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Today well yeah, today I am showing you nice undies? \o/ 
And I am using the meshbumcheeksofdoom aka Phat Azz by Linc for the first time!
I really admit when it came out...I had a look at pics I found on flickr...laughed at them..went to DEMO it to laugh even a bit more lol
BUT Gwin always had some more hubbahubba going on down there soooo I really tried it over and over again tweaked the shape to find a match and look that I liked!
And I can say its growing on me (har har no its not getting BIGGER)
I love that the clothes aren't stretching all weirdly anymore!! :3
There are still some things that needs to get fixed..but well we shouldn't forget its the first mesh buttock!
When Columbus thought America was India, this butt is allowed some flaws!

One reason I got le cheeksies is Blah...I love the things Hoshi does and I finally wanted to wear them with the butt! <3
Below you can see the new cute undies from Blah that Hoshis released for the (trying hard not to laugh) ...well for the first Azz Show! Only in SL ppl! ahaha 
But yeah as the name says..its about the phat azz and appliers for it! :3
I also admit that I ran around in only these undies the whole day...and I can tell love big butts never got so many IMs about anal ever before ....nothing like anal monday eh? *-*
Well back to le panties...they come in 10 different colors to chose from and you can also wear them without mesh bum. <3

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Sooo as I now was wearing mesh tatas, a mesh hooha, mesh hands and mesh feet and I thought "fuck it" lets try this loud mouth mesh lips again...I tried the first release some days back and was not sooo happy as everyone around me...I thought they looked snotty and bitchy! But then my fave skin brand (yes its still the Sugar Garden :P) kept releasing loud mouth appliers for all their skins...even Chloe!! Chloe is one of my first loves...sooo well I went back to the loud mouth store and TADAAA they released another pair of lips (sosososo wrong I know lol) Brandee and its a more cute and pouty mouthy :3 woohoo...and goodbye monies lol <3
But when you make your shape fit it looks quite cute :D 
TsG released some cute tintable chapsticks, blushes and awesome eyeshadows that come with a juicy black lipstick, for the Cosmetic Fair!
BTW TsG released UBERAWESOME fantasy skins for the Azz Show!! I will blog those later....go and have a look at them I was really like WOAH when I saw them! <33

THe Cosmetic opens on the 15th I will post the SLURL here then! <33

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Poses: The Secret Hideout

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