Show me what you got!

I have so many nice undies and lingerie but I get rarely to wear them!!
But its kinda hard to find nice lingerie in SL, texturewise!
There is one well known lingerie brand that I really dislike cause of that! And some other brands with lovely textures and designs are never shown, its all about marketing I guess xD

These sets are from Luxuria by Roslin Petion, I fell in love with this store when I learned about them at the "Love Donna Flora" Event! I was surprised back then that I never heard of them before xD I love how nice the satin textures are made *-* and all the sets come in awesome wawavoom colors!

The stockings come in several colors and versions and with Slink Appliers!

TAXI to Luxuria

Gwinny is wearing:


Hair: Alice Project TAXI
Skin and Eyes: The Sugar Garden Skin: Kotoko TAXI
Earrings, Choker and Pigglys: Blah TAXI (piggly work awesome with SLink feet too)
Kitty Ears: Auxiliary @ The Arcade
Lipstick and face star: Luxuria
Liner: Okkbye TAXI
Bracelet: Noodles @Collabor88
Lingerie: Amalie by Luxuria 


Lingerie: Cherie by Luxuria
Corset: Rosa by Luxuria
Hair: Elikatira
Shoes: Ingenue

♥All poses from -TsH- by Jadezilla

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