Locked within a crystal ball...

Halloween is so near! :3 
And Collabor 88 and so many other events or stores started to release spooky themed things! 
I love this hair...especially the all uberspookily colors that Clawtooth released at C88 go and have a look them <3

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This skin from Essences is so pretty and there are so many, really well done and special make ups available!! The spider is NOT part of the skin so no one needs to scream lol <3
The little Witch and my fanged little friend are both from Mish.Mish ...the little broom rider is available at C88 and the bat is a group gift ;3

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I admit I don't often show details of shoes...but THOSE  from The Sugar Garden, are amazing!! 
They are made for medium SLink feet an come in 5 halloweeny colors and with a colorchange HUD for the teeny spiders! But really the best thing about those is ....they are only90L!!!!! at the Perfect Wardrobe!! X_X

What Gwinny is wearing:

Skelly Leggins: (NO) Skeleton Leggings @C88

Dress: Tee*fy Dakota Corset Gown @C88
Face Spidey: (NO) Spider Tattoo @C88
Star tat: -Belleza- Star Tattoo Faded
Eyeleashes: (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002 
Bat: *MishMish* Pooky The Bat
Witch: *MishMish* Wicked Witch @C88
Shoes: .tsg. Lolita Platforms - *Spooky* Black @The Perfect Wardrobe
Eyes: .tsg. Luminate - Honey 
Necklace: Blah. (My Cute Vampaia Necklace) Red @The Perfect Wardrobe
Hair: Clawtooth: Windswept - PurplePeopleEater @C88
Earrings and bracelet: MG - Bracelet - Loa Happy Magick Skulls @C88
Skin: Essences - Song 06 *light rose* cranberry @Cosmetic Fair!!

Pose used is from Marukin @C88


So many nights I sat here waiting...

....I'll Be There in the night when you need me
Something so right could never be wrong

Just call my name

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I love halloween so much and not only in SL :3
These skins are beyond awesome!! They are the new release from The Sugar Garden for the Azz Show!
They come with boobie applier, phat azz applliers, slink and loud mouth appliers for 600L per tone thats a steal if you ask me!! D: AND its kinda a sneak peek at Eilfies new skin release!! :3 
Cause Bunny (thats her name) will be the next release :D 
I really tried to keep it simple to just show you as much of those awesome skins as possible I personally couldnt't decide which one I like the most  X_X 
I thiiiink I like Vampy (2nd) and Phantra (1st) the most but really I love Nymph, Witch and Kamael too lol <33 Happy deciding xD

So what else Gwinny is wearing? 

All lingerie is by Blah, also the collars! The cute hip stars are available from Blah at the Azz Show <3
The hair I used is from Magika!
Brows, ALL eyes and nail polish from TsG

Poses: Blah and TsH

Too weak for my own thoughts...

Today well yeah, today I am showing you nice undies? \o/ 
And I am using the meshbumcheeksofdoom aka Phat Azz by Linc for the first time!
I really admit when it came out...I had a look at pics I found on flickr...laughed at them..went to DEMO it to laugh even a bit more lol
BUT Gwin always had some more hubbahubba going on down there soooo I really tried it over and over again tweaked the shape to find a match and look that I liked!
And I can say its growing on me (har har no its not getting BIGGER)
I love that the clothes aren't stretching all weirdly anymore!! :3
There are still some things that needs to get fixed..but well we shouldn't forget its the first mesh buttock!
When Columbus thought America was India, this butt is allowed some flaws!

One reason I got le cheeksies is Blah...I love the things Hoshi does and I finally wanted to wear them with the butt! <3
Below you can see the new cute undies from Blah that Hoshis released for the (trying hard not to laugh) ...well for the first Azz Show! Only in SL ppl! ahaha 
But yeah as the name says..its about the phat azz and appliers for it! :3
I also admit that I ran around in only these undies the whole day...and I can tell now...men love big butts never got so many IMs about anal ever before ....nothing like anal monday eh? *-*
Well back to le panties...they come in 10 different colors to chose from and you can also wear them without mesh bum. <3

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Sooo as I now was wearing mesh tatas, a mesh hooha, mesh hands and mesh feet and I thought "fuck it" lets try this loud mouth mesh lips again...I tried the first release some days back and was not sooo happy as everyone around me...I thought they looked snotty and bitchy! But then my fave skin brand (yes its still the Sugar Garden :P) kept releasing loud mouth appliers for all their skins...even Chloe!! Chloe is one of my first loves...sooo well I went back to the loud mouth store and TADAAA they released another pair of lips (sosososo wrong I know lol) Brandee and its a more cute and pouty mouthy :3 woohoo...and goodbye monies lol <3
But when you make your shape fit it ..it looks quite cute :D 
TsG released some cute tintable chapsticks, blushes and awesome eyeshadows that come with a juicy black lipstick, for the Cosmetic Fair!
BTW TsG released UBERAWESOME fantasy skins for the Azz Show!! I will blog those later....go and have a look at them I was really like WOAH when I saw them! <33

THe Cosmetic opens on the 15th I will post the SLURL here then! <33

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Poses: The Secret Hideout


Wizarding Faire

"After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
~Albus Dumbledore

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  I think I don't need many words for those pictures...just pure love! <33

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hands and Feetsies: Slink FEMALE Hands and Feet 
Lashes: (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002 
Owl: *MishMish* Tawny Owl 
Slytherin Necklace: .Olive. the Houses Pendent - Sly/Gold 
Satchel: Auxiliary - Old Leather Satchel - Small-xs v2 - Dark Brown
Other Necklace: Essences: A Shift in Time Necklace (F)
Outfit: FATEplay - Donald Pants - Black
Cloak: FATEplay Cloak - Bella - Serpent 
Shoes: fri. - Lovegood.Heels 
Hand Cauldron: [Stitched] Green Handy Cauldro
Wand: [S] The Wand 
Skin: Essences - Qopi *light rose* brunette
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes - Black <3
Owl: Mish Mish

Slippers infront of the suitcase by Hopscotch
Suitcase by Amala
Books by Okkbye 
Shelf by Olive
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Cauldron and ingredients by Atomic
Phoenix by MishMish
Wallscroll by MEOW
Newt by Silent Sparrow

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Cause I loved the details on these I thought I'd take a close-up of them.
Time necklace from Essences and the Slytherin necklace from Olive!


Kiss me, I taste like candy!

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This lovely skin from Essences is a Candy Fair Exclusive!
There is only one tone available but every flavor comes with all dem appliers!
I really really love that more and more shops are offering skins with pastelly brows! :3 but then everything pastelly makes ME happeh! lol <3

The Eyes I am wearing are new from The Sugar Garden! GLITTEREYES!!

The Hair I am wearing is from Ploom and also available at Candy Fair one of my fave finds there!! 

The Slocially Awkward shirt is part of the new releases from Boom!! \o/

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The lipsticks taht I am wearing above are from Essneces too and go perfectly with the Candy Princess skin BUT as you can see they fit my Birdy skin from The Chapter Four Event too! <33
The lips are a gacha item at Candy Fair right next to the vendor with the skins ^^

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 Annnnd last but NOT least I want to show you the awesome jelly like lipsticks that EIlfie made for The Sugar Garden at Candy Fair!! 
I really really love thos!! And every color comes for different skin tones AND with teeth option!! And I have tried it with maaany of my skins and it fit every skin just perfectly like the Essences lips ^^ Both for Essences and The Sugar Garden I gotte say I really am only showing very few of the available colors so best go and check them out on your own!

If you want to avoid lag and need direct TPs check my previous blog post for them!! <33


Candy Fair 2013 #2

So this post basically is for giving you the maps and all the SLURLs ...this post took me a while I admit lol <33
Candy Fair will open on the 4th at midnight!! 

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What Gwinny is wearing:

Lingerie: PeachBlossom - rainbow sherbert *Candy Fair
Lipstick: .Birdy. Candy Lippy {10} *Candy Fair
Heart Tattoo: ~Glitterburpss~ Hearty Tear (you can buy it at MP )
Eyeliner: +>A&A<+ Frostbite Liner Pink
Socks: *MC* OTK Socks  *Candy Fair
Hair: . Liquence . - F3 in Pastels
Bon Bon Purse: .{yy}. Hard Candy Swirl Purse [Cupcake] *Candy Fair
Cupcake: .{yy}. Mad Cupcake Hat {Maddened Hatter} RARE *Candy Fair
Earrings: Blah. (My Twinkle Earrings)  Yellow
Bracelet: Essences- Traditional Candy Bracelet *Candy Fair
Ring: Exquisite Love's Blush Engagement Ring
Necklace: [tea.s] Lollipop Necklace -Gold- Wild Berry *Candy Fair
Piercing: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Nose Ring - White Steel
Skin: .Birdy. Mia Skin ~Pure~ (Bubble gum) *Candy Fair
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes 

Candy Apples and Lollipops in the BG: -Marmelade- ( I made them WAY bigger than they actually are <33) *Candy Fair
Llamas: Birdy *Candy Fair
 Poses and Yellow Lollipop: Juxtapose *Candy Fair

Candy Fair Designer SLURLS

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Sim 1 - Sweet Suprises

**Chocolate Falls - Sponsors**

//elephante poses
Petitie Bowtique
RazzBerry Inc.

**Gummy Bear Drive - Kids**

Candii Kitten
~ Kawaii ~
Marmelade -
Aura's -
Glitter Outfitters -
~*Buglets*~ -

**Marshy Mallow Town - Clothing**

Mango Cheeks
Cute Poison
Pretty Kitties
Bitter Bunnie Designs
{le fil casse}
[: Kawaii Couture :]
Fashion Fears
Cupcakes & Poetry
Sweeter Than Candy
Berries Inc.

**Candy Corn Valley - Poses**

.[ pose+ivity ].
.mien. poses
Demise Of Flight
Say Cheese
Vanity Poses
Picture this! Poses
.click. poses & props
Heirloom Poses
:: Axix ::
!dM deviousMind / (*chanimations photography props and poses
Shots Studio
::WetCat:: Builds&Poses
Flash Friendly Poses
. Infiniti .
Starry Heaven

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Sim 2 - Sugar Valley

**Gingerbread Alley - Sponsors**

Leri Miles Designs
Legal Insanity

**Lolly Land  - Clothing**

Crash Republic
pure Perfection
Loordes of London
{{BSD Design Studio}}
CIA Designs
[[ Masoom ]]
{ViSion} - S&F
D&G Fashions
Forever Reckless
Pure Poison

**Candy Cane Lane - Home And Garden**

[][] beach street [][] home and garden
End Of Daze
[CIRCA] Living
!! Follow US !!
Oceania Breedables
[ free bird ]
Little House Of Curios
[Noble] Distinguished Furnishings
Rassasy Foods
Treasured Cove
Yay! and Stuff

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Sim 3 - Candy Cove

**Gumdrop End - Sponsors**

.::Pink Sugah::.
Mes Sucreries

**Cupcake Hills - Skins, Hairs, Shapes, Tattoos, Makeup**

Pink Acid
.:Panda Punx:.
cStar Limited
Nikita Fride
.::WoW Skins::.
Mr & Miss C.
Identity Body Shop
Dead Apples
.:: Delusions ::.

**Donut Turn - Clothing**

Holli Pocket
The Sugar Garden
Mon Cheri
Hard Candy
[QE] Designs
Que Bella!
*TwInS FaShIoN - TF*
*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
Phoebe ~Piercings & more
NS:: Cutie Shape
Zombie Suicide
ToXiC HiGh
Sugar & Cyanide


Candy Fair 2013

Soooo Candy Fair is almost there..FINALLY!! It will open at the 4th of october!!  
I admit ...after the massacre with food fair...I was very cautious with my excitement lol But really EVERYTHING food fair didn't have... CANDY FAIR HAS IT!!
The sims akjhdksjadksa I don't have words for it...for me its a place like heaven lol Marshmallow trees...chocolate rivers...s'morse....CANDY CASTLE!! I TPd there and and was overwhelmed of all the colors and happiness on this sim! AND this time like 98 percent of the things I saw were REALLY candy related...actually I only remember 2 stores that, in my opinion, have a Candy Fair Exclusive item...without any candy touch so yay for this! <33
I love all the things ppl came up with ...and I really had to whip my self to NOT just wear it all and end up in a super packed blog post lol Sooooo I tried to keep it simple for the first post!!  I hope you'll like it anyways!

Candy Fair Exclusives marked with: 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Hand and Feet: Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Lashes: (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002 
Hair: *Alice Project* Aphrodite 
Shirt: .*CHaRM*. Sprinkles
Sandals: .tsg. Hard Candy Jellies - Pink (comes with colorchange HUD)
Shorts: ::Marshmallows:: Miss.Sweet Shorts-XS/Pink 
Headband: Berries Inc. candy headband {pink chocolate}
Bracelet: Essences- Traditional Candy Bracelet
Necklace: Essences- Traditional Candy Necklace
Candy Heart Bracelets: [tea.s] Conversation Trinket 
Gold Lollipop Necklace: [tea.s] Lollipop Necklace -Gold- Wild Berry
Piercing: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Nose Ring - White Steel
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Donna Milk nat BB
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Blue
Nails: //Elephante Poses//

Poses with Gumdrops: Infinite 
Gummy Bears: HopScotch
Donut: Bauwerk