Today I mixed and matched those cute sweaters from Auxiliary and those hot pants from Blah!
Those shorts come with Phat Azz appliers...and nope I am not wearing the mesh bum on those pics...and I doubt I ever will tbh...maybe if there will be a smaller version...I mean I like big butts...BUT this one pop too far backwards and I don't want drunk dudes to park their beer on my bum ... if this makes any sense to you lolol I love how appliers look on the mesh bum tho and I wish LL would finally makes us all mesh...cause ...mesh heads, hands, feet, asses, tatas, eyes, teeth, vags and dongs?!
Whoops I should stop moping :3
Back to the nice things...those sweaters...yeah I know some people are tired by now from Tyr making sweaters...but I am loving every single sweater release she made!! EVERY EFFIN RELEASE! Cause one thing is for sure ...they are all perfect and as I said before I'm a fan girl of Tyr shading/texturing! And same I can say for the things Hoshi makes for Blah!! There are so many designer s out there that make cute things...but fail at texturing them X_X and I lovelovelove smooth and happy textures! So yeah all my fave shops have well made and unique textures ..if I feel like wanting to touch it all over = good lol <.< add that to my weird factor :3

I better stop boring you all to death now! 
Today I felt colorful with my upcoming RL bday on friday so heres a happy song for all the grumpfaces out there <3

What Gwinny is wearing: 

Sweater: Auxiliary
Shorts: Blah
Shoes: Boom 
Skin: Belleza
Earrings: Blah
Hair: Liquence
Eyes: Ikon
Lashes: Potcha

Poses: Bang and Marukin ( @C88)

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