All the fluff!!

The Arcade is neeeeaaaar *spooky shrieky voice*
Yes I know...I already thought about becoming a SL hooker...just so I could afford those drugs gachas lolol
I don't know what your faves are...but MY faves are ALWAYS the plushies from Intrigue Co. ...I hoard them every effin' round and then I put them in my house !!
"What are they for ?!" a friend once asked...
and honestly?! I don't even know it but they make me happy!
Every round I hope there will be new plushies and am all excited to see WHICH animals there will be this time :3
And it became a tradition to play those machines first after I finally managed to get in ^_^ 
I hope I'm not the only weirdo that has her own rituals lol
The prouder I am to show you the sneak peek of this december round!! 
This time there are...FOREST FRIENDS \o/

Click me ♥

Here you can see all the plushie pals for this round! The Owl and Fawn are the RAREs .... really I love them!! You can wear them...not only with the pose they are coming with...just attache them ANYWHERE to complete your looks...or rezz them all over your house! They are only 1LI per plushie...I rezz them on sofas...tables...shelfs...BEDS! And they also make a wonderful present for sad friends! lol I gave my doubles always away and they never failed to make someone happy! <33 Cause I dearly believe ...that deep ineveryone of still this small child that hoards plushies just to feel cozy and safe ^^ 
Of course there is a display too again! Its a little stump where you can place all your new friends on :3 
But I actually prefer to hold them :>

Click me ♥

What is this you asked? Actually I sealclapped as I saw a preview of those on plurk!! lmao
In RL I once had a cat one!! 
I bugged my grandpa 'til he finally gave in and got one for me ahahah
Those are little terra-cotta animals, that grow some grassy stuffz ( no you can NOT smoke it, dude!) 
on their bodies when you water them generously!! ^___^
Those Sprout Pets are so cute and so well done!!! 
They come in awesome boxes (yes even the wrappings are awesome) and when you click them 
THEY GROW ... omg they grow you say?! 

Actually I did this for like 10 mins..yeah I am easily entertained....lmao 
 (no fear you can go back to no green at all again too) !! :D
Such a lovely little idea to bring this to SL!!
When you are afraid those are mucho prims...they actually are only 1!! LI either!! <33

The Arcade opens on the 1st of December and you can try to TP in until the 31st lol 

What Gwinny is wearing:

Sweater ~ Blueberry
Hands and Feet ~ Slink Enhancement 
Ring ~ Olive 
Hair ~ LaViere @C88
Lashes ~ Potcha
Skin  ~ Birdy
Glasses ~ Sleepy Eddy
Leggins ~ Tee*fy
Piercing~ Cobrahive
Nailpolish ~ Blah. 

Pose 1st Pic ~ Kirin
Pose 2nd Pic ~ Olive (with watering can) 

Blowup poufs ~ Pilot 

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