Kiss me, I taste like candy!

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This lovely skin from Essences is a Candy Fair Exclusive!
There is only one tone available but every flavor comes with all dem appliers!
I really really love that more and more shops are offering skins with pastelly brows! :3 but then everything pastelly makes ME happeh! lol <3

The Eyes I am wearing are new from The Sugar Garden! GLITTEREYES!!

The Hair I am wearing is from Ploom and also available at Candy Fair one of my fave finds there!! 

The Slocially Awkward shirt is part of the new releases from Boom!! \o/

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The lipsticks taht I am wearing above are from Essneces too and go perfectly with the Candy Princess skin BUT as you can see they fit my Birdy skin from The Chapter Four Event too! <33
The lips are a gacha item at Candy Fair right next to the vendor with the skins ^^

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 Annnnd last but NOT least I want to show you the awesome jelly like lipsticks that EIlfie made for The Sugar Garden at Candy Fair!! 
I really really love thos!! And every color comes for different skin tones AND with teeth option!! And I have tried it with maaany of my skins and it fit every skin just perfectly like the Essences lips ^^ Both for Essences and The Sugar Garden I gotte say I really am only showing very few of the available colors so best go and check them out on your own!

If you want to avoid lag and need direct TPs check my previous blog post for them!! <33

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