To make you feel my love...

Today I want to show you some things I really fell in love with lately!
First...Essences reopened and released 4!! new skins.
Second...Chemistry finally released new hair \o/
Third...I love this new jelly net lingerie from Blah!!

What am I wearing above:

Lingerie by Blah for the Boobies Show Birthday!
Earrings, also from Blah but for the SL Fashion Week.
Skin from Essences - Aime with freckles and eyebrows from The Sugar Garden and eyeliner from Okkbye.
Eyes from the god of eyeballs, Ikon at The Boutique.
Hands of course from Slink (be sure to get your update), with nailpolish from Adore&Abhor.
The pose I used is from Marukin.

Those skins I am wearing here are the latest releases from Inka for Essences.
All come in the new tones!! 
And all are coming WITH Tango and Slink appliers, and Phat Azz appliers can be bought seperately <3
I personally like them all in one way or another, but I don't know why but I love wearing Aime the most atm!
The skins are all available in 10 skintones, with 5 different brow options (even browless)!
Each tone comes with its matching SLink and Tango appliers, and a cleavage layer!

Above I am showing what differenc tattoo layers can do to your skin!
Left I am wearing Essences Aime with the TsG freckles and eyebrows and left the original version!

What this is you ask?  
My fave outfit at the moment ^^ I know this is kinda a skin post but...I love it so much I thought I'd share!
I love fall so much, and this outfit is not only cozy, its pretty unexpensive either! lol
The sweater is from Drift and the pants from Milk Motion, both can be found at the Dressing Room Fusion!
The cute bag is from Olive, I love it cause I have a very similar one in RL :3
The cute leafy jewelry is from Izzie's and available in many different, autumnly version at her mainstore!
And last but not least, the hair I am wearing is the new style from Chemistry it also comes with a longer version and a flower hairclip.


Show me what you got!

I have so many nice undies and lingerie but I get rarely to wear them!!
But its kinda hard to find nice lingerie in SL, texturewise!
There is one well known lingerie brand that I really dislike cause of that! And some other brands with lovely textures and designs are never shown, its all about marketing I guess xD

These sets are from Luxuria by Roslin Petion, I fell in love with this store when I learned about them at the "Love Donna Flora" Event! I was surprised back then that I never heard of them before xD I love how nice the satin textures are made *-* and all the sets come in awesome wawavoom colors!

The stockings come in several colors and versions and with Slink Appliers!

TAXI to Luxuria

Gwinny is wearing:


Hair: Alice Project TAXI
Skin and Eyes: The Sugar Garden Skin: Kotoko TAXI
Earrings, Choker and Pigglys: Blah TAXI (piggly work awesome with SLink feet too)
Kitty Ears: Auxiliary @ The Arcade
Lipstick and face star: Luxuria
Liner: Okkbye TAXI
Bracelet: Noodles @Collabor88
Lingerie: Amalie by Luxuria 


Lingerie: Cherie by Luxuria
Corset: Rosa by Luxuria
Hair: Elikatira
Shoes: Ingenue

♥All poses from -TsH- by Jadezilla


Today I mixed and matched those cute sweaters from Auxiliary and those hot pants from Blah!
Those shorts come with Phat Azz appliers...and nope I am not wearing the mesh bum on those pics...and I doubt I ever will tbh...maybe if there will be a smaller version...I mean I like big butts...BUT this one pop too far backwards and I don't want drunk dudes to park their beer on my bum ... if this makes any sense to you lolol I love how appliers look on the mesh bum tho and I wish LL would finally makes us all mesh...cause ...mesh heads, hands, feet, asses, tatas, eyes, teeth, vags and dongs?!
Whoops I should stop moping :3
Back to the nice things...those sweaters...yeah I know some people are tired by now from Tyr making sweaters...but I am loving every single sweater release she made!! EVERY EFFIN RELEASE! Cause one thing is for sure ...they are all perfect and as I said before I'm a fan girl of Tyr shading/texturing! And same I can say for the things Hoshi makes for Blah!! There are so many designer s out there that make cute things...but fail at texturing them X_X and I lovelovelove smooth and happy textures! So yeah all my fave shops have well made and unique textures ..if I feel like wanting to touch it all over = good lol <.< add that to my weird factor :3

I better stop boring you all to death now! 
Today I felt colorful with my upcoming RL bday on friday so heres a happy song for all the grumpfaces out there <3

What Gwinny is wearing: 

Sweater: Auxiliary
Shorts: Blah
Shoes: Boom 
Skin: Belleza
Earrings: Blah
Hair: Liquence
Eyes: Ikon
Lashes: Potcha

Poses: Bang and Marukin ( @C88)


Hello, again!

Due to health issues I haven't blogged in a while but here I am again...I feel like I missed a lot ...SL is so fast ongoing!
And when I look outside the window I can see ...its finally Autumn again!
I love the month of September so much...and not only cause its my birthday this month.
September...is like..the seasons are stuck between "not yet" and "not longer"...there are rough and rainy days but still there are those warm sunny days inbetween...and its a different sunnyness and warmness than summer! 
I love love love autumn ...to watch how the people and nature are preparing for the cold season ^^
So pretty!

And this round of Collabor88 all the designers managed to catch this feeling and put it into a form, and create nice cozy things!!

Collabor88 is really one of my most loved events I look forward to it every month and never got disappointed!

If the sim still is full you can have a look at the catalog HERE


What Gwinny is wearing:

Believe Tatt: !Fablab! Believe Neck Tattoo (Tat Version)

Lashes: (= potcha.
Cape: (Milk Motion) wool cape @ Collabor88
Necklace: (Yummy) Tiny Acorn Necklace - Gold @ Collabor88
Boots: *League* Lauren Wedge Boot @ Collabor88
Owlsy: *MishMish* Tawny Owl @ Dream Garden
Nails: +Mab+ Dirty Fingernails for Slink
Ring: .Olive. the Mr. Letter Ring - Gold
Glasses: Essences - HP Glasses (part of a gacha skin)
Hair: Exile::Falling For You @ Collabor88
Bracelet: Noodles - Nata & Meg Collection: Leaf Gold @ Collabor88
Pants: Schadenfreude Maize Fanceh Pants @ Collabor88 (I FREAKING adore those pants!!)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands
Sweater: The Secret Store - Scallop Sweater - Mint/Lace @ C88
Skin: -Belleza- Leila Med 3 @C88
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S - Vega - Skye @Marketplace *NEW*

Also I missed a lot of awesome skins lately, Essences released Cho in all new lovely skintones!
What I love most about those new tones is that the SLink and Tango appliers are coming together IN the package with your new skin, more skin designers should do this tbh :P
Cho is the skin on the far left down corner!
And on top of this is Amaterasu, also from Essences and you can get her at the Chapter Four Event, but its a gacha...nooo don't start maoning now ...ALL makeups are lovely lol
Belleza is my new skin love I admit!
The FLF skin from like 2 weeks ago is my fave atm and its NOT the one shown here lol sorry <.<
BUT the one here is also very cute!! You can grab her at the C88 Sim.
Izzie's Kaelyn skin is such a lovely face and Izzie has released several other things lately for the Boutique, TDR Fusion, The Seasons story, Black Fair and so on...Izzie is everywhere :D and not always shes doing skins ...lately shes doing alot of jewelry too and really lovely and detailed pieces <3

Hairs are Liquence and Elikatira! <3
Lingerie is from Luxuria.

lolol and don't mind the mirrored pics :>