All the fluff!!

The Arcade is neeeeaaaar *spooky shrieky voice*
Yes I know...I already thought about becoming a SL hooker...just so I could afford those drugs gachas lolol
I don't know what your faves are...but MY faves are ALWAYS the plushies from Intrigue Co. ...I hoard them every effin' round and then I put them in my house !!
"What are they for ?!" a friend once asked...
and honestly?! I don't even know it but they make me happy!
Every round I hope there will be new plushies and am all excited to see WHICH animals there will be this time :3
And it became a tradition to play those machines first after I finally managed to get in ^_^ 
I hope I'm not the only weirdo that has her own rituals lol
The prouder I am to show you the sneak peek of this december round!! 
This time there are...FOREST FRIENDS \o/

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Here you can see all the plushie pals for this round! The Owl and Fawn are the RAREs .... really I love them!! You can wear them...not only with the pose they are coming with...just attache them ANYWHERE to complete your looks...or rezz them all over your house! They are only 1LI per plushie...I rezz them on sofas...tables...shelfs...BEDS! And they also make a wonderful present for sad friends! lol I gave my doubles always away and they never failed to make someone happy! <33 Cause I dearly believe ...that deep ineveryone of still this small child that hoards plushies just to feel cozy and safe ^^ 
Of course there is a display too again! Its a little stump where you can place all your new friends on :3 
But I actually prefer to hold them :>

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What is this you asked? Actually I sealclapped as I saw a preview of those on plurk!! lmao
In RL I once had a cat one!! 
I bugged my grandpa 'til he finally gave in and got one for me ahahah
Those are little terra-cotta animals, that grow some grassy stuffz ( no you can NOT smoke it, dude!) 
on their bodies when you water them generously!! ^___^
Those Sprout Pets are so cute and so well done!!! 
They come in awesome boxes (yes even the wrappings are awesome) and when you click them 
THEY GROW ... omg they grow you say?! 

Actually I did this for like 10 mins..yeah I am easily entertained....lmao 
 (no fear you can go back to no green at all again too) !! :D
Such a lovely little idea to bring this to SL!!
When you are afraid those are mucho prims...they actually are only 1!! LI either!! <33

The Arcade opens on the 1st of December and you can try to TP in until the 31st lol 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Sweater ~ Blueberry
Hands and Feet ~ Slink Enhancement 
Ring ~ Olive 
Hair ~ LaViere @C88
Lashes ~ Potcha
Skin  ~ Birdy
Glasses ~ Sleepy Eddy
Leggins ~ Tee*fy
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Nailpolish ~ Blah. 

Pose 1st Pic ~ Kirin
Pose 2nd Pic ~ Olive (with watering can) 

Blowup poufs ~ Pilot 

No matter what I might say...

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Just a quick LOTD cause I really loved this cozy sweater from DeeTaleZ for My Attic so much <33

What Gwinny is wearing:

Sweater ~ DeeTaleZ @ MyAttic
Hands ~ Slink Enhancement 
Ring ~ Olive 
Hair ~ MINA Hair @ MyAttic
Lashes ~ Potcha
Skin  ~ Birdy
Shoes ~ SLink
Purse ~ MiWardrobe
Glasses ~ Sleepy Eddy
Tights ~ BCC.
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Nailpolish ~ Blah. (my fave bunnies lol) <3
Eyes ~ Ikon

Poses ~ Imeka and Hopscotch <3

Geeks'n'Nerds Con

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I admit it...I am a Nerd lol I always have been...I collect dice, play D&D (and other RPs), read and collect Comics, I own gazillions of books (yes I read them all), I collect weird japanese toys, and things like the Order of the Stick and IT Crowd make me snort! 
There'd be many more embarrassing things to mention...but lets just pretend thats all lmao

Since I wasn't able to go to RL Comic and Games con (a very black day lol), I was really looking forward to the 1st ever  Geeks'n'Nerds Con in SL (I'm sad like that) :> 

I have to say...all this waiting was worth it!!! <33
This will be my first post about it, slapping some things together I found cute!!
Ok there weren't any Comics to buy and sniff, no new dice sets or RPs supplements to buy BUT...all dem Geekyness and Nerdthings you will need to dress up properly or make your home a happier and nerdier place lol 

The pic above...let's focus on the cube! Isn't it adorable?!?! 
Ok I admit in RL that effing thing isn't THAT made me so angry that I threw it across the school cafeteria when I was like 11, and almost kill the boy I crushed on back really I think they are satanic lolol 
But this one seems innocent ....It's from Tea.S and it comes with female, male and Couple poses :D 
Nerdy Cuddling ftw lol
Just don't throw it at eachother ;3

Ok next thing...da bomb!! lolol Sorry -_-
Isn't it cute?
This little friend is just ONE tiny part of the things from the Secret Store you can get at the Faire!
There are 8Bit bowties and cute pictures frames too!!!

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Ok next pic!! :> I admit I had like 5 coffees...after over a week without ANY coffee...can you even imagine a life without coffee?! *shudders* its such cruel and cold place lol
WHATEVER...lets focus <.<
Tiny fairy things...I don't I need to tell ANYONE where those are from :P I see treasure!! <33
They are from Wimey, brought to you by the lovely Sash Arabello, who also organised all this fair!! 
I collect Nintendo things in RL and I squealed when I saw those lolol ^___^
Necklace and Book Earrings from Olive...really the Sailor Moon inspired things she made (bracelet and rings too) are just ajkhdskjhdkjas such cute details!! Chibi Power \o/

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Weird fun poses are from Dieselworks btw lol I just loved them ahaha <33 Also to be found at the fair!
The cute sweatdresses are from ISON!! theres a male version too! Comes with a HUD to change the shirt :D
I lovelovelove ISON also one of my fave stores at Collabor88 every month!!!<33 The things are always flawless! The heels I wear are from Friday ...also at the faire :D I think this was it :P I bet you can't believe you read that all...probably you even didn't and just jumped to the credits lolol <33

                                                    ♥What Gwinny is wearing:

Top ~ ISON @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Hands and Feet ~ Slink Enhancement 
Bracelet and Ring ~ Olive @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Hair ~ Liquence
Lashes ~ Potcha
Skin  ~ Birdy
Shoes ~ Fri.Day @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Earrings~ Olive @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Glasses ~ Sleepy Eddy

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I was going to do a fave outfits post today...but then Raymond happened...and sooo I decided to make it a pose post! My first couple pose post (say that 3 times fast, without failing and I'll give you a lolli!!)  ever :3

I really should start crediting poses more often again...but I think its like with many try sooo many poses for one post that at the end you forgot which one you finally took lol 

I am wearing one of my most loved jeans and this hair...I am usually NOT into short hair but this one just is so cute!! <3

On Ray...really I want you all to notice his almost pinkish pants! He even was searching all dem pink clothes in his inventory for me...but...really...he is best the way he is...NON pink! LOL <33 Also...I think I am wearing enough pink for actually two people -_- 

The poses we used are from STAKEY from left to right: Power Couple ~ Forever ~ Picture Perfect

                                                    ♥What Gwinny is wearing:

Top ~ Blueberry
Hands and Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands Splayed
Bracelet ~ Izzie's @TDR Fusion
Hair ~ Magika * Sudden
Lashes ~ Potcha
Skin and Lipstick ~ Pink Fuel
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black
Earrings~ Blah
Necklace ~  Noodles

                                                   ★What Ray is wearing:

Hair ~ Burley * Sofian
Pants ~ D R O P . Casual Pants
Boots ~  Prestige Boots [SVT*] Brown
Skin ~ The Skinshop
Eyes ~ Mayfly
Piercings ~ Cobrahive
Scruffy facey ~ Cheerno

Belly Magic!

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No as you can see its NOT a post about talking baby bumps..sorry for the high hopes lol <33

Well I got these sweaters sent to me...I didn't asked for them lol and I admit I usually am NOT a fan of ppl sending me stuff like this BUT ....I rezzed the box...and went awww cause someone seems to have had a look at my blog before sending me those! <33
I really fell in love with them lol 
Ugh and don't get me wrong its cute when designers seem to like my work, and send me stuff but often I get so dark, goth and GoR things...thats just not mine and I keep wondering if they really actually KNOW my work at all , and it makes me really feel bad that I don't blog those things -_-"

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I took pics of some of dem sweaters not all tho so, there are more available :D
My mood today is the Grumpy Bear LOL I really woke up grumpy as *beeeep* today! 
They are so cute and look so FLUFFY!! LOL as you can see I had way too much fun with them!! <33

They are not only CUTE they are cheap too ^^ only 35L per sweater

                                                        ♥What else is Gwinny wearing:

Headband ~ Noodles
Hands ~ Slink Enhancement Hands Splayed
Bracelet ~ Izzie's @TDR Fusion
Socks ~ Pop Tart
Hair~ Exile
Shoes ~ Honey Kitty
Skin ~ Mother Goose
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black
Earrings~ Blah
Sweaters ~  Mag <3 B.

Poses ~ blah, Imeka, Bang and marukin

My blue suede shoes!

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Those shoes...when I saw them on Flickr I squealed of joy :3 They are from The Sugar Garden...and really I keep saying this over and over again....Eilfie should have started to make more shoes aaaages agao!! Her latest shoe releases are crazy cute! You get TWO version of these shoes in every color pack yes TWO see them below :D and the best?! they are only 175L per color D: and a fatpack is of course available lol
They look jst perfect...cozy and fluffy and yet hot ...going to pet them all day lol <33 They are only for SLink medium feet tho...but really every girl should own thoe ...since its so easy to tint them with the appliers and they look so much better than the usual Frankenfeet....I luckily haven't seen mine in months!!

Below I am showing all dem colors...17 to chose from and I love them ALL not only the pink ones :3..well but I do admit I love those the most ^^" 

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Why this pic? Cause...I am love with my new hair from Exile and wanted to show it off too :P

                                                    ♥What else is Gwinny wearing:

Necklace~ Noodles
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Eyeshadow ~ [PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow
Lips ~ My Ugly Dorothy
Bracelet ~ Izzie's @TDR Fusion
Nailpolish ~ Lolapop
Mesh Bum ~
Hair~ Exile
Heels ~ The Sugar Garden
Lingerie ~ The Sugar Garden
Skin ~ .tsg. Kotoko :: D tone :: 
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black
Earrings~ Blah

Poses ~ 1st Pic part of the GOS pouf I sit on, 2nd Pic Marukin

Oh I ask you, why not always?

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Today I want to show you some shoes...cause...SHOETOPIA has opened...really that place is laggy like a donkey's arse on banana&oats day lol but its really worth it!! The sime is so pretty ...even if you don't need shoes (har har) just TP there to have a look at this awesome built! <3 Yeah yeah I know...why is she "dressed" like this when this is about shoes? Cause...I can can lol and there ...heres the shoe pic:

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The shoes I am wearing are ALL from Alice Project!! They are coming in several colors, you can chose if you want, bows, no bows...front bows on the Miranda heels! Jessica comes with silver and gold platforms and I love the textures on those so much....and the tiny little perfect folds on the bows!! <33
The socks are NOT part of the heels!! They are for the SLink medium feetsies!! And what I really LOVE about them...often heels for SLink are..well how to explain...they are too WIDE they often look like they are little too big ...but those fit perfectly!! <3 I could not decide which ones are my faves...maybe you...can if not go and catch' dem all!!! lol 

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Socks~ The Sugar Garden - Princess Socks @Kustom9
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Eyeshadow ~ [PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow
Lips ~ Loud Mouth
Collar ~ Blah
Nailpolish ~ Lolapop
Mesh Bum ~
Hair~ Ploom
Heels ~ Alice Project @ Shoetopia
Suit ~ Le Forme @ The Thrift Shop
Skin ~ .tsg. Kotoko :: D tone :: 
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black

A boy, a girl and a Squirrel...

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Today's outfit is finally a Collabor88 mix and match again ^^
Its really my favestest event of the month lol I love seeing what the designer came up with and I love to mix as many of them as possible and combine them to one look \o/
This months theme is Industrial Chic! <33 Actually all the things turned out a tad steampunk and this is pretty effin' awesome!! lol 

What do I love the most of this outfit?
Lets point 3 things out maybe...


 ...the teeny tiny necklace I wear...I don't know if its really good to see but its a tiny light bulb!!! Noodles released this adorable thing and also nail bangles and screw earrings, in different metals!! <33


My little flying companions!! To the right we have Ray, I called him that way, the little mechanic...I hope he is as talented as he is cute cause my sink could need some fix :3 He is part of a get the little mechanic and your very own animated propeller.
And to the left theres Squeak, my skydiving trained squirrel...she is also sporting awesome tiny goggles and comes in many fur variations and version.


The dress. Its from R2 ...I mostly know this shop through C88 I admit, and they usually make well done, shiny and really HOT things xD and this time ...I think its the most modest outfit I saw so far from this brand LOL I really love it!! Don't get me wrong I love me some skank too :3 I really like their stuff in general cause I'm a sucker for textures ^_^ And wearing that I can pretend to be all cute and innocent...while I am actually not \o/

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Stockings ~ Blah. (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) Bows Socks @The Azz Show
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Eyeshadow ~ [PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow
Eyebrows ~ "tSg" Miss Sassy Brow 
Lipstick ~ *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Bubble lips
Squirrel ~ !Ohmai : Steampunk Light Squirrel @Collabor88
Bow ~ *katat0nik* Metal Bow @Collabor88
Mechanic ~*MishMish* Boy Mechanic @Collabor88
Hair~ Clawtooth: Heart Attack and Vine - PreciousMetalsSilverDip @Collabor88
Heels ~ fri. - Amelia.Heels (Electric) @Collabor88
Jewelry ~ Noodles  @Collabor88
Dress ~ r2 A/D/E karen copper @Collabor88
Skin ~ .tsg. Kotoko :: D tone :: 
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black
Pose ~ Marukin

TP to Collabor88

Tits that talk!

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Many ppl and I really mean manymany lol asked me inworld, on Plurk and via Flickr mail where I got my shirts from....I know I blogged one of them already and mentioned one on flickr...but I felt like these would need a full review <33
Every shirt has a front and special backside, except the black one :D
You can get these shirts at the Boobies Show and nope you DON'T need mesh hoohas to wear them ^^
And if you have any problems with these...just IM Morgan Adamski shes not only a friend of mine she's one of the sweetest things I know in SL <33
Her store is named BGTT : Bubble Gum Treasure Trove :3 You should write that down! <3

Here is your TAXI to The Boobies Show

What else is Gwinny wearing?

Headband: Olive
Bracelet: Izzie's
Skin: TsG (with tatt layers)
Donut: Pink Fuel
Hair: Magika (LOVE)
Panties: Blah <3

Poses: The Secret Hideout

Hey, you!

Sometimes we read things, on plurk....or aaaanywhere else on the interwebs...and we try...cause we are all grown-up, well yes we really do try to understand their point of view but sometimes...your jaw just drops and all you can think of is a nice, warm and all mature ...FUCK YOU :) 
Its really not easy to offend me lol but ugh what I had to read on plurk over the last days well...
This outfit is for all the narrowminded assholes out there who are judging whole groups of people, by the 2 exceptions they've met! 
And yes...its your right to have a opinion but if you act like a bag of clown dicks, while expressing lose all my respect! :D <33

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What Gwinny is wearing today lol :

Hair: Magika
Top: BGTT (I love you Morgan <33)
Panties, Heels, Stockings,Earrings and Glasses: Blah
Bracelets: Izzies (@TDR Fusion only 50L)
Skin: TsG
Mesh Buttocks: Linc
Mesh hands and feet: SLink
Mouth: Loud Mouth
Bow: Happy Undead
Eyes: Ikon
Franky Necklace: Olive
Baby Necklace: Noodles
Hard(!) Candy: The secret hideout

                                                                    Poses: Blah