: Ison
Skin: Essences
Pygmy Puffs: Ohmai
Necklace: Noodles
Rings and Nails: Blah!
Eyepatch Blah!
Earrings: Blah!
Bracelets: Boom
Top: Okkbye
Pose: Hopscotch

Those lovely cupcake eyepatches...yes...CUPCAKE will be able to get at Mes brics a brac on the 5th of August!
They are surprisingly easy to fit and come with a resize script!
I have a massive forehead I really thought it would be that easy for Ol'melon-head-LeShelle lmao
There will be 10 different colors so I bet you will find one you like!

So we can tell that Hoshi loves eyepatches lately...but really who doesn't YARR
Those cute lacey ones you can get at the Box that event is already open! 
There are 7 different colors and each pack has 2 color options! 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Necklace: Olive (soon)
Eyepatches: Blah
Pose: Labelmotion

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