A boy, a girl and a Squirrel...

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Today's outfit is finally a Collabor88 mix and match again ^^
Its really my favestest event of the month lol I love seeing what the designer came up with and I love to mix as many of them as possible and combine them to one look \o/
This months theme is Industrial Chic! <33 Actually all the things turned out a tad steampunk and this is pretty effin' awesome!! lol 

What do I love the most of this outfit?
Lets point 3 things out maybe...


 ...the teeny tiny necklace I wear...I don't know if its really good to see but its a tiny light bulb!!! Noodles released this adorable thing and also nail bangles and screw earrings, in different metals!! <33


My little flying companions!! To the right we have Ray, I called him that way, the little mechanic...I hope he is as talented as he is cute cause my sink could need some fix :3 He is part of a set...you get the little mechanic and your very own animated propeller.
And to the left theres Squeak, my skydiving trained squirrel...she is also sporting awesome tiny goggles and comes in many fur variations and version.


The dress. Its from R2 ...I mostly know this shop through C88 I admit, and they usually make well done, shiny and really HOT things xD and this time ...I think its the most modest outfit I saw so far from this brand LOL I really love it!! Don't get me wrong I love me some skank too :3 I really like their stuff in general cause I'm a sucker for textures ^_^ And wearing that I can pretend to be all cute and innocent...while I am actually not \o/

What else is Gwinny wearing:

Stockings ~ Blah. (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) Bows Socks @The Azz Show
Hands anf Feet ~ Slink Enhancement Hands and Feet 
Eyeshadow ~ [PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow
Eyebrows ~ "tSg" Miss Sassy Brow 
Lipstick ~ *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Bubble lips
Squirrel ~ !Ohmai : Steampunk Light Squirrel @Collabor88
Bow ~ *katat0nik* Metal Bow @Collabor88
Mechanic ~*MishMish* Boy Mechanic @Collabor88
Hair~ Clawtooth: Heart Attack and Vine - PreciousMetalsSilverDip @Collabor88
Heels ~ fri. - Amelia.Heels (Electric) @Collabor88
Jewelry ~ Noodles  @Collabor88
Dress ~ r2 A/D/E karen copper @Collabor88
Skin ~ .tsg. Kotoko :: D tone :: 
Eyes ~ IKON Lucid Eyes - Black
Pose ~ Marukin

TP to Collabor88


  1. waves at Ray. (I wish there were flying plumbers in RL )

  2. You're cute! ♥ - Crystal