We are supernatural

So where to start...this is my first shoot I did with friends!!
I think it was Sil who had the idea of dressing up as the female versions of our fave Supernatural chars!! 
It was sooo much fun! 
Sadly Rora (click) who was meant to be Bobby wasn't there! <3

Can you tell who is who? xD
No? Well ok from left to right!

We have Helena  in her version of Rufus.
Next is me  all Sam like! 
Than we have Alice being Castiel aaaand last but definitely not least we have Sil (click click for her details) bein my lovely but dumber brosis Dean :3 *hides* 

I really really had a LOT of fun doing this and we will be working on femaling up other manly fave TV shows of us! 

Thanks for the great time ladies <3

Soooo what is Sammy wearing:

Hair: Liquence
Tank: Blueberry
Taurus Necklace cause well he IS Taurus: Olive 
Pants: Lennox (yes those are male pants) 
Shoes: Deco
Skin: Pink Fuel Harley in Hazel
Eyes: Ikon

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